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Flip-flops for Children: $200 to purchase shoes for 110 children!

From Ting Pastor in the Philippines:
How much do they cost per pair?
Yes that’s right $2.00
These children need SLIPPERS! Please you help!
Prayerfully consider helping to provide 110 children with much needed SLIPPERS to protect their feet.
To Give:
All your donations are tax deductible.
Ting Ministries
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1 Out of 110: Filipina Child Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer: You Can Help!

These 110 children in the Southern Philippines need your prayers and help.
$500 needed asap for food for this week’s feedings
$120 needed asap for Jeny’s medicine. She has stage 4 cancer and is one of our 110 children being fed. She has no medicine without assistance because her family is very poor.
Pictured Above Left: Jeny, diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer
Maybe you can help with $5.00
Maybe you can help with $100
Pray and Share and help these kids
Thank you
Ting Ministries
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Major Update for Pakistan Ministry: July 2022

Let’s start with a photo of 2 of my favorite daughters in Pakistan! We love you Rubeca and Yashal!
Do you remember: Starfish, Sunshine, the Ting Homes and the Tin Tin House?
  • Starfish needs clothing
  • Sunshine will need a surgery coming up in August since it is the rainy season now we need to wait so she will heal better when it is not during the rainy season.

Beaten for their Newfound Faith: Sunshine’s Family Needs New Housing

Sunshine and her family need help with their living ! Upon their return from the city and staying with the Ting Pastor her father was beaten and then the family kicked out of their home because they became believers in Jesus. Rather than fearing her father wants to learn more about Jesus and share with those who abused him because of his new faith.

Homes for Fire Victims Awaiting Funding for Completion

U The Ting Homes in the Hindu area need $1,000
Due to lack of funds we can not complete the homes for the victims of the fires
Our Ting Pastor will be sharing the Gospel with those asking to know about Jesus upon his return to this region but due to lack of funds we have not been able to send him to share the Gospel! A baptismal has been built because another pastor of Ting Ministries who is overseeing the Ting Homes Project believes many will come to accept Jesus and will ask to be baptized and in faith he has built a baptismal.

Support the Tin Tin House: Children Waitlisted – You can Give a Place to a Child in Need!

Tin Tin House Monthly expenses must be paid for the month of July and any amount that you can help with would be such a blessing for everyone living in the Tin Tin House. We are working to expand the house because many orphans and poor children are waiting for a spot.

Medical Needs: Man with Hole in Foot Needs Urgent Help!

Medical needs are growing as many need help and have no way to pay for medical help.
  • One man has had a hole in his heal for over a year and it keeps getting worse due to no money for medical care.
  • A little boy who has club feet needs surgery and after his mother accepted Jesus she is no longer able to continue to live in her home. She will be coming to the Tin Tin House area.
  • One man pictured below gave a kidney to try and free his family from slavery and it still was not enough. He needs help for his family to be freed from Brick Kiln slavery where his daughter also is forced to work from sun up to sun down.

Newly Widowed Mother Needs Support

A family whose story we have shared before because the husband passed away and they need help with food and housing .

The needs seem overwhelming but I return to Starfish who I started with early in this post. Remember the story of the Starfish. Do the next thing and help those God has laid before you – 1 at a time.
God is doing amazing stuff..
●3 girls saved from sex trafficking
●Many coming to know Jesus
●Christian worship with families freed from slavery
●Books purchased for children who once attended school and the hope and prayer to have the school up and running once again by fall! If you are a lover of education or an educator yourself maybe you’d have an interest in helping to get the school running again for approximately 200 children!
Please don’t be overwhelmed by this post but instead pray. The photos and stories are just a small snapshot of all that happens in a day and in a week with Ting Ministries Pakistan and you can make a difference by helping 1 or 2 or more! Pray and whatever God lays upon your heart would be a blessing.
The needs are great but we serve a very big God and He is.doing mighty miracles and our faith is built on Him – the solid rock.

How to Give:

Bk: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Proverbs 31:8-9
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Another Tragedy for Fire Victims & More Medical Missions

Please consider a gift to help the Ting Ministries work in Pakistan. The team on the ground has had a busy few days with one urgent need after another and on all of the teams’ hearts is also finishing the Ting Building Project with still $1,400 to go. The amount has not moved since the last update and the project can’t be finished without help. Only $1,400 is needed !!
The very poor family shown below had a crisis today. The father passed away leaving his wife and children. This man who died is the brother of the one family moving into the Ting Homes that need completion. Can you help meet their basic and immediate needs? $200 will buy food and next month’s needs.
As soon as the homes have funding Ting Ministries Pakistani Pastor/Director will travel to the building site and oversee the completion of the homes and dedicate the Ting Homes to the Lord. The Gospel will be shared with all who attend! TING MINISTRIES USA Director Brian will also be taking part in this dedication via online technology.
Help Ting Ministries bring the Gospel to many who are asking to know about Jesus.

Other Medical Missions in Pakistan:
● Starfish’s uncle had an accident and has a serious head injury – medical help needed. $240 is needed
●Shaheed has a hole in the heel of his foot and needs on $300 for the treatment.
●Anyone remember the tragedy of Kabul Afghanistan almost 1 year ago? One dear friend and her family finally made it safely across the border into Pakistan. This family of 3 needs help desperately for food ,rent, clothing and fees to renew documents. They have been moved to a safer location just last night but Ting Ministries needs your help to meet their expenses. $300 is urgently needed

Via Check: Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa, 17042
Or check us out at Instagram
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“Please…Come and Tell Us the Gospel”: The Lasting Impact of Ting Homes

Support Ting Ministries by joining us in the completion of the Pakistani Ting Homes! Once completed there will be a dedication of those homes for victim families. These families together grieve the loss of three beautiful little boys who could not be saved at the time of the fire.
Ting Ministries has been working since that day to establish the Ting Homes.
Another exciting opportunity opened up when the Ting Pastor and Director visited the victim families! There was a shut down school in this region! It is also now being worked on to get up and running so children in this region can once again attend school. A few weeks ago we were able to buy school books and materials for some of the children who previously attended school and currently have to way to access education. There was much excitement at the prospect of a school in this region.
The most exciting part of this story is best captured in the words of one of the men from this region who is currently receiving medical care for he and his daughter who had an accident to her eyes.
“Please come and arrange for a place of prayer and to educate me and others there for the Gospel. We want to make an assembly of believers and be baptized but there is no one here to teach us. Come and tell us the Gospel.”
They want to hear the Gospel! Upon dedication of the Ting Homes the Gospel Message will be preached. Many will come to see and hear.
Join Ting Ministries in preaching the Gospel and completing the first of the Ting Homes.
Only $1,400 to go on this project! With your help Starfish and her family are no longer slave laborers and their lives are forever changed. With you joining Ting Ministries the same can happen for a multitude of souls. Their lives can be changed for eternity. Be a part of it…
Please Share and Pray
Only $1,400 left to raise
We are excited for what God is going to do when His Gospel is shared with a waiting community!
To Donate:
Checks Payable to: Ting Ministries,  29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon Pa 17042