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Update on Sunday School Teacher Tia: Corrective Surgery Needed Urgently!

Update: July 31
Please pray for Tia who was taken to the hospital with difficulty breathing!
Her surgery costs $800 and will bring tremendous relief and save her eyesight!

A Ting Ministries Sunday School leader named Tia needs our help. She leads children on a brick kiln in lessons on the Bible.
Do you realize how incredible this is – Bible studies for children who are slave laborers on a Brick Kiln! We praise the Lord for her courage and her love for children.
A few years ago she was in an accident and had trauma to her head and facial areas. She had some medical care but it wasn’t done properly. She is very poor and therefore her care was very poor. She is beginning to lose her eye sight from the pressure in her skull and eye/nose area of her face. Corrective surgery is immediately needed to save her eye sight. $800 is needed for her surgery.
She came to Pastor Elisha who leads Ting Ministries and all the Tin Tin House Ministries in Pakistan asking for help to save her eye sight. She also has tremendous pain from this pressure.
Can you pray
Can you share
Can you help?
Ways to give to Tia….
Ting Ministries
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Pakistan, urgent

Plea for Help: Kiln Families Begging for Food

Good morning friends
Urgent request for Pakistan – Ting Ministries and Tin Tin House
Ting Ministries teams on the ground in Pakistan are making a plea for help.
It is raining 🌧 and the rain is causing the collapse of not only our church in Pakistan and poorly constructed homes but families Ting Teams personally know and minister to are calling frantically from Brick kilns!
They are without food for days! When you do not make bricks for a day you do not eat that day. They are slaves – not by choice but by birth! Most of the families Ting is working with were born into slavery on the Brick kiln and give birth to their children on the Brick kiln and will die on the Brick kiln without help from someone outside the kiln.
Ting Ministries has relationship with many families with elderly and with children. We hold prayer meetings and Sunday School for many of these families. We work to free as many of these families as possible and share the Gospel with all we come in contact with.
Today…the urgent need is
1. Food
By providing funding to Ting Ministries we then are able to provide food essentials to these starving children, elderly and the parents. We personally deliver the food by the team led by our Pastors .
2. Freedom Funding-
These families do not want to be slaves. Many have come asking for help to bring them freedom. By freeing the parents – the children become free and then we are able to educate the children and provide new living and a job outside the kiln so they can care for their own needs eventually.
Ting has a community where families who have already been freed now live and these families assist the new families. These families attend Gospel Outreaches and church with the Ting Pastors. The children are receiving education rather than working as a slave.
Ting Ministries freed 6 families in the past 2 months but have need for funding for freedom for multiple families.
A family I shared just this past week only needs $670 to pay their debt and free them legally so there are no stings attached to pull them back to slavery. Ting Ministries will then move them into the established community and provide the basics for living and pay school fees for children to begin to learn to read and write (something most of the parents and grandparents are not able to do).
3. Our church building is not able to be used on the top floors due to the rains bringing down the bricks. It is not safe. We need to tear it down and rebuild in order for the use for church, Sunday School, and safe housing in emergencies. This is a large project for Ting but one that is also most necessary.
In a future post I will share more but for now
The emergency is FOOD
30 families with children and elderly need help now
$20 per family would provide a sack of food per family
$600 total
Help however you can!
1 family = $20
Thank you for caring about the least of these!
Proverbs 24:11-12
Ting Ministries
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Animal Rescue, Romania, urgent

In Desperate Need of Water: The House of Salvation and Friends of Avi

Friends of Avi and The House of Salvation in Romania need WATER!!! They need water now!
PLEASE CONSIDER a gift of any amount to help us dig the well deeper! It’s so very hot in Romania right now and our animals are in need of water!
💧💧….even purchasing water has gotten more expensive and difficult- we have a well but it needs to be dug deeper. We can dig immediately upon having the funds to pay those who would dig the well.
Any gift of any amount would be so appreciated…by the furry ones and human souls.
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
📸 just a few of our precious rescued ones
Pakistan, update, urgent

Thank You! Updated Urgent Medical Needs and Flood Walls Needed

Thank you thank you to the one who gave to the urgent medical needs!! May the Lord bless you more and more!! – July 15, 2025
Help is needed immediately for numerous medical issues…
  • A broken leg
  • An unconscious little boy with seizure issues
  • Starfish is ill
  • The Ting evangelist hurt his leg and needs medical care
  • An old widow needs medicine
  • Victim of leprosy needs his bandages changed

These are both some unknown persons or people…these are Ting family; Tin Tin Sunday School family…these are lives we know!!
Every penny matters and everyone of these lives matter.
Be a Voice for the Voiceless
Help meet 1 or more of these needs
$250 would enable Ting Ministries to meet all of these needs Today!
Can you help?
Can you share?

A Voice for the Voiceless: Lily Mack

Kids houses are flooding in our area of Pakistan, where our saved families have gone. They need to have a better roof to keep water from running into their meager homes. We can help 5 families to do this to protect their homes for $200.
One of the little girls there is around Lily’s age and it just breaks my heart to see their living conditions.
Lily Mack wanted to make this video for you all to talk about the needs in Pakistan. Will you help her, help these families?
Signed, a voice for the voiceless
Ting Ministries
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Pakistan, urgent

Urgent! Toddler with Broken Leg Needs Medical Care!

Ting Ministries Pakistan
••••Urgent help needed for a 3 year old with a broken leg
Medical care is needed
I have lots of great photos of the Tin Tin House trip to the water park to share
But urgent help is needed so for now those will wait.
Consider making an investment into this young life!
Micah 6:8