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We need your help to feed the children in the rebel camp on an island in the Philippines(I can not give more details)!
We need your support to purchase food for widows and suffering families in Indonesia. The leader of our team there is only 20 years old and giving her life to help those in need and to share the Gospel.
We need your support to help a family who begged our Pastor in Pakistan for help. We can not turn this family away. We have a Tin Tin Home full of children needing daily food and school lessons and 3 families waiting for freedom.
Do not just scroll past this post please.
I have no more eloquent words- I don’t know how to express the needs except to show the photos and to attempt to describe the day in and day out of the ministry. We will not turn aside or turn away those asking for help but we are a small ministry and need your support.
My posts may not be exciting and filled with adventure. I am currently not traveling to photograph personally or hand out the food personally because our Pastors and Teams are doing this better than I personally could. They know the language and the culture.
God has me here as a home school mom caring for children with special needs and being a voice for those with no voice. And so I bring these needs to your heart And as one of our t-shirts for.our Ukriane adoption said…
Don’t say you did not know.
Proverbs 24: 11-12
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Thank you to everyone who cares, prays, supports and shares.

Food Outreach: Reaching 4 Regions of Indonesia

Ting Ministries Indonesia

Our Ting Ministries Team is growing in Indonesia and we are reaching 4 very different geographical areas of Indonesia!
Quoting Chyndi ( the leader of our Ting Team) in Indonesia, “…we raised the theme, “Called to serve others…to be true stewards of the One who called us to serve Him.”
We would all greatly appreciate your prayers and support for this mission which provides worship and the Gospel; eating a meal together and providing much needed groceries to the poor, widow and orphaned in the community.
Please help Ting Ministries Indonesia. Currently we are raising $400 to continue our next outreach this month.
Ting Ministries
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Thank you
John 7:38
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Overseas Work Continues Amid Prayers for Afghanistan

Just because we have not written any posts this week about Ting Ministries teams overseas does not mean ministry does not continue. In fact each team has been extremely busy and the needs are urgent and sometimes almost overwhelming. I have been busy working on some connections for some people trapped in Afghanistan.
Our Overseas Work:
South Asia
Isaiah 7:9 “Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm.”
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Pictured: Partners in the Philippines
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Helping Widows in Indonesia: A Call for Sponsors!

For the past year, Ting Ministries has been serving Christian widows in the predominately Muslim country of Indonesia through the Carpenter family’s former Compassion International child. A strong Christian, our former Compassion child has, of her own initiative, developed a plan of service for these widows. She writes:

Mujiati is a woman who lives alone without having a family. Sometimes we go to her house to check her condition. She has a history of strokes that makes it difficult to speak and move. According to Mujiati, since the covid-19 pandemic she no longer receives help from the church that used to routinely provide assistance to poor widows. So she struggles to get out in order to buy what is necessary for her daily needs, since her physical condition has made it impossible to find a job.”

We would like to support Mujiati and other widows with at least $400 per month. If we could have 4 people commit to $100/month it would change Mujiati’s life! To sponsor Mujiati or give a one-time gift:

1. Donate online at:

2. Send a Check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042 

If you would like to commit to sponsoring Mujiati monthly (with a partial sponsorship: $100 or full sponsorship $400): 

1. Write to us on Facebook, or email us at

2. Send your first monthly financial gift for Mujiati through one of the methods listed above

3. We will send you a welcome letter and picture of Mujiati! 

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March 2021 Ministry Update

Dear Ting Ministries friends,
Your prayers and help would be so appreciated.
Romania- We have 11 dogs/puppies rescued from the cold streets that need to be spayed.
Indonesia- We have 2 older widows who need help with rent and food.
Pakistan-Outreach for brick kiln families for flour sacks
Indonesia- the continuous need for food for the orphanage children
Philippines- the Tin Tin feeding ministry will be doing their first food outreach to the leper community (over 100 children) . The team has also begun to a clean water project to the leper community and help is needed to make this happen.
A single mother with 2 children ( one who is deaf) who Ting Ministries has been helping for years has done a remarkable job in life since coming to know Jesus. She is saving to purchase a small home in the Philippines and only needs $2,800 for this dream to become reality.
Please continue to pray for our team/partners in each of these countries and also Russia and Ukraine.
Jeremiah 15:16
When I discovered your words, I devoured them.
They are my joy and my heart’s delight,
for I bear your name,
O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies.
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.
Ting Ministries
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For His Glory- Stephanie and Brian for Ting Ministries