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Pakistan Update: Aid for Brick Kiln Laborers and Expanding Ministry

Your gracious prayers and support are so very needed!
Photo 1: It has been rainy in the area in which we work. This means the families living as Brick Kiln Slave Laborers don’t work. When they don’t work they don’t have daily money to purchase food to eat that night. Here Ting Ministries gave 10 bags of flour to 10 very poor families on 1 kiln.
Photo 2: Five children on the one kiln on which we work begging to be allowed to live and study at our Tin Tin home.
Photo 3: TM Pakistan is reaching out to you to help pay the debt of this family to free them from life on the Brick Kiln. The parents beg us to take the children to live at our Tin Tin house so they can receive proper food, clothing and an education.
Photo 4: This family also needs our help to be freed. Their debt is $1,800. No amount donated is to small or too large. Every penny is tax deductible. This family also wants to move their children off the Kiln into our Tin Tin house.
We need more space in our Tin Tin Home and have begun to prepare the floor above our existing home to accommodate all these new children. We currently have 22 children and will easily double this number. Moving to the floor above our current home will double our monthly operating costs of $1,600 to pay all the bills and care for all the children including their education and physical needs.
Please prayerfully consider partnering with us monthly to meet this important need.
Our future plans are to purchase a large home to accommodate 50 to 100 children and hold our church services and activities as well as a small TM office in the same home. Our goal for this is $10,000. Join us in prayer for our Lord to supply this home in HIS timing.
Thank you for your time
Your prayers
Your support and your gifts.
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Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,
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From the Brick Kiln to the Tin Tin House

Currently there are 19 children in TinTin House in Pakistan and we have.more children waiting and wanting to come live in the Tin Tin House.
The only obstacle – lack of enough funds to expand.
All the children are receiving an education for the first time not just in their life but in their families lives -breaking the cycle of slave labor and illiteracy. The children also receive spiritual nourishment and are being taught the Gospel.
Some of the children have families still trapped in slavery labor and a few of them belong to the families Ting Ministries has been able to free from the brick kiln slave labor but want to stay at the Tin Tin House to continue their education while their families work to grow new businesses and to build their lives of freedom.
Please help us to purchase blankets and clothing for these children who only owned the clothing on their backs. Each family has a story and each child has a story.
Please help us continue to bring families off the brick kiln and into a life of freedom. Please help us educate these children and expand the House so more children can begin their new life of literacy and freedom.
Micah 6:8
Ting Ministries
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Ting Home South Asia: Introducing Our Children – Sponsors Needed

Meet the children of the Ting Home in South Asia! (Location undisclosed for protection of ministry partners.) Did you know that the primary ministry need in South Asia is SPONSORS? You can sponsor a child in our Ting Home for $15 a month (only $180 for a WHOLE YEAR.) As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to write to, receive pictures and letters, and pray for your sponsor child. The current state of affairs in the world has made it increasingly difficult to maintain the children’s home – we can’t do it without YOU! Each week, we receive reports from our ministry partners that they and the children are praying fervently for Ting Ministries and you, our dear supporters. Be a Voice for the Voiceless today – our sponsors are cherished by the children, our partners and all of us here at Ting Ministries.
Stay tuned for an exciting update – we have many new faces at the children’s home! We look forward to introducing you. Please share and help us find sponsors for each of them!
To Sponsor a Child:
1. Write to Let us know who you’d like to sponsor. We’ll send you a Welcome Letter and photo of your sponsor child!
2. Give online: OR by check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon PA 17042
3. Write to, pray for, love and encourage your sponsor child. that they may grow up to walk in the ways of the Lord.
Blessings – Team Ting USA and South Asia
Pictured: Children in front of the Ting Home, studying in school and praying for a meal
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The Price of Freedom on this 4th of July

We celebrate the 4th of July and Freedom this weekend. Real FREEDOM comes to us because Jesus Christ paid in full our debt on the cross. He purchased our freedom and paid in Full.
Galatians 3:13-15
You can help to purchase FREEDOM for children and families in Pakistan. Ting Ministries’ Pakistani Pastor has put out a plea for 3 entire families trapped in working in the brick kiln . They begin work as soon as they can walk and will die in that labor. They work to pay off a debt that they will never be able to satisfy. They have no medical care and receive no education.
We need your help!
Ways to Give: 
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you from each one of us here in the USA
From our Pastor in Pakistan
And from Rubina ( pictured in one of the photos) for her family
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Hygienic Toilets & School Building Supplies for South Asia!

Dear friends, our pastor in South Asia recently informed us the ministry team decided to purchase construction materials for hygienic toilets for the children’s home, as well as 2 solar panels and 20 benches for the classroom. These materials were badly needed for the health and productivity of the children’s lives at the home. In order to cover this cost for urgently needed supplies, the team has taken out a loan for $2000. This loan should be paid by by the end of February 2020. If 50 people gave just $40 in the beginning of the new year, we would have this cost covered quickly!

Solar panels on the school building in South Asia
Construction for the outdoor toilets for the children’s home in South Asia

Would you please share this article and prayerfully consider helping to cover the cost of this loan? If you would like to give towards the cost of supplies, you may:

1. Give online:

2. Send a check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Thank you for partnering with us to meet these needs in the lives of the children we serve, to ensure basic dignity and rights to an education!