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Independent Church in India

“Ting Ministries impacts so many lives around the world. I have personally seen the orphans they adopted from all countries. Once lifeless, the children have been transformed and filled with joy because they have given these children amazing love and outstanding care. Ting Ministries has been a wonderful blessing to support our own ministry in India, Pakistan and Africa. They helped us raise resources to build our orphanage in Pakistan for fifteen children, who once were homeless, trapped in child slavery, and other horrible situations. I am truly blessed by their dedication to bring the good news of the Gospel to those around the world who have never heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Kathy – Vice President of Independent Church in India

“After the TM Bangladesh Team began to evangelize in Nayab’s (name changed) village, his wife and six children accepted Jesus Christ, but Nayab rejected the Good News. Two years later, he got sick and sought healing from the shaman. He made all the sacrifices, but his sickness worsened. Nayab lost faith in the shaman and asked our village minister to pray for him. Within three days he recovered from his sickness. Nayab received overwhelming joy and became a strongly committed church minister. He took all responsibilities to keep his church house neat, ringing the church bell, and playing drum during worship. He also started studying to be able to read the Bible and share God’s Word with others.”

Nayab – Becoming New