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Featured Video: Sasha Speaks on Sanctity of Life Sunday

Featured Podcast: Abortion, Adoption, and Disability – Sasha Speaks with Joni & Friends – Parts 1 and 2

Sasha was blessed to share her story as an abortion survivor and Russian adoptee with Joni and Friends! While some may have seen the interview on social media, we wanted to share it here as well for others who may be interested. It is Sasha and our team’s prayer that the podcast blesses families touched in any way by adoption, abortion, orphan care, caregiving or grief. You can listen to the interview Part ONE Here and Part TWO Here.

We are the Carpenter family.  We have daughters adopted from all around the world!  Pastor Brian and Mrs. Stephanie Carpenter are the founders and directors of Ting Ministries – a nonprofit ministry.  We are passionate about caring for “The Least of These” and being a Voice for the Voiceless, according to Proverbs 31:8-9.

Today, Ting Ministries works in the Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, South Asia and the United States.

Our Story:

Most of our daughters have some type of special need – some mild and some more severe – but they are all our treasured daughters. Their special needs include: deafness, blindness, post traumatic stress disorder, Cerebral Palsy, spastic quadriplegia, Spina bifida, feeding tubes, epilepsy/seizure disorder, cochlear implant, club feet and other orthopedic issues, failure-to-thrive, global developmental delay, institutionalization etc.

Ting Ministries got its name from the Carpenters’ daughter Ellianna, whose Taiwanese name is Ya-Ting which means “to listen with your heart.”  Avigayil “TinTin” is adopted from the Philippines and her orphanage and region is where Ting Ministries began ministry work in 2009.

Lena* became a Christian and asks our TM South Asian Team & supporters of Ting Ministries for prayer. She prays her whole family may also come to know Jesus! (*Name changed for protection)

I never face any problems from my family for my Christianity. They love and adore me. Right now I have so much more joy and peace in my heart than Buddhist life.

“My name is Lena. I have two brothers and two sisters. My parents are becoming old. I am the third oldest child. We are all Buddhist. I work all day long in the fields to help my parents […]

One day, I was invited by my friend from our village to attend in the church. But I […] refused it. Since we are from Buddhist I never attended in the church service. But my friend eagerly invited me again and again to attend in the church service.

After that I attended worship service in the Church. The pastor was preaching about the story of creation. He said that, “there is a Creator God who created everything. If we believe in Him and worship Him, after death our souls will go to heaven.” Very soon after I listened to the preacher’s message and I think myself and compare to Buddhist that in our Buddhist I never heard about the heaven and Creator. After that, I go to the pastor to ask everything about Christianity.

Since then I became entirely had changed in my heart and I accept Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. Now I strongly believe that if I will die, I will surely go to eternal life in heaven.

But I worried for my parents; two brothers and one sister are still Buddhist. I told them what I have heard and learned everything. But nothing happened to them. Their hearts are very stubborn. I’m still praying for them to come in Christ. But I never face any problems from my family for my Christianity. They love and adore me.

Right now I have so much more joy and peace in my heart than Buddhist life. I am attending regularly church service, Bible studies, home visit, prayers meeting and women ministry. I really enjoyed those services. My attending services are really helping my faith grow deeper.

Please remember me in your prayers.”

Lena from South Asia

Independent Church in India

“Ting Ministries impacts so many lives around the world. I have personally seen the orphans they adopted from all countries. Once lifeless, the children have been transformed and filled with joy because they have given these children amazing love and outstanding care. Ting Ministries has been a wonderful blessing to support our own ministry in India, Pakistan and Africa. They helped us raise resources to build our orphanage in Pakistan for fifteen children, who once were homeless, trapped in child slavery, and other horrible situations. I am truly blessed by their dedication to bring the good news of the Gospel to those around the world who have never heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Kathy – Vice President of Independent Church in India