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Freedom Fund Family – Freed August 2023!

Praise the Lord!
Freedom, Hope in and because of Jesus and a new life…
Working now on the next family – widow, children and elderly- to be given freedom from slavery and a start of a new life.
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Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

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We are the Carpenter family.  We have daughters adopted from all around the world!  Pastor Brian and Mrs. Stephanie Carpenter are the founders and directors of Ting Ministries – a nonprofit ministry.  We are passionate about caring for “The Least of These” and being a Voice for the Voiceless, according to Proverbs 31:8-9.

Today, Ting Ministries works in the Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, South Asia and the United States.

Our Story:

Most of our daughters have some type of special need – some mild and some more severe – but they are all our treasured daughters. Their special needs include: deafness, blindness, post traumatic stress disorder, Cerebral Palsy, spastic quadriplegia, Spina bifida, feeding tubes, epilepsy/seizure disorder, cochlear implant, club feet and other orthopedic issues, failure-to-thrive, global developmental delay, institutionalization etc.

Ting Ministries got its name from the Carpenters’ daughter Ellianna, whose Taiwanese name is Ya-Ting which means “to listen with your heart.”  Avigayil “TinTin” is adopted from the Philippines and her orphanage and region is where Ting Ministries began ministry work in 2009.

My name is Sarah*.  I have three children. They are still small. My family works all day long at the agricultural cultivation. We suffered every year for our food since we didn’t get sufficient food from the cultivation.

 We have been spirit worshipers since my grandparents. My parents encouraged us to do spirit worship (animal sacrifice) during the harvest time. My parents believed that if they sacrifice animal blood just before the harvesting time, the harvest will be plentiful. But otherwise, we never practiced spirit worship, we just stayed nominal in our beliefs. One day, my husband and I were thinking about life after death. Since we don’t want to believe and stay with spirit worshipers.

We know that there are many religions but we were finding a real God which can give us salvation and eternal life.

One day my husband and I decided to join the fellowship. During the fellowship Pastor shared about God’s love and eternal life. The message was so powerful, comfortable, and touched both of our hearts.  Then our hearts are joyed and completely changed our mind. After finishing the fellowship, we invited the Pastor to our house and shared with us again about Jesus. Then we know that we found Jesus is the real God, Almighty God, and give us eternal life. Since then we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.

We are always joining fellowship to know more experiences about Jesus. Please remember us in your prayers so we remain strong in the Lord and we may also share  the message that Jesus is a real and Almighty God and can give us eternal life to our neighbours unbelieving people.

*not real name

Sarah from South Asia

My name is Liam and my wife’s name is Lily.  Our children are already married and stay in their separate houses. We are the only two of us staying in our house. For our living, we plant rice and vegetables. We can use the cultivation spot once after 3 to 4 years. So, we need to shift to another place every year. This kind of livelihood is extremely challenging these days. This cultivation cannot provide us food for the whole year. After we run out of food, we often starve by the end of the year.

We have been Buddhists since our grandparents. We practiced bowing down and worshiping idols. Whenever we get sick, we used to do animal sacrifice for healing, per the teaching of our Monk. But it doesn’t work at all. After this we thought deeply and evaluated in our hearts that we were just spending money and time but we didn’t see any improvement in our sickness. That’s the time the pastor came to our village to share the gospel.  And he shared about physical and spiritual healing. The pastor’s message was so powerful about both the healing of the physical and spiritual. Then our hearts touched and changed both of us. After the service, we invited the Pastor to our house and prayed for us.

Since then we had peace, comfort in our hearts and joint pain also healed in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. After this we realized that Jesus is the only one who can heal from our sickness and solve us from any kinds of problems we face. Then we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.

We thank the Pastor who brought us darkness from light in Jesus Christ. We are regularly attending Bible study and church services in our village. Please pray for us so we may be able to know more about the word of God.

Liam & Lily in South Asia