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WATCH: A Blessing and a Thank You from our Church in Pakistan

This is exciting and a huge blessing for Ting Ministries Pakistani team and those blessed by the operations happening in Pakistan!
Thank you to everyone who has made.this possible. It’s been a team effort!
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Videos of the how the roof on top of the third floor of the Ting Church is actually being built! Watch the process and progress and pray for safety and protection of everyone helping!
Listen to the end of the last 2 videos to receive a blessing and a thank you for your support, prayers and help!
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Pakistan Medical Updates and More: November 2023

The precious young girl in the photo has died from a snake bite. Her family is so poor they do not even have bedframes to sleep on so they must lie down directly onto the bricks. This makes them much more vulnerable to the snakes that slither within the bricks.
Their are countless slave laborer families without even a bedframe.
We can provide bedframes with the necessary funds.
The old slave laborer couple have spent their entire life as brick kiln laborers and are now added to the Ting Ministries Freedom Fund list
Family “B” has been waiting the longest and have one of the smallest debts- $450
Other photos show the horrible conditions the children and families endure as slave laborers. Many have serious medical issues and there are a few photos attached from just yesterday
Medicines and hospital care are needed. The little boy being held by his mother has been burned and needs help asap. I had posted previously about his need.
Also included in the photos are a few photos from Ting Ministries Philippines. Pray Please as the team is right now traveling across the sea to an island to provide Tin Tin Feeding and Dental outreach to forgotten children.
Your support is so needed and appreciated. Consider a gift of food, medicine or freedom today for Pakistan or the Philippines.
••••Coming this weekend – Christmas 🎄 needs per country for a #tintinChristmas
The Ting Ministries #ornaments2023 are for sale by donation to help fund the Christmas Projects.
Consider Ting Ministries and the Tin Tin House for your #ExtraGive and #yearendgift
Ting Ministries lives out 24/7 #james127
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Thank you for your prayers, shares and support.
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It’s a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas

A Tin Tin Christmas Message-
Lives changed for eternity-
Christmas is right around the corner and we are preparing to bless countless children and families with the Gospel, food and a small gift.
It’s a Tin Tin kind of Christmas!
This was the first of many projects shown here! These children are most times overlooked and forgotten being some of the ” least of these”.
They shared in food, a small gift and the best gift ever – The Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can see that many were baptized in the Sea. This is a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas – lives changed for eternity! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER
Will you pray about giving a year end gift to Ting to bless children and families around the world where Ting Teams are on the ground actively making a difference everyday.
It’s a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas this year – Tin Tin ornaments and Tin Tin House original artwork and Tin Tin gift giving and food outreach and many more lives changes for eternity!
Be a Voice for the Voiceless –
Orphan Sunday and Pure Religion Sunday or whatever you might name it happens everyday for Ting Ministries whether in the USA or with our international teams.
Your support is greatly needed. If you are looking for a guest speaker or organization to bring the message at your holiday party or gathering please message us!
May this be the most blessed Christmas for you and your family and our Ting family around the world!
This family and 5 more are on my heart! ❤️
This is their life.
All they asked for is a water pump but my dream for this Christmas is to have FREEDOM FUNDS to bring freedom to this brother, sister and 3 children as well as 5 other families! Three of the 5 families have some children in our Tin Tin House!
A new life, a new safer place to live, education for the children, food and a small gift for the children this Christmas is my dream and prayer! Because of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ-Ting Ministries is able to free this family and provide for them with your help
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James 1:27
Proverbs 31:8-9
Art for Orphans, Pakistan

Original Art on Its Way from Pakistan: Help Brick Kiln Families

This past weekend many families, vulnerable children and slave laborers were blessed by the sharing of the Gospel and outreach of food and basic necessities.
Help Ting Ministries to continue the life changing work that the Lord is doing through the hands and feet of the Ting Team in Pakistan!
The artwork you see and many more original pieces are on their way to the USA for a Night in Tin Tin’s Garden fundraiser! Stay tuned for the details of how you can purchase one of these original creations by the Tin Tin House children!
We humbly ask for your prayers, support and shares! 7 families are waiting for freedom and so many children to bring blessings and the Gospel to this Christmas.
The Tin Tin ornaments will soon be ready for purchase to help support all things Tin Tin thanks to a dear brother and sister in Christ who are using their gifts and talents to bless the work of the Lord through Ting.
Ways to Give
(Please use the personal option)
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Current Happenings in Pakistan

1 Peter 2:9 (New King James Version)

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.
Lives are being changed in each country where Ting has teams on the ground!.
Ting Ministries is thankful for every gift received!
It’s by your help… It’s through your prayers….that needs are being met, children are being freed from a life of slavery, hungry bellies are being fed, hungry souls are hearing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, girls are being moved into safe situations, families are being set free, children are receiving an education and learning about how to love and serve like Jesus and so much more!
So thank you!

Some Current Happenings in Pakistan

Tia – our one Sunday School Teacher on the one Brick Kiln has received her surgery to save her eye sight!
A other Kiln has another teacher requesting help for some food to provide the children and some materials such as paper and pencils. Let’s bless her hardwork and heart as well as these beautiful children who are hearing about Jesus $150
A little Child was severely burned on a brick kiln just like our Starfish was about 2 years ago and needs medical care. $250
The Tin Tin Houses need food for the month. $600 × 2 homes
The Tin Tin Staff work daily with our children in 2 homes to care for every need these children have and also to educate them in reading and writing and math and the Truth of Christ.
There are 4 more girls needing to be moved to safety from their current situations. $200 per girl/ family
3 Families need urgent help with Freedom Funds $450. $850 $800
Prayer outreach on a brick kiln – let’s feed the families who attend $150
School needs for my Starfish, her siblings and cousins $$75
And please consider ending our #noshavenovember early for Me!!! Please let’s get the roof paid for the church building project so Brian can shave 😂 One donation was received so the amount needed is $1700!
It’s only by the Grace of God
Here’s how to help finger 👇
•••●●●☆If selecting PayPal please use the tab for friends/family/personal and not purchasing an item or buying something
If you prefer to send a ✔️ check-
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God bless