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Update as of 9/6/23: Partner Church Collapse in Pakistan

Update: September 6, 2023


We are now working on rebuilding the second floor of the church! Scroll down to past updates to see the church building when it was collapsing due to heavy rains and subsequent reels to show the demolishing and start of the rebuilding. As churches were being burned to the ground we began to build ours up again.
Help us to complete this floor and roof. There will be one more story to be built. There are a total of three floors planned. We can accommodate more people this way and have prayer, church, meals together, fellowship, Sunday School and a place to house those in need in an emergency!
Please prayerfully consider supporting this work dedicated to sharing the Gospel.
A huge thank you to the ones that gave to get us this far! You know who you are and we are eternally grateful! Pastor Elisha asks me to share how thankful he is and everyone who is blessed by the ministry also extends their thanks to you.
This is for the glory of God and His Kingdom!
We praise Him for your gifts, prayers and shares.
– Stephanie- Ting Ministries USA

Update: September 1, 2023

The team on the ground says THANK YOU to those that gave, supported, shared and prayed.
The roof is being completed thanks to your gifts!
God bless you all! To give to our church project, see the information in our August 16 update below.

 Update: August 16, 2023

We are rebuilding in the same location! It has taken weeks to tear down the original building by hand! Now we start to rebuild with the materials that have been salvaged from the old building BUT some new materials are needed and the men helping need some food for their families! They are laborers from the Brick Kilns who attend our church and they help using their skills and talent!
Can you help us to bless them and bless these brothers and sisters in Christ who attend the church by helping us to rebuild! The Tin Tin House children all attend church and Sunday Schooll here and 100s are being blessed weekly in this location.
Any amount would be a blessing!
I am working on compiling a video of the church when the walls came crashing in from heavy rains and storms through the demolishing to praying over the building and now beginning to rebuild!
This is sometimes a story of our lives. The walls of our lives and hearts come crashing in from life and sin and circumstances in our lives. The Lord can and does come in if invited and begins to rebuild our hearts and lives as we focus on Him and fill our hearts and minds with thr truth of His Word!
God bless you! God bless each and everyone who prays and supports Ting Ministries teams around the world who are actively working to share the Gospel for the glory of God.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

Here in the US, we have lots of church building fundraisers – to build a bigger , better, more modern building.
Here in Pakistan – Ting Ministries is in need of your help for the church building!
The heavy rains caused it to collapse! We are salvaging the materials that are able to be reused and beginning to rebuild without funds and volunteers from the Brick kilns who attend church. We would love to compensate these precious men and their needy families with food packs! Any help to rebuild would be so appreciated and any help to purchase has food packs would be a huge blessing.
How much are building funds here in the US – 100s of thousands! Help however you can to rebuild our church with bare minimum of materials.
  • Start your own bakesale fundraiser.
  • Skip a Starbucks coffee this week.
  • Donate your change – share , pray!
Don’t store up your treasures here on earth- send them on ahead by helping those in desperate need. Help Ting Ministries rebuild the church! Help Ting Ministries continue to minister to those in slavery, orphaned, widowed, those in poverty and those with no voice.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you
Proverbs 31:8-9
South Asia, update

Ministry Update from South Asia: August 2023

From our frontline team in South Aisa…

We praise God for His goodness and love, we were able to share the gospel among the unbelieving people and win lost souls in the ministry. We are also grateful to God for using us tremendously in the ministry, receiving new souls and making new disciples [and] for planted seeds which are powerful, effective, and fruitful. We hope and pray that God will continually pour out His heavenly blessings to give us for the expansion of His Kingdom. Thank you so much for your big partnership in the ministry and through your partnership, we were able to reach the unreached, teach the untaught and save the unsaved! Ting Ministries’ love and affection for His Kingdom are great and amazing. To God be the glory!

Evangelism:  We had evangelism in the rice fields’ area. They live in scattering in their rice fields. They work all day long at the rice fields. All of them are Buddhists. Though they are Buddhists, they never practice their rituals; not go to the temple, and not to put idols in their home [except they will complete harvest religious rituals, because] they believe doing so means their rice harvesting will increase and be fruitful.

Since they are poor, they think only how they can eat two meals in a day and how their children can send them to school.

We had a nice fellowship and shared the gospel with them. They know about Christian religion but they never have the opportunity to hear about the word of God. We shared about God’s love, sin, salvation, and eternal life. After sharing God’s message to them, they said to us we have never ever heard like this message in our Buddhism and also said nobody didn’t come and taught us about Buddhism. Then also stated the message you have shared to us is very good and acceptable. The message touched in their hearts was His love and eternal life. They said,

“Now we know only Jesus can give us a guarantee to go to eternal life in heaven who is Lord of the lords, King of the kings, Almighty God, Living God and only Jesus is the true God.”

After they talked to each other and said our belief must be abandoned where there is no head to foot. Finally, they realized and prayed for forgiveness and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. To God be the glory!

Souls received & water baptism: We have received 7 souls and baptized all of them in our ministry. Please pray for them for their new life so they may remain according to the will of God and we may use them for Jesus’ soldiers.

Youth Seminar: We had a successful seminar organized especially for youth at the chapel. There were 56 participants. The seminar went well. The seminar topics were (Proverb 3: 5-6 and Deuteronomy 46: 4-6). All the participants were impacted and touched by the seminar.  Some of them were changed during the seminar. The participants were also very much appreciated for experiencing the message of God. The participants said we have a lot of bad thinking and corruption in our hearts which we really need to amend our hearts and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts and control us so we may live in His will. They really enjoyed what they have learned through the seminar.  We hope and pray that they will change from their old habits and live in holiness.

House churches planted: We have planted three house churches in different three villages among the new believers. They are following & practicing what we have taught them to do. Since all of them are uneducated, please pray for them that God gives them wisdom, knowledge, and understanding about the word of God and they may grow in spiritually.

House church services: By the grace of God, they are all doing fine with their services and activities. They are maturing day by day in the word of God. They enjoyed working together in the ministry. Since they are increasing members, they badly need church building.

Women’s ministry: They are also doing fine with their ministry activitiesThey share the gospel among their fellow women, teaching, and encouraging them. They visited village to village and shared the gospel. They have been doing faithfully in their ministry. We praise God for their ministry.

Ting Children’s home: Ting children are all doing well. They are maturing day by day in their thoughts and knowledge. They are progressing in their studies. They are really busy with their classes and homework. They enjoyed learning new things. They have been praying for you all and their monthly needs.

We are so much thankful to Ting Ministries for the continued love, prayer and support for the work of the Lord here and around the world. We thank you so much for your strong commitment, faithfulness and generosity for us and His Kingdom.

To support ongoing ministry in South Asia or Sponsor a child in our Ting Children’s home:

Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Completed Projects, Philippines, update

Goal Reached! Gift a $5 Water Jug to a Filipino Family

Update on 8/15/2023
Thank you and Praise The Lord for all 350 water jugs for Filipino fire victims purchased!
See the blue jugs in photos and previous post💧
Done 4 days ago
Your help and support is critical!

Tin Tin Care Clean Water Program💧Philippines 🇵🇭
Your help is needed! We have provided almost 200 jugs of fresh water for families!
Our target goal is to provide 350 jugs for 350 families.
175 jugs needed for 175 families who did not receive a jug for clean water! The water jugs can be refilled for continuous clean water through the Water Program but we need 175 more jugs for $5.00 per jug!
See the photos and video from water distribution to a tent city where at least 350 families have been living since devastating fires ripped through their already poverty stricken community. Take a minute or two and really look. Don’t scroll past the photos. Really look and help if you can!
The children were begging for the Tin Tin Care Feeding Program to reach them. They are hungry and thirsty. The Gospel is shared and love is given with each outreach. Funds are needed to feed these precious souls as well as provide the clean water.
Can you help?
Thank you…this is literally giving a cup of cold water to souls in desperate need!
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar St Lebanon Pa 17042

Original Post
In Tin Care Clean Water Program💧Philippines 🇵🇭
We need your help!
We just unloaded 150 water jugs!
200 more are needed for a total of 350 families in desperate need for clean water.
The families are so poor and many have lost everything in the fires I posted about a few weeks ago. The Tin Tin Ministry of Ting Ministries has the ability to help all these families but water jugs are needed.
200 more families 200×5= $1,000
Total $1,000 needed
Can you help with 1, 2, 3 or maybe even 4 families with $20.00
Thank you so much from the team in the Philippines 🇵🇭
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar St Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you!
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Update on Sunday School Teacher Tia: Corrective Surgery Needed Urgently!

Update: July 31
Please pray for Tia who was taken to the hospital with difficulty breathing!
Her surgery costs $800 and will bring tremendous relief and save her eyesight!

A Ting Ministries Sunday School leader named Tia needs our help. She leads children on a brick kiln in lessons on the Bible.
Do you realize how incredible this is – Bible studies for children who are slave laborers on a Brick Kiln! We praise the Lord for her courage and her love for children.
A few years ago she was in an accident and had trauma to her head and facial areas. She had some medical care but it wasn’t done properly. She is very poor and therefore her care was very poor. She is beginning to lose her eye sight from the pressure in her skull and eye/nose area of her face. Corrective surgery is immediately needed to save her eye sight. $800 is needed for her surgery.
She came to Pastor Elisha who leads Ting Ministries and all the Tin Tin House Ministries in Pakistan asking for help to save her eye sight. She also has tremendous pain from this pressure.
Can you pray
Can you share
Can you help?
Ways to give to Tia….
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
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Update: Goal Exceeded for Families in Need!

Update: July 29, 2023

Thank you to everyone who gave and to everyone who prayed! Ting Ministries teams were able to provide for more than our original goal thanks to your kindness!
All praise and honor and glory to our God and Savior Jesus Christ!
Keep checking for updates on Ministry needs in Pakistan and more…

Need Water Now!💧
Poor and disadvantaged families who needed food and water previously recently were fire ravaged!
Now the need is desperate! Ting Ministries Tin Tin Care has the ability to provide clean water and food but funds are needed!
Clean water is such a precious commodity! Clean drinking water and food are now needed in Romania, Pakistan and the Philippines.
Our little Tin Tin is making an impact in lives around the world. I take a deep breath and find joy in the sorrow of missing her – knowing her life is being a Voice for the Voiceless!
My little girl
My princess forever
This is for You Tin Tin💛
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
A Huge thank you to everyone who answered our cries for help for starving brick kiln slave laborers and their children in Pakistan! May your hearts be blessed and your homes filled with the peace and joy of Jesus Christ!