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Happy Birthday, Pastor Elisha!

Update: May 19, 2023
3 tires donated..thank you thank you!
Only 1 tire 🚐 left
Only $75 more needed to purchase 4 new tires for the Tin Tin House Van!
Help bless not only Pastor Elisha but all those who will be transported in the van.
The van is very important for ministry!
Thank you!

BIRTHDAY 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 👇👇👇👇
Join us at Ting Ministries in wishing our brother and Pastor/Director of TING MINISTRIES PAKISTAN a very Happy Birthday!
Help us to bless him by purchasing new tires for the Tin Tin House Vehicle!
He is the “father” of many many children at the Tin Tin House; Tin Tin Sunday School; Tin Tin School and his love and selfless work for the Lord is helping to change lives eternally.
Many will be very thankful and blessed by the new tires.
$300 for 4 tires
So all that is needed is 4 friends to bless him with $75
Or 8 friends to bless him with $37.50
Keep doing the math…it is a little being given by many to make this birthday gift possible!
Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon Pa 17042
His favorite verse:
Psalm 73:26
My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart;
Thank you
Happy Birthday dearest Brother Elisha. We love you and thank the Lord every day for you.

With Heavy Hearts: Please Pray for a TM Evangelist

It is with very sad hearts that we ask you to join Ting Ministries in prayer for one of our team members and evangelists in Pakistan.
Please pray. Please help Ting Ministries to provide a proper burial
Please help to provide needed supplies and food to the fire victims who are relatives of the Ting Ministries Team member as this is an opportunity to share Christ and the Gospel with these family members who are of another religion and deeply need Jesus.
The 17 year old son of Ting Ministries Evangelist went home with his Savior Jesus this morning at 8 am EST. This young man only months ago first learned of Jesus through his father’s teaching and reading the Word of God. He is the older brother of our “Sunshine”.
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Please pray for his many siblings and parents, cousins and relatives. Please pray as Ting Ministries Pastor and Pakistani Director heads to this region 8 hours away from where we are based. Pray for the Gospel to be spread and many lives to be changed for eternity. Pray for protection of our team.
Please help us provide what is needed for our precious family in Pakistan and also to finally meet the needs of the fire victims who will be in attendance and our Pastor can personally meet with them and bless with much needed basic supplies. When physical needs are met often times the heart is open to hear and receive the Gospel – the free Gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ death and Resurrection!
John 3:15-21
Giving Options:
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you.

Update: Incredibly Proud: Opportunities Abounding in Russia

Update: From May 11, 2023

The girls dance team and Lera both won awards in the competition in Ulyonovsk!
The girls say thank you! Their families say thank you. Love and blessings of Jesus are being shared by the gift of dance.
We say thank you and we are so very proud of each member of the dance team and their accomplishments. May they spread love and joy where ever they go.
Stay tuned! We’d so appreciate your continued prayers and support for these girls, their families and the Ministries in Russia.

Just want to give a huge praise and thank you from Ting Ministries Russia for your support!
We are incredibly proud of Lera and her desire to continue to be a blessing to others. She was given the opportunity to travel to Moscow recently to grow in her skills of teaching dance. It was an amazing time of learning and growing relationships.
Thank you to those who bless so we at Ting can continue to bless through the gift and language of DANCE!
Lera has done an amazing job and we look forward to the upcoming competitions, lessons and ways to support families in need ( needs have come to our attention because of the mothers and children participating in Lera’s classes).
Please consider supporting, praying and sharing!
Follow Ting Ministries updates on social media and our website to learn more about the history behind Ting Ministries Russia. It’s a story only God could write and one that has forever personally blessed me!
Giving Options
Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Psalm 149:3
Praise his name with dancing,
accompanied by tambourine and harp.
South Asia

Church Planting & South Asia Ministry: April 2023

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are going well with our ministry activities through giving His blessings and helping us by the power of the Holy Spirit. God is so good all the time! We have experienced that if we remain strong in Him; He is always with us and gives us everything that we need for us and His Kingdom. We thank God for showing His always goodness to us. We praise God for leading His miraculously in our lives and ministry activities. We also are so thankful for your firmly standing besides us through your support, love, kindness, and prayers we were able to share the gospel among the unreached peoples and save their lives. We appreciate what you have contributed for His Kingdom. Praise the Lord!!!

The village of the background where the church was built: All of the families are living in under poverty in this village. All the villagers are daily laborers. They work all day long at the cultivation. Most of them are uneducated. Before they came to Christ, they were Buddhists. We received souls gradually and after one and half year back we received eighteen families. There are still three families living in the darkness. We pray that they also come to Christ soon.

The church building constructions: When they became Christianity, they used to have church services at the house. They did like this church services about two years. But when believers are gradually increased, they badly need church building where they can have church services. They have many times to sit and discussed to build the church building. Since then they formed a church building construction committee. After they decided that every members should collect materials twice a month. Since then they collected materials such as wood, bamboo, stones, Tin, and others. Then they started to build the church. They took it to build two years. Finally, with the help of God, they completed it and they have a beautiful church building. Praise the Lord!!!

Church opening ceremony:  The church opening ceremony went well. They really enjoyed the church opening ceremony services. They are very proud of a new church building! During the opening church ceremony, God has blessed us all and the church services were wonderful. They really praise God for providing a beautiful God’s house in their village.

Evangelism: We had evangelism in another village.  They are all Buddhists. All of the village people are uneducated and involved with cultivation. When we reached their village, we invited them to join the fellowship. Then numerous people joined the fellowship. We shared our testimony first then we did a gospel presentation.  We shared sin, God’s love, and salvation. After sharing all these topics, they were astonished since they heard it for the first time. Then there were many questions wanted to know about Christianity. We answered them in detail as per their questioned. At this they were very much satisfied in their hearts. But some people were so stubborn that they didn’t want to listen to it. But finally through the touching of the Holy Spirit six people were realized and repented their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

Receiving new souls & baptized:  We have received six new souls and baptized all of them in our ministry. We thank God for receiving new souls every month in the ministry. We pray that through these new souls, we will be able to win more souls in the days to come. Please pray for them.

Seminar: We had wonderful a seminar for men, women, youth and lay leaders. The participants were 22. The seminar topics were church growth and Christian family. The participants were glad to hear about the topics. They themselves have increased their knowledge and to grow faith from the seminar. They also believe that through these teaching every participants will be benefit and to teach other also. We hope and pray that God will use them for making disciples to others.

House churches planted: We have planted three house churches in different villages among the new believers. They are doing fine with their ministry and services. We pray that they will be maturing in their services soon.

House church services: All house churches are doing well with their ministries and services. We are grateful for their maturing and spiritual growth through their activities and services. We thank God for using them mightily and were able to see fruitful among the house churches.

Women’s ministry:  They are also doing fine with their ministry activities. They used to form women’s cell group where already churches are planted and teaching them about the word of God. They really enjoyed with their ministry and growing their ministry.

Ting Children’s home:  They are all doing fine with their studies and health. They are enjoying with their classes. They are growing in their studies and about the word of God. We praise God for giving them an opportunity to study. Please continually pray for their needs.

We thank you so much for your continued love and prayers. We thank you for your  Big partnership in the ministry. We thank you so much for your incredible supports for us and His Kingdom needs. We really praise God for your vital part of our continuation of the ministry. We are very proud to be able to partner with you  for the expansion of His Kingdom. To God be the glory!!!

We pray daily for you, all of your families. Please continually pray for our ministry needs.

 We miss and love you so much!!!

Amazing Grace,

Team Ting in Bangladesh

Pakistan, update, urgent

April 30th: Medical and Outreach Update

Update: April 30, 2023

Praise the Lord – thank you for the gifts to complete 1 washroom! The family says thank you! (Audio removed for privacy.)

In addition the new washroom, we still are in need of:

  • Hand pump – $200
  • Wall and gate – $100
  • One more washroom for an elderly couple in-need! – $200

Total: $500

Pakistan: Medical and Outreach Update


Gospel Sharing on a brick kiln on 04/20/2023
Lives are being changed for eternity.
Send your treasures on ahead and help share the Gospel to those who want to hear!
Help Ting Ministries reach more precious beautiful lives with the Gospel!
Every penny matters. Every life matters.
Mark 16:15

Medical help needed urgently!


Thank you for the backpacks for the Tin Tin Home!

Family Safety – Urgent Need

A family who works on the Brick kiln as Slave labor and they asked Pastor Elisha yesterday if someone might be able to help them build wall, a washroom and put on gate onto their home. The father is afraid especially for his daughters! Please visit our Facebook page to learn more.

To keep these children safe – $400
Can you help?
To give:
By check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042