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Telling the Story of Tin Tin

Zephaniah 3:17
“The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Avigayil “Avi” TIN TIN was born from very difficult circumstances- an outcast, invalid and orphan. She was born in the Southern Philippines. There are multiple posts sharing her story both on Facebook and on the Ting Ministries website.

The Lord blessed us with the privilege of adopting her as our own daughter! What a treasure and a princess. Because of her beautiful life the Lord also gave us forever family in the Philippines.
There are now Ministries running all over the world in her name! The Tin Tin Ministry, the Tin Tin Houses, the Tin Tin Feeding Programs, the Tin Tin Sunday School, the Tin Tin Coloring books, the Tins for Tin Tin, Toys for Tin Tin, the Christmas boxes for Tin Tin and the Tin Tin Birthday outreaches – with more to come!
Yesterday in the Philippines 🇵🇭
Friday 03/03/2023
There were some very special children brought from a distance to learn about Jesus and His Gospel. They also were told about the story of Tin Tin and how her life is touching their lives. How God can use even a little child that the world would discard and make her a child of the King. They had fun and games and food and love.
Thank you for everyone who prays, shares and supports Ting Ministries. Your gifts are being used to bless children, their families, the communities and change lives for eternity.
Please consider supporting the next outreaches. The Tin Tin Feeding Program needs $600 monthly to keep it running. Every penny matters ♥️
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Thank you!
•••As Tin Tin’s mom…these are so difficult to write and share because she is my forever treasure. Each photo and each video and each story is heart wrenching 💔 because my princess is home with Jesus and the grief of missing her is only bearable as I see her life making an impact and a difference for other precious children and families. The real joy in life is in giving so I pray that her life will give to others and cause a ripple effect! This is the power of ONE! Make a difference 1 at a time!
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Christmas 2022 – Philippines Outreach

There is still time to be a blessing to the “least of these” in 2022!
Gift giving
Food giving
Dental outreach
Gospel being shared
Ting Ministries PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭
YOUR year end gift could change a life.
Ways to give 👇

On the homepage or our website or:

Or by Check to
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All donations are tax deductible
Thank you and may God bless you.
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Giving Tuesday 2022!

Thank you to those who gave to Ting Ministries for Giving Tuesday
$600 was raised🙏
Help us reach $5,000

Ting Ministries
2 Tin Tin Houses
Pakistan 🇵🇰 and Philippines 🇵🇭
●Where desperate and needy children are cared for as family – some orphaned; some rescued from trafficking; some slave laborers; some street children- all now family
●Where the Gospel is taught and shared
●Where good food, medical care and education are given with the greatest of care
●Where these children are taught to go and do likewise and those that are now older teens and young 20’s are teaching and leading teams to feed vulnerable children and traveling to rescue others and share the Gospel.
🎁Funds are needed to keep these homes going each month
🎁Funds are needed for special Christmas boxes and food packs per country.
🎁Pakistan over 125 children will be blessed and 50 families
🎁Philippines over 110 children and 50 families
The Gospel is shared with each gift and each outreach.
Help Ting Ministries meet monthly needs and Christmas gift special needs this Tuesday
Every gift makes a huge impact
Every gift will change a life
Every gift is tax deductible
Be a Voice for the Voiceless this Christmas season and send your gift on ahead for the Kingdom of God!
Ways to give👇
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Thank you
Proverbs 31:8-9
Mark 16:15
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“They are the Outcasts”

“They are outcasts.”
The words of Ting Ministries Pastor who is working 24/7 on the ground with multiple teams reaching many lost, hungry and hurting souls.
Help the Ting Ministries Team on the ground in the Southern Philippines continue to bring food, love and the Gospel to these precious children and their families.
They eat very little. The bread given to these children is a special kind of bread that is full of vitamins. They live on the water.
They are a forgotten tribe.
My heart breaks.
Can you spare your change or a few dollars to help feed these children?
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Matthew 25:40
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July 2022 Update: Evangelism in South Asia

Below is excerpts from a letter recently received by the stateside part of Ting Ministries, from our fellow missionary in South Asia. 

First of all I would like to give thanks to God for His abundant love, blessings, and faithfulness to us. Even though we faced many difficulties and challenges in the ministry, God has always been with us and led us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through His guidance, we were able to penetrate the gospel among the unreached indigenous people who have never heard it in the remotes of the country…We are very grateful to you for all of these things that happened for your continued support, love, generosity, and prayers. Through your great partnership in the ministry, many people changed their lives and came to Christ, living in the light and receiving eternal hope.  Without you we wouldn’t be able to go and share the gospel among them….

Evangelism: We had an evangelism program in the unbelievers village. This village people are just nominal Buddhists…They go to the Temple when they have their religious festival only….They put their Buddha pictures and statue on the corner of their houses and bowed down and worshipped him. Before they eat they used to put every lunch and dinner with plates in front of Buddha pictures and statues. Then they can eat [their meals.]

They were receptive and interested in listening to the gospel.  Since they never heard the gospel, our sharing gospel was the first time for them. We shared our testimonies first and shared on sin, God’s love, salvation and eternal life. We also shared and compared their belief with Christ in detail such as His birth, life, death and resurrection. We also shared about what God has given us assurance, hope, and eternal life.

Then they were feeling uneasy in their belief and asked us many questions which they wanted to know. We answered them according to what they wanted to know from the bible. After that they have changed their faces and minds and said that our feelings have changed and our hearts are totally different from before and couldn’t express what is happening. Then they regretted and surrendered to God and prayed for forgiveness for their sins. Then they realized that Jesus is the only Living and Almighty God, He is the only way to save and give us eternal life.

Then ten people have accepted Jesus Christ is their Lord and personal Savior. They also said we don’t need to have animal blood sacrifice anymore. We are now freed from bondage [of Buddhism]. They gave us a lot of thanks for sharing the gospel among them to save for their eternal life! Praise the Lord for His Holy Spirit helping us to convince them and touching into their hearts. We thank God for He is mightily using us for the expansion of His Kingdom.

 Six families came to Christ…When they became Christian families, they were very much interested to have a church building where to worship Him. We also advised them how to do and build it…. they contributed as much as they could and built it within a short time. They were able to build it within a short time because of their understanding levels & family circumstances also the same, and their big enthusiasm and for intense willingness.

We had a wonderful seminar for new believers at the new church…The seminar topics were: Faith & deeds, prayer, faithfulness, Church growth & formation. The participants were very much touched and enjoyed in their hearts by the topics. They said we really have good seminars that we know about different topics which are very useful for our belief and ministry as well. They also said please organize this kind of seminar again in the near future.

Additionally, we have received ten new souls and baptized all of them. Pray for their strong commitment, obedience, and faithfulness to the Lord and we may use them mightily for making discipleship to others and to the expansion of His Kingdom. We have planted three house churches…They are practicing and enjoying worship services, bible studies, fellowship, prayer meeting, and home visit.

Bonus Ting Children’s home: Please continually pray for their needs so that we may run Ting children’s home. Help us raise $350 for their school supplies!

Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for your love, and thank you especially for loving our wonderful Lord Jesus. Your sowing seeds are gradually ripening in the fields. This is the great good news for both of us for the expansion of His Kingdom. We are very much grateful to God for He is allowing us to work with you in His Vineyard. And also, we are very much proud to be able to work with you for the expansion of His Kingdom

For the eternal glory of our wonderful Jesus,

Team Ting in South Asia