Update: Incredibly Proud: Opportunities Abounding in Russia

Update: From May 11, 2023

The girls dance team and Lera both won awards in the competition in Ulyonovsk!
The girls say thank you! Their families say thank you. Love and blessings of Jesus are being shared by the gift of dance.
We say thank you and we are so very proud of each member of the dance team and their accomplishments. May they spread love and joy where ever they go.
Stay tuned! We’d so appreciate your continued prayers and support for these girls, their families and the Ministries in Russia.

Just want to give a huge praise and thank you from Ting Ministries Russia for your support!
We are incredibly proud of Lera and her desire to continue to be a blessing to others. She was given the opportunity to travel to Moscow recently to grow in her skills of teaching dance. It was an amazing time of learning and growing relationships.
Thank you to those who bless so we at Ting can continue to bless through the gift and language of DANCE!
Lera has done an amazing job and we look forward to the upcoming competitions, lessons and ways to support families in need ( needs have come to our attention because of the mothers and children participating in Lera’s classes).
Please consider supporting, praying and sharing!
Follow Ting Ministries updates on social media and our website to learn more about the history behind Ting Ministries Russia. It’s a story only God could write and one that has forever personally blessed me!
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Psalm 149:3
Praise his name with dancing,
accompanied by tambourine and harp.

Dance Classes for Moms – and a Trip to Moscow!

Lots of exciting things going on with Ting Ministries Russia!
Thank you to those supporting and praying!
Keep sharing, praying and helping. Your gifts are making an impact and a difference.
Adult dance classes have begun and maybe some competitions in the future! The gift of dance is bringing joy, laughter and changed lives.
Pray for Lera as she will be traveling the same route to Moscow ( for zumba opportunities) that Brian and I traveled over 24 years ago to adopt Sasha. What incredible memories and only God can write such stories.
Pray for Lera’s dance kids as they prepare for their next competition! Wow have they done a great job!
Thank you! Enjoy the video and photos of recent practices!
Ting Ministries
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Russia, Sponsor

2023 Zumbathon in Russia!

Ting Ministries Russia
From the village to the stage 💜
In a snowstorm❄️
Building relationships
Growing confidence
Sharing the love of Jesus with families
Through the language and gift of dance.
Great job girls!
Amazing job Lera!
We are so proud of you all!
We love you!
Thank you to everyone who supports and prays and shares!
To Sponsor Lera’s Dance: Gifts can be made to:
Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042


They are Back at It! Lera’s Zumba Team

Getting ready for their next competition!
And – the moms are now having an adult Zumba class with Lera.
Lives are being changed by the love of Zumba/dance and the love of Jesus being shown to each family and many more in the village!
Help Ting grow our reach in Russia through the language of DANCE. The Lord moves and works in ways that are truly unique!
Let’s go girls!
Help these girls and families with some basic needs and keep the dance touching lives for Christ.
Ting Ministries
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Thank you!