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It’s a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas

A Tin Tin Christmas Message-
Lives changed for eternity-
Christmas is right around the corner and we are preparing to bless countless children and families with the Gospel, food and a small gift.
It’s a Tin Tin kind of Christmas!
This was the first of many projects shown here! These children are most times overlooked and forgotten being some of the ” least of these”.
They shared in food, a small gift and the best gift ever – The Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can see that many were baptized in the Sea. This is a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas – lives changed for eternity! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER
Will you pray about giving a year end gift to Ting to bless children and families around the world where Ting Teams are on the ground actively making a difference everyday.
It’s a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas this year – Tin Tin ornaments and Tin Tin House original artwork and Tin Tin gift giving and food outreach and many more lives changes for eternity!
Be a Voice for the Voiceless –
Orphan Sunday and Pure Religion Sunday or whatever you might name it happens everyday for Ting Ministries whether in the USA or with our international teams.
Your support is greatly needed. If you are looking for a guest speaker or organization to bring the message at your holiday party or gathering please message us!
May this be the most blessed Christmas for you and your family and our Ting family around the world!
This family and 5 more are on my heart! ❤️
This is their life.
All they asked for is a water pump but my dream for this Christmas is to have FREEDOM FUNDS to bring freedom to this brother, sister and 3 children as well as 5 other families! Three of the 5 families have some children in our Tin Tin House!
A new life, a new safer place to live, education for the children, food and a small gift for the children this Christmas is my dream and prayer! Because of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ-Ting Ministries is able to free this family and provide for them with your help
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
James 1:27
Proverbs 31:8-9
Art for Orphans, Pakistan

Original Art on Its Way from Pakistan: Help Brick Kiln Families

This past weekend many families, vulnerable children and slave laborers were blessed by the sharing of the Gospel and outreach of food and basic necessities.
Help Ting Ministries to continue the life changing work that the Lord is doing through the hands and feet of the Ting Team in Pakistan!
The artwork you see and many more original pieces are on their way to the USA for a Night in Tin Tin’s Garden fundraiser! Stay tuned for the details of how you can purchase one of these original creations by the Tin Tin House children!
We humbly ask for your prayers, support and shares! 7 families are waiting for freedom and so many children to bring blessings and the Gospel to this Christmas.
The Tin Tin ornaments will soon be ready for purchase to help support all things Tin Tin thanks to a dear brother and sister in Christ who are using their gifts and talents to bless the work of the Lord through Ting.
Ways to Give
(Please use the personal option)
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
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Annie’s Art for the Freedom Fund

James 1:27
Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

Annie rejoices at her recent baptism!
Annie made this framed James 1:27 picture. She is selling this to raise funds to free these children in Pakistan from Brick Kiln Slavery. Will you help her to purchase their freedom?
If you are interested in purchasing her art for a donation to go towards the Freedom Fund please comment or pm us on Facebook, write to us at: or give by:
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
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Flying Zhong Home – Meet 3 Sisters Bringing Home Their Brother, One Card at a Time!

Read the awesome story of the Kelley family, friends of Ting Ministries, whose daughters put together an artwork fundraiser to bring home their brother from China! Zhong is the best friend of one of their daughters who was adopted from China last year! This is their third China adoption but first adoption fundraiser – so let’s share the word and some encouragement! Check out some of their artwork below and visit their website to see more!

The Story

“Zhong’s three sisters, Grace, Ruthie & Mackenzie, have been working hard on creating a set of Christmas cards and greeting cards in an effort to help bring their new brother home! Our goal is to raise enough money for all of Zhong’s plane tickets home […] then, if the Lord wills, we can also work on paying toward all the other adoption expenses we owe and upcoming travel expenses.”

The Artwork:

“All of the watercolors & stamped backgrounds were created by Ruthie, our 13 year old, & Grace our 8 year old who has cerebral palsy (mentioning her CP as I’m super pleased with her artistic efforts despite her challenges with hand coordination) and then Mackenzie, 22, added her hand calligraphy to all the cards […]”

See the full product gallery on their website here!

“Envelopes are included. We are taking pre-orders for two weeks before printing so that we can get exactly what you want and not have too many extras of one kind or another. We will work hard to have the cards available to pick up and/or shipped to you by Thanksgiving.”

The Kelley girls are selling Christmas cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, thank yous, get well soon cards and MORE!

Guest Artist: From a Fellow Adoptive Mother, Gallery Artist, and Children’s Book Illustrator

“Cady Driver, a fellow adoptive mom, who is a professional artist in North Carolina, is sharing her prints with me to add to our fundraiser!!! She already sold enough of her beautiful watercolors on antique hymnal prints to fully fund her entire China adoption expenses, so now she wants to bless others! She allowed me to select 5 of her bird hymnal prints and is having her printer ship the prints directly to me at printing cost. Cady is not taking a dime. Cady is a gallery artist and children’s book illustrator and she wants to give God the glory for her talent and bless others with it. When Cady learned about the girls’ card fundraiser, she offered to let us also make available her gorgeous hymnal prints! These can be easily framed in an inexpensive 8×10 frame or matted or floated in a larger frame. These make beautiful gifts!

You can see more hymnal prints on their website here!

“The hymnal prints are coming from North Carolina and will take about 1.5 weeks turn around once I tell the printer how many we need…. so I should have those ready for you to pick up first week of Dec. For shipped prints, I would expect them to arrive to you during the second week of December.”


*We are taking preorders now through November 20th, 12pm EST* (after Nov 20th please ask me about remaining stock)


Please fill out the entire order from, or I will not get your order. You will receive an email confirmation if you completed your order. Also please remember to go to the DONATE tab to submit donation & shipping! Thank you!

Suggested Donation Amount: 

Cards – $25 for each 20-pack of cards (with envelopes) and “

Hymnal Prints -$25 for each 8×10 hymnal print.

Pickup & Shipping: We will have free local pick up from my front porch (near the Greenfield Walmart). I’m happy to ship any quantity of cards or hymnal prints for the $5 shipping to anywhere in the country.

For example, if you order 100 cards or say 10 of Cady’s hymnal prints…’s still only $5 to ship everything! I can take cash, check, or Paypal donations using the link below. We will do our very best to get everything to you as fast as we possibly can! This is our third China adoption BUT our first ever adoption fundraiser so this project will be a huge learning curve!

PayPal for the Adoption Fundraiser Here

We hope you enjoy the girls’ cards and/or Cady’s hymnal prints. And thank you so much for helping us to Fly Zhong home!

-Blessings, The Kelleys


Art for Orphans


Update July 11, 2017
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Title-This-Painting Contest! It was so fun to read everyone’s submissions. We had some great titles from “Tiny Birds are Trapped but God Can Free Them” to “Unhidden.” While many titles had something to do with the contrasting of darkness and joy, or one’s adoption journey, there was one title that surprised us all with it’s unique connection.

“Scribbly Gum” submitted by Ting Ministries’ missionary partners in China!
Our Australian friends sent us this title with a brief explanation: “In Australia, we have a tree called a Scribbly Gum. This came to mind when we saw this painting!”
Thank you again! We hoped you enjoyed this contest as much as we did. Be sure to stay on the look out for more Art for Orphans in the future!

Update July 9, 2017
Thanks to everyone who submitted titles. Keep an eye out for the winner to be announced in the next few days!
right, everyone – it’s time to get creative! What do you think the title of Hannah and Ellianna’s painting should be? It’s a bit Jackson Pollack-esqe 🙂 What do you see at the heart of their artwork? The title can be silly or serious – it’s up to you!
The contest will run for a WEEK, until 9 pm on July 9th. The WINNER will receive a print framed copy of the canvas (with the title painted on it), a set of handmade greeting cards, and a Team Ting t-shirt!
A Few Guidelines:
1. Multiple Entries per day accepted! The more, the merrier.

2. Where to Share Your Titles – There will be several “original versions” of this post in the following places: Ting Ministries’ Facebook page, our Facebook event page, Instagram, and our website. If you are submitting a title, please only comment on posts where you see the heading Title-This-Painting Contest! LEAVE YOUR TITLES HERE IN THE COMMENTS. This will make the titles easier to keep track of – we don’t want to miss any! (Make sure you comment on the original, not a shared post). You may also email us at Just clearly indicate it is for this contest.
3. If you want, show us your favorite title by liking the comments as they come in. This is meant to be fun, and something everyone can participate in somehow!
So, without further ado –
Get ready…Get set…GO!