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Pastor James from Ting Ministries Coming in September

Friends, we are excited to share with you that our TM Bangladesh partner, Pastor James, will be coming to visit the USA in September. We are raising support to cover $1,500 for Pastor James’s airline ticket. If you feel led to help with this need, please give a gift online at: or, send a check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042.

Top Middle: A young woman reading the Bible

Bottom Left: Women carrying fruits on her back

Bottom Right: A woman visiting a village and distributing candies to the children


Also, construction for our TM children’s home, on the border of Bangladesh and Burma, is almost complete – only the kitchen needs to be built. If you would like to help in the final stage of construction, please give a gift and note “Bangladesh Children’s Home.” Below, you can see the school and the living space for the children’s home.

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100% of your gift will go to the building costs (a total of $2,000). The TM Children’s Home will provide a home for 30 street children, several who are waiting to move in as soon as construction is complete! Thank you for partnering with us to help these precious children. May God bless you.

Children's Home, Current Projects, Orphan Care, Philippines, tribal children

January in the Philippines: Support for Feeding Program and a New Auntie

A Note from Pastor Mark about the work our team is continuing this year…

“For the month of January, things are going well and we will be starting lots of changes and expansion to our programs. My wife is reorganizing the orphanage ministry and is asking the orphanage director to allow a new student as a new orphanage Auntie for the children. Also, if one church can really commit support the monthly ministry then we will not be affected in our approach and program for the children. We will also have a long meeting the community leaders for the children’s ministry in the remote areas. Please pray for us and that we will be able the start of the feeding program.”

If you know a church would like to support the monthly feeding program for the orphanage, so the children can receive healthy and supplemental meals, please contact us at

Thank you!

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Emergency Update: We Need Tangible Help for the Philippines!

Update: This need was met! Thank you to our supporters!

EMERGENCY: Okay friends! You may have seen our update yesterday from the Philippines, asking for help. Today, the situation has gotten worse. Our team is down in Marawi and they have run out of fundsand they still have 200-300 children to feed tomorrow. Trusting the Lord, they went down and were able to have several days of ministry, but unless people like our supporters begin to help in tangible ways, there is nothing they can do! Some people may call it foolish to go down having little else but faith, but what else can you do when you see suffering and the Lord commands us to “Go?” (James 1:27)

Pictured is a little girl who sustained severe burns on her face during the fighting between ISIS and the military in Marawi. Dear friends – I am pleading with you – this is why we need you! Ask yourself what you can give, even if it is 5 dollars it makes a big difference! If everyone who liked only our Facebook page gave ONLY 5 dollars we would have more than enough!
The total needed is 1,060 dollars. Please. It is nighttime in the Philippines. Let’s show Pastor Mark the faithfulness of the Lord by having the need fully met when he wakes up! To Donate, go to: and specify Emergency Marawi Relief.
Thank you and help us be a Voice for the Voiceless.
Proverbs 31:8-9
Completed Projects, Orphan Care, sponsors, street children, tribal children, urgent

Urgent Need for Philippines: School Fees and Continued Marawi Relief

You may remember us sharing a need a couple months ago about school fees for Ting Ministries’ children in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the need has not been met yet – and the children have started school already! They will not be able to stay in school if Pastor Mark cannot pay their fees. It is only 6 dollars a month for elementary school and 12 dollars for higher level education! Please consider if you can help these children, both former and current street kids, go to school – they are counting on you!
Also, Pastor Mark is heading back to Marawi to another evacuation center! In order to continue helping the displaced families and children, he needs our help to purchase supplies like clothing, food, and toys. 100% of Ting Ministries work depends on the faithfulness and generosity of our supporters! Even 5 dollars makes a difference! Please share and get the word out! Thank you!
The total cost for both these needs is: 2,250 dollars.
To learn about becoming a school sponsor for a child in the Philippines visit our Become a Sponsor Page here.
To make a donation to the school children or ongoing Marawi relief, please go to: and specify what you would like your gift to go towards.
Filipino street child

Pastor Mark’s boys. Former Muslim street kids, they are now part of our TM family

These boys begging for food asked Pastor Mark to help them go to school
Orphan Care, South Asia, sponsors, tribal children

South Asia Update: Pastor Sends Prayer Requests

Want to pray with our Ting Ministries partners, but don’t know what to pray for? Pastor Sanga sent an update from Bangladesh with some prayer requests!
“Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ those who have received training and they may have faithfully involve in their respective fields. Pray for new believers so that they may have strong faith in the Lord’s and make disciples in their neighbors and different villages where never preach the gospel and who are still living in the darkness. Pray for team unity, bond, strong, boldness, encouragement and in their responsibilities what we have assigned to them in their harvest fields.”
Here is the latest update from Ting Ministries Bangladesh:
Pastor Sanga’s co-workers visited a village near the border of Burma. It is a long distance away took three and half days to reach. There are 15 families in this village and there is often local unrest since the village is near the border. The villagers never heard the gospel and after sharing gospel seven people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Praise the Lord! And at last they built a church and his co-workers trained them in discipleship. They promised “we will be teaching and sharing to our family members what we have learnt and heard from the training and they will surely join in our belief.” Pastor Sanga asks for prayer for this village that they would grow in their faith!
Sharing about baptism

Praying for those who have been baptized

Sacrifice shrine in the remote village

Sharing the Gospel in the village, where 7 people accepted Christ as their Savior!

Our TM missionaries crossing the river to get to the village

Sharing gospel to guardian and head of the village about eternal life and salvation. After sharing gospel, he received Christ. Praise the Lord!

Reading Scripture at a new church planting celebration
Dear friends – Ting Ministries cannot do what we are doing without YOUR help! All our work depends 100% on our loyal supporters!
Help buy a motorbike for Bangladesh! This is a practical, important necessity to make our TM missionaries’ trips safer and faster. Please go to: and specify Motorbike for Bangladesh.
Help build an orphanage for 30 Bangladeshi orphans! These children currently scrounge in the remote villages and are looked after by our TM missionaries when they travel from village to village. We are helping Pastor Sanga build an orphanage for the children to live in, receive meals, and go to school. To donate please go to: and specify Bangladesh Orphanage
Lean more about our Bangladeshi Pastor Families waiting for Sponsors on our Become a Sponsor page.
Thank you!
Contact us at: and 717-376-9420
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