Our Family

From Pastor Brian Carpenter and Stephanie Carpenter: 

Pastor Brian Carpenter and his wife, Stephanie, are founders/directors of Ting Ministries. Brian has a passion for fulfilling the calling of James 1:27 – the core verse of Ting Ministries. He believes that getting into the Word is the key to a transformed life in Christ and that is what allows us to care for the Least of These.

Stephanie has extensive experience in international adoption and counseling. She is passionate about aiding children affected by trauma. Stephanie is a qualified adoption specialist with years of training and personal experience behind her, having worked for several international adoption agencies. She designed international adoption programs in several countries. She has written training for adoptive families used in Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Brian and Stephanie’s children all have some type of special need – some mild and some more severe – but they are all the Carpenters’ treasured daughters. Their special needs include: deafness, blindness, post traumatic stress disorder, Cerebral Palsy, spastic quadriplegia, Spina bifida, feeding tubes, epilepsy/seizure disorder, cochlear implant, club feet and other orthopedic issues, failure-to-thrive, global developmental delay, institutionalization etc.


Natalya “Sasha”

The Carpenters’ first adoption was from Russia and Sasha was never supposed to walk and was headed to a mental institution.  She is now 20 years old and a double major at Bucknell University. Sasha is also the Administrative Assistant and Web Designer for Ting Ministries and has a heart for the aging out orphans. She sings in multiple languages and speaks Russian.

Ellianna Ya-Ting

Ting Ministries got its name from the Carpenters’ daughter Ellianna, whose Taiwanese name is Ya-Ting which means “to listen with your heart.”Ellianna Ya-Ting was adopted from Taiwan in 2007. Although she is deaf and has moderate Cerebral Palsy, she does not let that stop her from being a Voice for the Voiceless. Ellianna is a gymnast and went to CAFO 2017 with Ting Ministries!

Avigayil “Avi”

Avigayil, “Avi” is who led to the creation of Ting Ministries in 2009. Ting Ministries cared for her in the orphanage for two years before Avi was adopted by Brian and Stephanie in 2011. Today, a street children and orphans are being cared for in the Philippines all because of Avi’s adoption.

Angelina “Lina”

Angelina “Lina” is adopted from Pleven, Bulgaria and she was dying in the orphanage.  She was 12 pounds at 5 and ½ years old when we brought her home. She could not lift her head or roll over.  She is now over 50 pounds and walking.

Olyvia and Rachele

Olyvia and Rachele were adopted from the Dnepropetrovsk Region of Ukraine.  Olyvia was the size of a 9 month old infant at 9 and ½ years old.  Rachele was emaciated when we adopted her and within a span of 1 year she grew 15 inches.

Hannah “Annie”

Hannah “Annie” came home from China July 9th of 2016 and she was an extreme expedite adoption.  We had no funds saved and we had no documents (not even a current home study).  Annie had no file in China.  The LORD blessed her adoption and we adopted her in 6 and ½ weeks from start to finish. We adopted her with less than 12 hours until her 14th birthday at which time she would have aged out and been ineligible for adoption by anyone – an orphan forever.  Praise the LORD for all those that gave and supported her adoption.

Hope and Brittan

Hope-Noelle and Brittan Faith came home from China in July 2018! After two years of waiting, working, and praying, God moved the mountains everyone thought were impossible to move! They are doing wonderfully in their new family!

Christina “Mei Mei” 

Christina Mei Mei came home from Bulgaria in 2019! She is the Carpenters’ youngest daughter and most recent adoption. She has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy like her sister Sasha and loves life!