Wondering how you can get involved? Ting Ministries invites you to become a sponsor! By teaming up with a member of our TM family, not only are you providing physical needs, but you are invaluable source of encouragement and help in spreading the love of Jesus! Below is a list of TM children, families, pastors, and evangelists who are waiting for sponsors.

To become a monthly sponsor: Contact us at tingministries@comcast.net with the country, category, and/or individual you would like to sponsor.We will send you a form and pictures and  info about your individual!
To make a one-time-donation: 1) Use the PayPal at the side of our website 2) Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042
100% of your sponsorship/donation will go to the individual you specify!

Bangladesh Pastor Families: There are families in Bangladesh that need sponsors to continue reaching villages, orphans, and tribal children with food, clothing, and the Gospel. This sponsorship will provide: TM evangelism tools and travel supplies, living expenses for them and their families, housing, and their salary. 
Full sponsorship: 200 dollars/month provides everything needed for the family to continue full-time ministry.
Partial sponsorship: 100, 50, or 20 dollars/month.
One-Year: 2,400 dollars will meet all of a family’s needs for a year.
Family 1


Family 2


Family 3
Family 4


Family 5


Ukranian Pastor’s Family: Pastor Valentin has taken in several children from a local orphanage. This is TM’s vision: for the Church in-country to adopt orphans domestically and raise them to be leaders in their own countries. A sponsor provides things like: clothing, school fees, mattresses, and pillows for the family. When you team up with Pastor Valentin, not only are you supporting his family, but his desire to share the Gospel in Ukraine.
Full Sponsorship: 400 dollars/month provides additional support for Pastor Valentin and his kids.
Partial Sponsorship: 200, 100, or 50 dollars/month.

One-Year: 4,800 dollars aids the family for a whole year.