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In Honor of Avigayil: Construction Beginning For Tin Tin’s House

“Let us build a foundation for the homeless kids here sister. Let’s build a home for them that one day they can have the eternal home in heaven… my heart cries for the homeless every day…” Pastor John, Philippines



We are writing today with news that we have raised the first $2,000 for Tin Tin’s Home in the Philippines. In honor of Avigayil “Tin Tin,” this home will allow Pastor John in the Philippines to bring more children home, like the ones in the pictures above. Pastor John and team just found these children, alone and naked, wandering the streets. Our hearts ache for these children. Tin Tin’s home will give them a safe place to live, the ability to go to school and most importantly – the chance to be part of a family. Because of Avi’s adoption, Pastor John’s heart was moved for the orphan and he has already taken in over 20 former street boys – and while the family’s hearts have room for more, they need to build a place for the children to live, adding a building next to Pastor John’s home.

Many of you have asked how our family, particularly Stephanie, is doing. Stephanie is heartbroken with grief over the loss of Avi – and it is the need of these children that is keeping her going. So today, we Stephanie’s deepest wish to you:

In honor of Avi, will you help us build Tin Tin’s home? This project will cost approximately $20,000. With the first part raised, we can now start building the foundation on faith. 

If you would like to give a gift to help Tin Tin’s Home become reality and to help Avigayil’s life make a difference for children in the Philippines:

1. Donate online at: www.paypal.me/Tingministries
2. Send a check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Memo: Tin Tin’s House

From all of us here at Ting Ministries – thank you!

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Celebrating Avi’s Life: Info about Viewing and Celebration Service (aka A Princess Party)

Celebrating Avigayil Christina Carpenter

February 27, 2007 – November 5, 2018

For those wanting to celebrate Avi’s life with us, her funeral arrangements are as follows:

1) Viewing will be Friday, November 9th from 12-2 pm at Thompson Funeral Home 126 S. 9th Street Lebanon, Pa 17042

2) A separate service celebrating Avi’s life will be on Monday, November 12th at 11am at Palmyra Grace Church 799 Airport Road Palmyra PA 17042

All are welcome to attend (children are welcome as well!)
Refreshments to follow. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Ting Ministries- Philippines to fund “Tin Tin’s House” for Orphans and street children.

Go Here to See Avigayil’s Obituary page on Thompson’s Funeral Home website



Our precious princess Avigayil Christina (Tin Tin) went home to be with Jesus in her sleep early Monday morning We had an incredible weekend as a family – first at the banquet of our ministry partners and then at a picnic with our dear friends and other adoptive families. Avi had a great weekend and fell asleep that night laughing and talking.

This is so hard! The depth of our pain and loss is like nothing we have ever known but the peace of Our Lord Jesus is also in our midst.

I am grieving like I never knew possible! Anyone who has ever met Avi knows the deep love and bond she and I share. As our pastor was praying with Brian and myself – I heard Avi say “Mommy I’m running…I’m running.”. She is now running with Jesus and all my rescued animals who have gone home ahead of me.

Avi’s life started Ting Ministries. Her story is one we will share in days and weeks to come. Because of her life, Ting Ministries Philippine ministry began- it was literally all for her and because of her. We provided funds for 2 years to her orphanage to feed her through her feeding tube before we were able to adopt her. We always dreamed to build a home for the street children in her former city and name it Tin Tin’s house and never had the funds to do so. Avi will live on and her life will continue to change countless other lives. She will continue to be a voice for the voiceless.

We will have a viewing later this week here in Lebanon Pa and are having a service to celebrate her life at Palmyra Grace Church in Palmyra Pa…most likely Monday. Details will follow…life has been a big blur since Monday.. all are welcome to come celebrate our dear precious baby and her amazing little life.

She filled me with joy like none other and I loved everything about her- her toothless grin, her smell, her laughter and giggle and her enjoyment of worship music and the beach!

I love you my Avi baby always and forever and someday soon I will run with you baby girl…soon!

Come join us if you are able -we would love to see you and have you share in the joy of her life and the tears of missing her on this side of heaven.

Psalm 16:11
Psalm 4:7

Read Stephanie’s Post from September of 2012 about Avigayil – The Joy of the Father

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Children’s Home Just $2500 Away: Updated – FUNDED!

October 9, 2018: We are very excited to share this huge praise with you! After months of prayer and promotion, one very special donor came forward to cover 100% of the remaining costs for the kitchen of our TM Children’s Home on the border of Bangladesh and Burma! Now, with construction being finished, we can soon start to welcome the children who will live in a family-like setting and receive a Christian education. Thank you very much to our donor and to all who have been praying for this need.

Construction for our TM children’s home, on the border of Bangladesh and Burma, is almost complete – only the kitchen needs to be built. Below, you can see the school for the children’s home. (Featured Image: living space)


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Thirty children like Mala are waiting to move into the children’s home when it is finished! The children will live in a family-setting with Christian caregivers. They will go to school together, receive education, and most importantly, be taught and shown the love of Jesus. Whereas right now, children like Mala wander from person to person in the village, the children’s home will provide them a stable location to live. Also, these children will be able to continue living in the local community, and grow up feeling a sense of belonging. When the children reach adulthood, the skills they have learned at the children’s home will hopefully prepare them to live independently in their community and share the love of Jesus with others.


If you would like to help in the final stage of construction, please give a gift and note “Bangladesh Children’s Home.”100% of your gift will go to the building costs (a total of $2,500). Thank you for partnering with us to help these precious children. May God bless you.

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Read Sasha’s Published Book Chapter in the Latest Adoption Story Anthology

Ting Ministries is excited to announce the publication of Sasha’s book chapter, “Lessons I Learned as an Adopted Daughter.” Sasha was one of 28 voices in the adoption community to come together in the newest adoption anthology, “Hope for the Adoption Journey.” Compiled by Katherine Piper, the collection features stories of struggle and joy, a collection of stories meant to comfort and encourage readers from all parts of the adoption community.

Here’s an excerpt of what Sasha had to say about her chapter. You can read more on her blog HERE.


[…]My chapter [in the anthology] focuses on exactly what the title suggests: lessons I’ve learned growing up as an adopted daughter and sister to other special-needs siblings. I believe that my parents have raised me with a different perspective on many issues adopted children face, such as: questions of identity, birth family, dealing with trauma and more. It has given me complete freedom from the struggles commonly faced by adopted kids. This freedom, rooted by an identity in Christ alone, has given allowed me to pursue my God-given passions to be a Voice for the Voiceless.

Started in my junior year, it is incredible to now see the finished book in front of me. A lot of things have happened since then – including the adoption of my two newest sisters and finding my birth family in Russia! As I wrote my chapter, I wanted to provide mothers, families, and other adopted kids a taste of the kinds of things my parents taught me, that have shaped who I am today. These lessons are hard. They take time and effort, patience and prayer. I remind myself of them every day.

But I also know these lessons are the truth – because Christ is in the center […]

You can read reviews and order Hope for the Adoption Journey: 28 Stories to Comfort and Encourage, on Amazon HERE.


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Hope and Brit are Home: If Anyone Does Not Doubt in Their Heart…


A Special Message from Stephanie Carpenter:

Here are the photos I could not share with you during our 2 year wait to bring home Hope Noelle Junjun! We said YES to this precious child when she was an emaciated child with no file and no hope. We chose to name her Hope Noelle and upon learning of her plight asked our agency to work with the director of her orphanage to not only prepare a file but to also do the finding ad that needed to be done prior to the file. We waited and prayed and began the work on the US side.

Most doubted her adoption would ever happen. Well it has and she is home – we give all Glory to God. She is an amazing little girl who turns 9 in a few weeks. We are the blessed ones. Adoption changes lives but not just the.lives of the children being adopted but it will change you. Do you want to be changed?

If you ever thought of adopting please don’t just think but ACT! You will never be the same.

Brittan Faith is now the baby of the Carpenter family. At 6-and-a-half years old, she is the size of an 18 month old. She is a precious, gentle soul that survived a lot of trauma in her orphanage – yet she is alert, watching everything and has already bonded to her new family. Ellianna has in fact, decided that Brittan is “her baby.”

After a brief stay in Hershey Medical Center for seizures, Brittan is doing well and growing quickly! Though she has multiple special-needs and delays, she is a treasure worth the world, with a face to melt any heart. How Great is Our God – the Father of the Fatherless! Thank you to all who prayed and believed alongside us during our journey!

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” Mark 11:23