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July 10 Update: ALL CAMPERS REGISTERED! – Diyos Nasa Akin!

Second Update on July 9th

Attention all campers! Your tickets have now been paid in full!

Thank you everyone who is a part of Team Ting in sharing the Gospel in the Southern Philippines! Thank you for the Team effort!

We love you and pray for you!

Notice the Blue Tin Tin House in the background!

May be an image of text that says 'Camp PAID IN FULL See the Tin . Tin Tin House in the background'

Updated July 9th

There are numerous updates on other posts but to shorten this post I am attaching the UPDATE -SUNDAY JULY 9TH at 7:30 pm
Thank you thank you to those that have answered the call❤️
Only 37 more tickets needed!!!!!
Only 37 more at $6.00 – $222 is all that is needed to send all the kids to camp who are asking to come!!

Updated July 7th

UPDATE Update Update update👇3:55 pm Friday July 7th
❤️🩵❗️❗️A dear sister in Christ who is waiting to board a plane just donated 5 tickets in honor of her daughters birthday! Wow – Thanks for taking time to care about kids half way around the world!
Only 69 more tickets to go until every child who signed up is able to attend the 5 day camp to learn about Jesus!
Let’s get them all paid in full and encourage the young team leaders and pastors!
These kids are from tribal groups that are looked down upon, persecuted and very poor!
This $6.00 could.literally change the life of the camper – eternally!
Update Update Update👇1:30 pm Friday July 7th
❤️💙‼️A dear sister in Christ just donated 10 tickets!! So now 10 more campers can have a week of a lifetime. This could change the course of their Eternity.
Help change the life of a vunerable child by purchasing 1 or more tickets to camp!
Only 74 more tickets for campers to go! I ticket is only $6.00
Update update👇10:50 am Friday July 7th
I will continue to update as the campers get tickets!!
❤️💙‼️One precious family just donated a ticket for every child in their family! So 6 more tickets purchased and now we only need 84 more!!!
What a great idea!! Donate a ticket in honor of your child!

“Diyos Nasa Akin”

What does it mean?

In Tagalog it means – God is in me

Galatians 2:20

Pictured below are some of Ting Ministries youth team leaders for the youth camp set to take place in less than 2 weeks in the Southern Philippines!

There are still 180 youth that can not attend due to lack of funds. These are kids from 6 different tribal groups. They will spend 5 days learning about Jesus, their identity in Christ, the Bible and praying together.

The camp costs approximately $6.00 per camper!

Yes…$6.00 and when you multiply that by 180 kids that’s $1,080 needed to make this life changing camp possible for these 180 kids.

Can you send 1 tribal child to camp where they will learn about Jesus?

Ways to invest in these kids lives👇

Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

Thank you!

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