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December 2021 Update from South Asia

Dear friends of Ting Ministries,

We have received our December update from our ministry partners in South Asia. We share it with you, in part, here:

By the grace of God, we are all doing fine in the family and ministry as well.  We praise God for continuing to pour His abundant love, blessings, and faithfulness to our ongoing ministry. Though we are weak as humans in flesh, the Holy Spirit is always with us and helps us in our every activity.  We thank God for everything that He has been doing in our ministry. We really praise God for your continued standing besides us through support, love, generosity, thinking, and prayers for us and His Kingdom. We thank you for your great commitment and partnership in the ministry.

Evangelism: We had an evangelism program in the village. The village is quite far and situated near the border of [COUNTRY UNDISCLOSED]. They are all Buddhists and so they strongly believed in superstitions. It was not totally easy to share the gospel among them since they never ever heard about the word of God. But through the help of the Holy Spirit, we were able to share the gospel to them. We started first our introduced session, then our testimonies and gospel presentation. We shared about sin, His love, and salvation. When we shared the gospel they were receptive to listen to it and after the end of the sharing many of them changed in their countenances […] Through the help of God in our sharing ten people were touched in their hearts and surrendered to Christ and four people were baptized.

We were somehow worried about sharing the gospel at first but through the help of God, we were able to do it without problem. Praise God for His continued help, leading and protection in our every activity.  The villagers invited us again to visit and share the gospel to them. We told them that if you are all welcomed and receptive to us for gospel we will surely visit again.

Church dedication service:  A village church collected bamboo, cane, woods etc from the jungle. Then they built it.he dedication service went well. After the dedication service, every family contributed for the occasion of church dedication and bought a big pig and they launched a fellowship together for all the villagers. They enjoyed the program very much. They also have much unity and harmony in their ministry activities. They used to have regular bible studies, prayer meetings and home visits every night. They also shared the gospel to their neighbors to those who are still far away from God. Please pray for them in your prayers so they may continue to practice what they have learnt and taught from us. They were very much happy for the new church. They gave thanks to God for providing a new church.

Annual area conference: We had a wonderful annual area conference near the border of [COUNTRY UNDISCLOSED].  It’s very far and needed to go by Jeep and boat on foot. The church leaders, men, women, youth, and lay leaders attended about two hundred. The conference was held for three days and the conference went very well. The conference theme was “Reward” (Revelations: 22:12). We had seminars, fellowship, refreshment, group discussion, area executive meeting, reporting each village leaders in their respective from their fields, praying for one another, giving encouragement to each other, how to work forward in the next year, worship together and mass prayer for each of us and you all and together partaking the Lord’s supper service etc during the event. We enjoyed it so much at the conference. We praise God for His abundant blessings, successful and fruitful giving us during the event.

Souls received:  We have received fourteen souls and four of them are baptized.

We thank you so much for your Great partnership in the ministry. We know how much you have worked hard for our ongoing ministry needs. We really appreciate your continued love, generosity, thinking, and prayers.

We pray daily for you all. We send our love and prayer to you all.

May God abundantly bless your family and ministry.

Amazing Grace,

TEAM Ting in South Asia

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I Assure You

This is a family’s home. A hot tent, with a dirt floor, that does nothing to keep the sun from beating down on you or the rain from coming in. In this home, there are children who work – not who play or go to school. There is a mother who does her best to protect her family, but cannot even protect herself. There is a father. The father is afraid of their master, so afraid of what he has endured and cannot bear again, his mind is sick with fear.

Perhaps this sounds to you like exaggeration or even a made-up story.

I assure you, it is not.

We need to free this family, who has fallen into a dire situation. We can do so – but only with your help. $2,100 is what stands between this family and a safe life, where they can find the medical, physical and spiritual help they need. If this sounds like an impossible request, I assure you – it is not.

You also stand between them and their new life. Without you, the Church and hands and feet of Christ, we cannot alleviate their suffering. Will we simply look away as our brothers and sisters suffer?  Do we dare imagine that through our ignorance, the pain of a family will cease to exist?

I assure you, it will not.

May this bring us to our knees, draw us to the Lord in prayer, in humility and in thankfulness. For it is by His grace, that we are here, and not there. Our freedom, which comes from God, means God-given responsibility.

Galatians 5:13 – “For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.”

If we cannot find it within ourselves, out of an overflowing of thankfulness toward our Christ our King, to give generously even a little toward those whom suffer, when He has called us to be His hands and feet on earth… Let us not imagine, having heard the need, that we will not one day stand accountable for our reaction.

I assure you – we will.

Proverbs 31:8-9

Give a Gift of Freedom:

  1. Online: www.paypal.me/Tingministries
  2. By Check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
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A Cry For Help: The Freedom Fund and Tin Tin’s House

WE ARE RAISING FUNDS FOR THE “FREEDOM FUND” to free entire families from Brick Kiln Slave labor but we need your help!
WE HAVE the people and team in place to legally free these families and set them up in apartments with new employment, opportunities, education and the Gospel. But we can NOT free them without help.
You do not need to travel overseas to help. You can help right now from the touch of your phone or a pen. Every penny adds up quickly so please help Ting Ministries and our Pastor and team. Our Pastor has an overflowing church and some of our brick kiln families have been attending church. We have a Sunday School on the one brick kiln and medical clinics monthly when the funds are available.
It seems it is exciting for so many to raise funds to travel overseas for missions. Why is it not even more exciting to get involved while still here in the USA? It is such a blessed joy to give and to know you made a difference for ONE. Just think you could free 1 entire family for the cost of 1 plane ticket and travel expenses. Don’t think you have to travel. You can do missions right now and the Lord sees your heart and gift.
Ting Ministries is a voice for the voiceless please hear my voice crying out for help!
Ting Ministries can not do this without funds. Three entire families have been freed to date ( with 7 more families waiting) and we have 17 children taken from the kilns into our Tin Tin House to get them out of this slave labor while we work to free their families.
We need to keep the Tin Tin House operating monthly – food, education, spiritual education, clothing and necessities. We desperately need $1,000 for their immediate care and Tin Tin House expenses.
We are a small non-profit serving a big God.
Every Donation is tax deductible and will go directly to our Pastor and Team in Pakistan.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon,PA 17042
Proverbs 31:8-9
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24 Hours: Pakistan Update – September 10, 2021

Just in the past 24 hours so much has happened in multiple countries
  • Gospel outreaches to 5 different kilns tomorrow.
  • Weekly prayer meetings in these kilns are planned.
  • Monday another medical clinic will be held for over 150 people to have some basic needs cared for. They live too far from any city to receive any care.
  • Our 3rd brick kiln family will be freed this week and will begin to help in the vegetable selling business.

Please help Ting Ministries continue to do this life changing ( and eternal life changing ) work. Without your support we can not continue.

Ting Ministries29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042
God bless you and protect you.
Proverbs 31:8-9
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Update: The Needs of the Brick Kiln Families Rescued at TinTin House

The Tin Tin House (all because of one tiny orphan girl rejected by the world who became the most loved princess – Avigayil “Tin Tin” )opened and already we have a house full of children and have hopes and plans to expand to the top floor of the building.
The first of our Brick Kiln Slavery families has been freed and is now living in a home with a roof and windows. We need your help to furnish and supply this home with basics.
$200 / monthly for rent
$1,000 vegetable business start up; groceries; home items such as cooking utensils etc. and living expenses
Our Pastor and team are now working to free family #2 and family #3. We have already had requests for help from at least 3 more families.
The Freedom Fund needs your help. The average debt of each family is $2,330.00. You can help free an entire family from a life of making bricks from sun up to sun down from the time they are old enough to walk by your gifts and donations. You do not need to supply the entire amount. Every penny matters and it only takes a little from many people.
We have many children now attending school at the Tin Tin House and we have ongoing school needs; daily living and food costs.
Please help us meet these needs. If each child would have a sponsor that would greatly help this need. Currently 2 of our children have a sponsor at $30.00 a month to pay their food and school fees. Please consider becoming a sponsor or giving to the Tin Tin House.
There are many children and adults with medical needs whom our Pastor also attends to weekly and our medical fund is also in need.
If anyone feels a calling to personally support our Pastor this would be a huge blessing. He has a beautiful wife and family who daily give of themselves so that all these children and families can be given a better life. I would like to one day be able to support him completely so he can focus completely on ministry and the church and not need to also work an outside job to support his wife and children.
Please prayerfully consider helping in Pakistan.
Proverbs 31:8-9
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
Thank you
Ting Ministries Pakistan Team
And the TinTin House Children