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A Meal of Dirt and Plastic

We ask for your help to do more food relief in remote areas of the Southern Philippines.
One little boy cried to our Pastor’s daughter that he is so hungry he eats dirt and plastic.
No child should ever be hungry – but they are and it is hard to see and look at. We must look. We must see. We must be a Voice for those with no voice.
One outreach conducted on Monday was done in the evening hours because in this particular area it is easier to find the street children in the evening hours.
Help us feed more children.
Ting Ministries Philippines
Every penny makes a difference.
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Proverbs 31:8-9
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A Reverse Missions Trip to Indonesia

Ting Ministries Indonesia

Help fill these red totes with much needed food items for suffering families, widows, and single mothers/children.
4 more outreaches are planned in 4 different locations – the next Outreach planned for October 3rd:
-A meal is shared together
-The Gospel is shared to needy souls
-A Red Ting Ministries tote with food and supplies will be given to each one
You can be the hands and feet of Jesus to needy souls in Indonesia. You do not need to travel to Indonesia to help. Your donations will enable our teams already on the ground to reach souls for Jesus. Our teams know the language and culture and can minister to many because of your donations.
Think of it as a “reverse missions” trip. Rather than raising money for a plane ticket to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus…give what it might have cost you to go…or just a portion of what it might have cost you.
$850.00 will fill all the totes for the next 4 outreaches and provide the food prepared for the meal shared together.
This is approximately the price of 1 plane ticket for 1 person to travel for on 1 missions trip.
James 1:27
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Don’t Just Scroll Past

We need your help to feed the children in the rebel camp on an island in the Philippines(I can not give more details)!
We need your support to purchase food for widows and suffering families in Indonesia. The leader of our team there is only 20 years old and giving her life to help those in need and to share the Gospel.
We need your support to help a family who begged our Pastor in Pakistan for help. We can not turn this family away. We have a Tin Tin Home full of children needing daily food and school lessons and 3 families waiting for freedom.
Do not just scroll past this post please.
I have no more eloquent words- I don’t know how to express the needs except to show the photos and to attempt to describe the day in and day out of the ministry. We will not turn aside or turn away those asking for help but we are a small ministry and need your support.
My posts may not be exciting and filled with adventure. I am currently not traveling to photograph personally or hand out the food personally because our Pastors and Teams are doing this better than I personally could. They know the language and the culture.
God has me here as a home school mom caring for children with special needs and being a voice for those with no voice. And so I bring these needs to your heart And as one of our t-shirts for.our Ukriane adoption said…
Don’t say you did not know.
Proverbs 24: 11-12
For more information on many stories
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Thank you to everyone who cares, prays, supports and shares.
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Former Child Soldier: “Help Me Feed Children in Rebel Camp!”

Just in the past 24 hours so much has happened in multiple countries where Ting Ministries works.
We need your help.
A Tin Tin Ministry team member who himself had been a child rebel/ soldier has sent us an urgent message. He needs help to feed 80-100 children in the rebel camp.
We have sent him a small amount of money to start but it is not nearly enough.
This member I shall call K was a rebel soldier and the Gospel was shared to him and our Pastor discipled him. K is now a brother in Christ with a passion to share the Gospel with the rebels and the children living in the rebel camp.
Please help us meet this need!
Our Tin Tin food packs contain:
rice, sugar, egg, noodles, biscuits, sardines, soy sauce, vinegar, coffee and vitamins
Please help us meet this need to the children in the rebel camp.
Ting Ministries
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God bless you and protect you.
Mark 16:15
And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone
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Feed a Family in the Philippines for $18

Update: 9/9 
1 family fed
Praise God!
Thank you so much to our 1 donor who was able to feed a family for $18.00
Thank you…
Let’s go for 2 families …

The Tin Tin Ministry has already reached 6 of the 12 communities and have 6 more to go but have run out of funds to purchase the food and supplies. You can help feed 1 or a whole community.
Each Bag represents a community- in the photos below there are 6 bags ( 1 Bag represents 1 community) with a number written on the bag.
That number is the number of families in that community. The cost per family is only $18.00.
Bag with #3(3 families)= $54.00 needed to reach this community
Bag with #8 = $144.00 needed
Bag with #14 = $252.00
Bag with #25 =$450.00
Bag with #25-=$450.00
Bag with #27 = $486.00
Feed a Family:
Ting Ministries
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Proverbs 31:8-9
Thank you for your prayers, your shares and your gifts. God bless you.