Children’s Homes

Wondering how you can get involved? Ting Ministries invites you to become a sponsor! By teaming up with a member of our TM family, not only are you providing physical needs, but you are invaluable source of encouragement and help in spreading the love of Jesus!

 TM South Asia Childrens Home: Ting Ministries established a children’s home in South Asia. There are multiple children in need of sponsors. Sponsors will have the opportunity to write to their sponsor children, encourage and pray for them and their financial gift will help cover the cost of the children’s education and basic living necessities.  
Full Sponsorship: 40 dollars/month per child
Partial Sponsorship: 20 dollars/month per child
Monthly Cost for All 35 Children: 1,370 dollars/month
Sponsor the Entire Home for a Year: 16,440 dollars/year
Meet Our Ting Children in South Asia!
Haoling – I have a sponsor!
Sa U – I have a sponsor!
Nangko – I have a sponsor!
Kamethong – I have a sponsor!
Tangingsuai NEEDS A SPONSOR!

Tin Tin House in the Philippines: Help us send former and current street children to school in the Philippines! Established in 2020, the Tin Tin Home is named after the Carpenters’ daughter, Avigayil Christina “Tin Tin” from the Philippines. This home is the center of our nationally recognized Tin Tin Care Program which aids in food distribution for vulnerable families.

Full Sponsorship: 20 dollars/month
Partial Sponsorship: 10 dollars/month
One-Year: 240 dollars per child

Tin Tin House in Pakistan: There are currently 22+ children, many of brick kiln families, living in our Tin Tin House where they receive meals and Christian education. There are families waiting for the opportunity to send their children to the Tin Tin House and get them off of the brick kiln. Looking to the future, we desire to expand our home to care for 50-100 children. Please pray with us for this need and we would value your support to cover rent, tutoring, clothes, meals and other aspects of the home.

Full Sponsorship: 1,600 dollars/month to support all the children and running of the home