This Week in Pakistan: Persecution and Medical Needs

This week in Pakistan

Many of you may have heard about the churches and Bibles being burned and brothers and sisters in Christ being persecuted this past week in Pakistan! The Ting Teams continue the on the ground work amidst the growing difficulty.
You could help ease the pain for brothers and sisters in need! The photos attached show just a glimpse of the week and those in need!
Food packs are desperately needed for Christians in flooded outreaches. $20 per family will provide some of the poorest of the poor with basic necessities.
School fees need to be paid so the brick kiln children who we have been able to educate before their families are freed, orphans and Tin Tin House children may continue to receive an education! This is one of the best ways to keep these children from becoming trafficked.
Many urgent medical needs weekly – bandages for those who are victims of leprosy, medical care for a brick kiln slave laborer to have the rods removed from her previously broken leg and more!
Churches are being burned and we are rebuilding our church. We used the bricks and materials from the demolished building to rebuild but now we need a roof! The roof and the cement needed to finish the building will cost us $1,200. We need help to make this happen.
There are 5 families waiting for freedom from slavery. Many young children in these families work all day every day making bricks – help Ting Teams bring the entire family to freedom and a new life.
The Gospel is being shared one by one…by word of mouth and with Bible in hand! Help these brothers to feed their families as they bring the Gospel to hungry souls!
Your gifts are πŸ’― percent tax-deductible and will go immediately to Pakistan to our Pastor and Director who is on the ground working day in and day out for the Kingdom of our God.
Your gifts and shares encourage him and the team!
Or by check-
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Goal Reached! Gift a $5 Water Jug to a Filipino Family

Update on 8/15/2023
Thank you and Praise The Lord for all 350 water jugs for Filipino fire victims purchased!
See the blue jugs in photos and previous postπŸ’§
Done 4 days ago
Your help and support is critical!

Tin Tin Care Clean Water ProgramπŸ’§Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Your help is needed! We have provided almost 200 jugs of fresh water for families!
Our target goal is to provide 350 jugs for 350 families.
175 jugs needed for 175 families who did not receive a jug for clean water! The water jugs can be refilled for continuous clean water through the Water Program but we need 175 more jugs for $5.00 per jug!
See the photos and video from water distribution to a tent city where at least 350 families have been living since devastating fires ripped through their already poverty stricken community. Take a minute or two and really look. Don’t scroll past the photos. Really look and help if you can!
The children were begging for the Tin Tin Care Feeding Program to reach them. They are hungry and thirsty. The Gospel is shared and love is given with each outreach. Funds are needed to feed these precious souls as well as provide the clean water.
Can you help?
Thank you…this is literally giving a cup of cold water to souls in desperate need!
Ting Ministries
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Original Post
In Tin Care Clean Water ProgramπŸ’§Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
We need your help!
We just unloaded 150 water jugs!
200 more are needed for a total of 350 families in desperate need for clean water.
The families are so poor and many have lost everything in the fires I posted about a few weeks ago. The Tin Tin Ministry of Ting Ministries has the ability to help all these families but water jugs are needed.
200 more families 200×5= $1,000
Total $1,000 needed
Can you help with 1, 2, 3 or maybe even 4 families with $20.00
Thank you so much from the team in the Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Ting Ministries
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Thank you!
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Update: Goal Exceeded for Families in Need!

Update: July 29, 2023

Thank you to everyone who gave and to everyone who prayed! Ting Ministries teams were able to provide for more than our original goal thanks to your kindness!
All praise and honor and glory to our God and Savior Jesus Christ!
Keep checking for updates on Ministry needs in Pakistan and more…

Need Water Now!πŸ’§
Poor and disadvantaged families who needed food and water previously recently were fire ravaged!
Now the need is desperate! Ting Ministries Tin Tin Care has the ability to provide clean water and food but funds are needed!
Clean water is such a precious commodity! Clean drinking water and food are now needed in Romania, Pakistan and the Philippines.
Our little Tin Tin is making an impact in lives around the world. I take a deep breath and find joy in the sorrow of missing her – knowing her life is being a Voice for the Voiceless!
My little girl
My princess forever
This is for You Tin TinπŸ’›
Ting Ministries
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A Huge thank you to everyone who answered our cries for help for starving brick kiln slave laborers and their children in Pakistan! May your hearts be blessed and your homes filled with the peace and joy of Jesus Christ!
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Plea for Help: Kiln Families Begging for Food

Good morning friends
Urgent request for Pakistan – Ting Ministries and Tin Tin House
Ting Ministries teams on the ground in Pakistan are making a plea for help.
It is raining 🌧 and the rain is causing the collapse of not only our church in Pakistan and poorly constructed homes but families Ting Teams personally know and minister to are calling frantically from Brick kilns!
They are without food for days! When you do not make bricks for a day you do not eat that day. They are slaves – not by choice but by birth! Most of the families Ting is working with were born into slavery on the Brick kiln and give birth to their children on the Brick kiln and will die on the Brick kiln without help from someone outside the kiln.
Ting Ministries has relationship with many families with elderly and with children. We hold prayer meetings and Sunday School for many of these families. We work to free as many of these families as possible and share the Gospel with all we come in contact with.
Today…the urgent need is
1. Food
By providing funding to Ting Ministries we then are able to provide food essentials to these starving children, elderly and the parents. We personally deliver the food by the team led by our Pastors .
2. Freedom Funding-
These families do not want to be slaves. Many have come asking for help to bring them freedom. By freeing the parents – the children become free and then we are able to educate the children and provide new living and a job outside the kiln so they can care for their own needs eventually.
Ting has a community where families who have already been freed now live and these families assist the new families. These families attend Gospel Outreaches and church with the Ting Pastors. The children are receiving education rather than working as a slave.
Ting Ministries freed 6 families in the past 2 months but have need for funding for freedom for multiple families.
A family I shared just this past week only needs $670 to pay their debt and free them legally so there are no stings attached to pull them back to slavery. Ting Ministries will then move them into the established community and provide the basics for living and pay school fees for children to begin to learn to read and write (something most of the parents and grandparents are not able to do).
3. Our church building is not able to be used on the top floors due to the rains bringing down the bricks. It is not safe. We need to tear it down and rebuild in order for the use for church, Sunday School, and safe housing in emergencies. This is a large project for Ting but one that is also most necessary.
In a future post I will share more but for now
The emergency is FOOD
30 families with children and elderly need help now
$20 per family would provide a sack of food per family
$600 total
Help however you can!
1 family = $20
Thank you for caring about the least of these!
Proverbs 24:11-12
Ting Ministries
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Tin Tin House Support in the Philippines

Come support Ting Ministries and the Tin Tin House
Outreaches with food, medical care and the Gospel happening this past week and next. The Tin Tin House need food this week. Families need clean water and some families need a door on their little huts.
Urgent Help is needed.
The Philippines is where Ting Ministries first began to invest in lives and support orphans in 2009 but ministry really began with our first adoption from Russia 1998 and after Russia moved into Taiwan and then the Philippines. Ministry first began to orphans and quickly expanded as God moved in mighty ways.

See previous posts for more details.

Sharing photos from many missions by Ting Teams from this past week!
Please share
Please pray
Prayerfully consider a gift to help with ongoing ministry and the needs above!
Ting Ministries
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