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Tragedy Strikes: Former Host Childen in Ukrarine Need Help

Need your prayers and some help for an urgent situation in Ukraine for former host kids who are now young adults.
1. Very sad situation where a young man in his 20’s thought life was not worth living anymore!
Help is needed for his sister to make arrangements for his burial!
2. Another young adult needs help to pay her rent and food this month.
Thank you!
John 3:16-17
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Pakistan, Philippines, Ukraine

Pakistan, Philippines and Ukraine: Update from Februrary 17, 2023

Originally published on Ting Ministries Facebook on February 17, 2023
Combining countries for the sake of time – for those reading and for me as I try to keep urgent needs out there. The needs come so quickly that only a small portion of what happens ever makes it to a post!


Some teenage girls recently rescued need funds to keep them safe and also for food and clothes. Once rescued from captors there is much aftercare to ensure their safety and future. $500
Many medical needs in Pakistan
– $50 for the son of W who accepted Jesus and faces persecution from his family and those that know he has converted.
– $500 for R who has severe stomach issues and requires surgery. Her mother contacted us today in tears. They not only have no food – they also have no money for medicine much less a surgery.
– Sara’s father had a serious accident and leg injury- $150 for his medical needs
– A washroom and water pump for families living off the kiln and in a neighborhood with other Christian families $500
My heart breaks as it is soon our Tin Tin’s Birthday and no funds have come in at all to celebrate her life. I know she was not important to most who read these posts but she was everything to me. The grief from losing a child is nearly unbearable – without Christ I have no idea how one actually survives. She is the reason Ministries began. She is the catalyst for the Tin Tin Homes and the Tin Tin Feeding Programs and the Tin Tin Sunday school and more!


I would at least like to be able to bless her home country and the kids in her birthplace for her BIRTHDAY!
ONLY $300 TO THROW A PARTY in her honor and memory.
Help Ting Ministries to bless other children in the Philippines 🇵🇭 for Tin Tin’s 16th birthday! This would be a great blessing to me!
Only $300 needed according to the Ting Ministries Pastor on the ground and heading up all the ministries happening there.
And one final need on this post…


A young girl who is alone with her dog in Ukraine needs some food and rent! If anyone wants a way to bless someone in Ukraine needing support here is your way.
And there is so much more just today but for now…
Thanks for reading and sharing and praying!
God bless you
Ways to give👇
On the homepage of the website
Or by check ✔️
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Thank you
Proverbs 31:8′-9
Romania, Russia, Ukraine

July 2022 Updates: Ukraine, Romania, and Russia

Ting Ministries International

Eastern European Countries


Praise God this month’s needs have been met by an amazing donor!! Thank you!
Want to help those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine? Ting Ministries is supporting an orphan and host child who fled the city with her fiance to live with and help his grandmother in these troubled times. Ongoing support is needed for their situation to remain stable!


Visit us at our New ” Friends of Avi” Instagram page …see QR code below
Also ongoing:
-Help us fix the roof and build a shelter for the rescue animals and meet monthly needs of families and shelter animals
-Help TM Romania share love and food with Romanian families living in utter poverty.
Pictured below is a family with 6 children who had no food. Food was delivered and the children were so happy and relieved they had something to eat that night. They have been seen taking onions and fruit and birds from people’s backyards so they have something to eat. The family as no electricity. With support, we could help supply them with groceries and basic necessities!


LERA’S Dance- meeting the needs of village children and families through the language and gift of dance! We need your help for the month of July!
$500 needed. This covers the cost of lessons and helps family strengthening efforts through equipping families to meet basic needs in their lives during a time of uncertainty in the country.

How to Give

Or by check to:
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Thank you! God bless you
Proverbs 31:8-9
Avi's Story, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

Tin Tin Day 2022! Happy Birthday Avi!

It’s her birthday.
Her 14th
All eyes and hearts are on Ukraine and Russia.
As are ours…mine..
My heart has been broken for the needs of orphans and those with no voice since I turned 9 years old. God allowed my childhood dream to become reality with our first adoption from Russia in 1998.
I have spent time in both Russia and Ukraine.
We have adopted two from Ukraine and 2 from Russia.
I flew out of Kyiv 12 hours before Independence Square became violent in January 2014 completing our adoption just hours before.
We have family and friends in both countries. We have ministry in both countries. We have been involved in rescuing children for the past 23 years in Eastern Europe. We have ministry and family in neighboring Romania who are being what Christ tells me as a believer in Christ what the Church should be to the world.
We have been working quietly without notice to help orphans and families and animals stuck in
dangerous situations in Ukraine. 1 group has made it safely to Poland.
The needs in all of these countries is what I HAVE BEEN crying out about for years.
I love my Russian family. I love my Ukrainian family and I love my Romanian family. I am praying for all and I pray that eyes remain forever on the needs of the orphans in these countries…on the street dogs in these countries…on the poor and needy in these countries…not just when it is THE NEWS.
May hearts always be broken for what breaks the Lord’s.
Ting Ministries continues to work quietly in Ukraine And the needs in all our other countries did not go away.
Today on Avi’s birthday I want to ask you a question-
Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you know Him as your Lord and Savior?
Psalm 39:5
You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand.
My entire lifetime is just a moment to you;
at best, each of us is but a breath.”
Today Avi’s Birthday would be a good day to do business with God. Start reading The Book of John. Asking Jesus to be Lord of your life is the biggest decision you can ever make. You can be assured of your eternal salvation. The world is upside down and one can only make sense of this life through an eternal perspective.
•••••POSTS COMING WITH AVI Tin Tin parties in Indonesia Pakistan Russia Philippines and USA
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2020 Year-End Ways to Give: Disability Ministry, Food Outreach, Medical Missions and More!

2020 End-Of-Year Updates and Ways to Give
Ministry is very busy and the needs in every country continue daily regardless of our Christmas holiday or circumstances here in the USA. So many around the world need both food for the soul and food for the physical body. So many need love and someone to care. Any of the Team Ting Ministries around the world could use your help. We so appreciate every penny and every prayer.
Psalms 46:7
” The Lord of Heaven’s armies is here among us. The God of Israel is our strength.”
Please consider an end of year donation for any of the Ministries:
South Asia
Donation Options:
Send a Check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, Pa 17042
Below are photos from some of ministry happening just in the past days – some even from just today!
Just to mention a few that might touch your heart:
  • In Russia we were able to bless a special needs orphanage with gifts. We have also been able to help an animal rescue in Russia.
  • In the Philippines the poorest of the poor children were given “chicken”, rice and noodles. This is an extravagant meal for these children and they prayed to taste chicken soon. God answered their innocent prayers. They were also given a gift and vitamins. They heard the Gospel.
  • In Romania on the way to get a Christmas tree- a momma and her 3 sick puppies were rescued and taken back home instead of a tree. Five rescued dogs safely made it to the UK in time to be with their forever families for Christmas. The transport drivers sent word they needed prayer to make it back to Romania because the Eurotunnel had been suddenly shut down. They have now made it back to Romania.
  • In Pakistan our Pastor has been helping a young man who needs prosthetics for both legs and a generous donor has paid for both prosthetics. We have many other medical needs in Pakistan that are urgent. A little boy desperately needs surgery for some serious issues and needs to go to the better hospital. Our Pastor recently held Christmas celebrations in the Sunday School at the brick kiln and also at his church. There are many basic needs that must be met for the brick kiln children.
  • In Ukraine the needs continue to aging out orphans and pastor Misha needs prayers for healing.
  • In South Asia the feeding and basic care of the orphaned children is currently a huge need and the mission workers and their family needs as they travel in the jungle to share the Gospel to tribal groups.
  • In Indonesia our young and firm in her faith missionary is working to reach 100 families with food packs. We are currently $500 short of the need to reach every family she has listed. If more is raised than this goal then more families can be reached.
  • In the USA prayers are needed for our family as one of our treasured daughters needed an emergency surgery and needs the Lord’s healing touch to be completely restored to health. Thank you to all prayer warriors!



Thank you for giving of your time to pray and thank you to everyone who as given in the past. We are so thankful for Team Ting supporters. May God bless you and may He give you a hunger for His Word in 2021!