Are you ready for снег?

Are you ready for снег?
Getting to training just got colder and more difficult!
A glimpse of the new dances to take to another city in December and to spread their love and joy to others!
Thank you for praying, sharing and supporting this unique ministry that is touching lives!
Исайя 9:6-7
Ибо ребенок у нас рождается,
нам дан сын.
Правительство будет лежать на его плечах.
И его будут называть:
Чудесный Советник, Боже Могучий,
Вечный Отец, Князь Мира.
Его правительство и его мир
никогда не закончится.
Он будет править честно и справедливо с престола своего предка Давида.
на всю вечность.
Страстная преданность Армий Господа Небес
сделает это возможным!
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Pakistan, Sponsor

Current Happenings in Pakistan

1 Peter 2:9 (New King James Version)

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.
Lives are being changed in each country where Ting has teams on the ground!.
Ting Ministries is thankful for every gift received!
It’s by your help… It’s through your prayers….that needs are being met, children are being freed from a life of slavery, hungry bellies are being fed, hungry souls are hearing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, girls are being moved into safe situations, families are being set free, children are receiving an education and learning about how to love and serve like Jesus and so much more!
So thank you!

Some Current Happenings in Pakistan

Tia – our one Sunday School Teacher on the one Brick Kiln has received her surgery to save her eye sight!
A other Kiln has another teacher requesting help for some food to provide the children and some materials such as paper and pencils. Let’s bless her hardwork and heart as well as these beautiful children who are hearing about Jesus $150
A little Child was severely burned on a brick kiln just like our Starfish was about 2 years ago and needs medical care. $250
The Tin Tin Houses need food for the month. $600 × 2 homes
The Tin Tin Staff work daily with our children in 2 homes to care for every need these children have and also to educate them in reading and writing and math and the Truth of Christ.
There are 4 more girls needing to be moved to safety from their current situations. $200 per girl/ family
3 Families need urgent help with Freedom Funds $450. $850 $800
Prayer outreach on a brick kiln – let’s feed the families who attend $150
School needs for my Starfish, her siblings and cousins $$75
And please consider ending our #noshavenovember early for Me!!! Please let’s get the roof paid for the church building project so Brian can shave 😂 One donation was received so the amount needed is $1700!
It’s only by the Grace of God
Here’s how to help finger 👇
•••●●●☆If selecting PayPal please use the tab for friends/family/personal and not purchasing an item or buying something
If you prefer to send a ✔️ check-
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
God bless
Russia, Sasha's Story

Happy Birthday, Lera!

Happy 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 Birthday
Join us at Ting Ministries in celebrating our dear Lera! It’s her birthday this week and the 4 year anniversary of meeting Sasha’s birthmother and sister! I still am in awe of how the Lord answered my 21 years of praying and how he knit us together as family forever.
When we adopted Sasha in 1998 I began praying for that day of meeting and for the precious young birthmother of our daughter. We never knew the full story until that amazing miraculous day in September of 2019. Many years and many adoptions later God has brought this full circle.
Ting Ministries is ministering in Russia because of God moving mountains and answering prayers. What a joy everyday to be in fellowship together with not only my dear sister and “daughter” Lera but to be able to be blessing other children, women and families that need the love of Jesus and encouragement and help.
To everyone who prays, share and helps Ting Ministries- thank you and join us in making this a great birthday week for our dearest Lera!
Happy Birthday to you Lera! We love you!
Pakistan, urgent

Daily Needs in Pakistan

We humbly ask for your prayers and help.
Just pictured here ( there are new needs coming in daily but these have been previously shared and are urgent today) –
1. Slave laborer needing urgent medical care for previous leg fracture that was never repaired due to no money/no medical care $200
2. Slave laborers needing food and medicine due to husband having an accident causing paralysis. $100
3. Tin Tin House Kids in House #1 and #2 – urgent needs for monthly food, care and rent
4. Ting Church is ready for the second roof
$ 1,200 for iron and concrete and tools to proceed with putting on this roof( ceiling) so the 3rd floor walls can be built.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you!

Castle Garibaldi: September 2023

Спасибо за Вашу поддержку
Thank you for your support
Замок Гарибальди
A bus trip to Garibaldi Castle for all the dancers, their families and the adult ladies class.
Thank you for your support which made this birthday celebration for Lera and trip for kids and families where it would not otherwise be possible – POSSIBLE!
Love, friendship and much needed family support is happening through the gift of dance. Your support and prayers are changing lives in this village!
Christ’s love is making a difference.
We praise the Lord and thank you for your continued support.
Happy Birthday Lera!