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This is So Hard to Write: 3 Years Ago

This is so hard to write.
3 long years ago my beautiful princess Avigayil Christina- better known as Tin Tin went home to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My world was crushed and I continue to quietly grieve and miss her with each breath everyday.
I write this because her story is not over…she lives on…not just in my heart and spirit and life but in a very real physical way.
You see…the day I flew out of her city in the Southern Philippines- with her on my lap in the plane ( with so many unknown medical issues) headed to Manila to complete her adoption…our Ting Ministries Pastor and Director of Ministry in this region said to himself ” Lord what do you want me to do for the street children and orphans in my backyard!”
I did not know about his conversation with God until many months later after he began his quest to take in Street children. He later told me that it took an American coming into his city for him to notice this great need.
Fast forward now from 2011 till the present. Ting Ministries and the Tin Tin Ministry has now built and operate the Tin Tin House and have taken in well over 40 children with wings of this Ministry all over surrounding areas now.
The scope of Ministry still includes our Tin Tin’s former orphanage but now includes so many areas of Ministry including feeding outreaches, clean water projects, a counseling center ,sharing the Gospel and so much more…
But today on Tin Tin’s home coming day this is what we as Christians are called to do…share our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with a hurting world. Today on her weekend…many were baptized in His name…the name of my Savior Jesus Christ!
So Ministry was all started because of Tin Tin’s life and many souls are being saved around the world because of one tiny girl who the world would have thought had no voice for she was always non- verbal! But her VOICE IS LOUD and I will continue being her voice for as long as I have breath! When a child goes home to Jesus it is hard to breathe…the life is literally taken out of you…but Jesus is faithful and for me to give to others because of Him gives me life and breath! So today – this weekend…may many souls be saved and many lives touched!
Sometimes it is literally a life saved for eternity…sometimes it is an act of kindness in a hot meal given and shared…sometimes it is in a smile…sometimes it is in an animal rescued from the streets…sometimes it is in a child taken off the streets into a safe shelter…sometimes it is giving a life saving bag of rice or clean water in a cup to a child…sometimes it is an entire family rescued from a life of slave labor from a brick kiln…sometimes it is in a child receiving an education for the first time ever…my list goes on and on
You can help me by sharing what you have…your time…your talents…your gifts…even if it seems small to you…every gesture and every penny counts.
Help my Tin Tin to be a Voice around the world.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042
Mark 16:15
Proverbs 31: 8-9
James 1:27
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Event: Join Ting Ministries on Orphan Sunday at Water’s Edge Church

Did you ever wonder why the name TING MINISTRIES? Where did the name come from?
What is Ting Ministries all about? Where do we work? How can you get involved in ministry into 7 countries and the USA?
If you are local – why don’t you join us on International Orphan Sunday – November 7th 2021. We will be sharing all about Ting Ministries during the morning service.
Where: Water’s Edge Church
9 South 9th Street Lebanon, PA 17042
Parking is in the lot across the street where you park for the Lebanon Farmer’s Market
Time : 10:00 am
We would love to see you.
James 1:27
Proverbs 31:8-9
Team Ting

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Ting Ministries T-Shirts are on sale!
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Please consider helping support the ministry in this way.
Message or email
Ting Ministries
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Bombing in Southern Philippines: Children Among Those Killed & 28 Wounded!

Pastor John* (name changed for protection) wrote to us with devastating news. He says:

“Pray for my home place. 2 bombs exploded yesterday killed 14 lives and wounded 28. Others are children. We are sending our aid soon. Pray for comfort and peace. Pray also for our team there. We are serving some of the poor kids there now.”

A terrorist group, ABU SAYAF, linked to Al Queda are responsible for the attack which killed and wounded 40+ innocent people, including the parents of the two children pictured. Our Ting Ministries team is on the ground now, serving and helping respond to the emergency. We would like to raise an emergency campaign to send as many funds as we can directly to our partners to equip them to serve in the aftermath of this terrible event.

Please consider a donation to help with this emergency need! Every little bit helps and is so appreciated! 100% of your gift will go directly to our ministry partners and will be used for the specified need! Thank you and God Bless You!

1. Send a check:Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
2. Donate through PayPal at: www.paypal.me/Tingministries

Тhis post (with additional photographs) originally appeared in a Ting Ministries emergency newsletter, which can be viewed here: https://mailchi.mp/9e17d629fd48/emergency-in-the-philippines