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Freedom for Families in 2023

The end of 2022 is upon us!
There is still time time to make an end of the year tax deductible donation!
You can change a life going into 2023 – many lives!
Your gifts enabled Ting Ministries to bring freedom to 3 Slave laborer families and help prepare wedding festivities for a young girl freed from trafficking – just in the past few days. What a joyous day mixed with heartbreak as we , the Ting Team on the ground learn of 3 more families urgently needing rescue from Brick Kiln Slave Labor.
Two of the families eldest members are very old and have lived their entire lives as Slave laborers. They have much difficulty making bricks.
The third family is very young and face other difficulties and abuse.
Let’s ring in the New Year of 2023 by changing the lives for ever of 3 entire families who have only ever known the life of a slave.
Together we can do this. The videos and smiles from today of those being freed fill my heart with overwhelming joy. Your support, prayers and gifts have done this!
Family A – young family $850
Family M – elderly family members $700
Family S – elderly family members $800
Thank you to everyone who gave to rescue the young girl from Trafficking and helping secure her safe future. Thank you to everyone who gave to provide warm clothing and blankets to Starfish’s family who was previously freed from Brick Kiln Slave Labor. Thank you for every prayer prayed.
Keep praying!
Be a Voice for the Voiceless with Ting in 2023 and let’s end the year with more FREEDOM!
Thank you for being the miracle for someone in need – you can change a life and be an answer to prayer!
Ways to give👇
On the homepage of the website
By Check
Ting Ministries
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Thank you ❤
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May 2022 Update on Ministry Around the World

Update May 23, 2022

Thank you to the one who purchased the third guitar! God bless you and may our God bring you His blessings today!
Take a look at the original post many urgent needs still need funding!

Original Post: May Update from Ting Ministries Around the World

Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Ting Ministries Team needs your help!
12 more children are coming to the next level of the Tin Tin House and funds are needed to meet monthly expenses. $1,600 needed immediately
Our team is working in a Hindu colony and lives are being saved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. TM pastors are preaching the Gospel. Please help us reach these lives for Jesus!
On Saturday we purchased land to build a safe compound for families. Please consider helping to complete the construction of 2 washrooms/ a corridor and 2 rooms for 2 entire families who recently had fires and lost children in the fires. And 1 hand pump for water
TM Pakistan is in need of $2,300 to complete this very important construction.
$200 is immediately needed for the aftercare of our 17 year old girl recently recovered from a kidnapping situation!
If we had transportation covered we have 60 brick kiln slave laborers asking to attend our Sunday Services in the city. Can you help bring lives to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
$500 – food
$150 – guitar
Also- I see many requests for help for Ukraine all over social media etc. TM Ukraine needs help! We have direct contact with family in Ukraine needing assistance with basics such as food and supplies. Please consider helping Ting to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those directly impacted by the situation in Ukraine!
TM Russia continues Lera’s Dance and young lives are being changed! Help where you feel God is leading. Many prayer requests – Please pray for Lucy as she is very ill with an infection in her leg that is not responding to antibiotics
TM Romania needs your help to purchase food and supplies!
TM Indonesia- has been having consecutive days of Gospel outreach and sharing food and supplies with many in need. Just like in Pakistan many want to know more about Jesus! Help us reach more lives for the Gospel as our next Outreach soon begins and funds are needed. $1,200
And Philippines- FILL THOSE TINS FOR TIN TIN and feed orphans and vulnerable children!
Hebrews 4:12
Thank you
Join us to Be a Voice for the Voiceless
Prayerfully consider a donation to Ting Ministries and store up your treasure in heaven!
We would love to share in person what God is doing in each country where Ting Teams are actively working!
Please send us a message on Facebook or our website, email or call 717-376-9420 and we will set up a date to visit and share.
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It’s One of Those Days

It’s one of those times I have working on a post for days and each time I get an opportunity to actually sit down to write “my heart” and the needs – new needs come to me and even more urgent ones and I cry out to the Lord “which do I share?” “WHAT IS MOST URGENT?”
The answer-
They are all urgent to those in need!
There are needs in every country where Ting Ministries has teams.


We are expanding our Tin Tin house to the top floor of the building and are needing to make improvements so children can live there. We have at least 8 children waiting to be taken from the Brick kilns into our home.
A dear Christian woman who is a member of our church was in an accident and had her arm run over by a vehicle. She needs multiple surgeries to try and save her arm ( the photos shared are not even the worst).
An old auto rickshaw needed repair so this man’s son could use it for a business to help his family provide daily food.
There are 2 families waiting for freedom from the Brick Kiln Slave labor and we have 6 more after this. After the families are freed there is continuing care needed. They have nothing and need help to live for the first few months. Many of the children of the free families have chosen to have their children continue to live at our Tin Tin home because they are not only receiving good food, spiritual food, a warm clean bed but also a good education. The needs of the monthly bills for the Tin Tin House increase with each child we take in.


The Tin Tin Care Feeding program is expanding to many new remote areas. We need help with monthly feeding so we can continue to reach more children with the Gospel alongside that food.
We still need the funds for Project Jungkung! Not a penny has been raised.
Our “BOYS” did complete the field kitchen as you can see in the video. They have gone out to call in children in need….to let the children in this region know that a meal is there for their very hungry belly. They will receive the Gospel message with their meal and love from those serving. Why do our “BOYS” serve…because one day not so long ago they too were that street child begging for their next meal! They now have a family with Ting Ministries and our Pastor and have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and want to go do likewise!
We have one of our “BOYS” in grave need. We need to raise $1,500 to hire a lawyer to free him from a horrible overcrowded prison that is 17 hours by land and then 3 by boat away from where our Tin Tin House is located. The government moved him due to even more overcrowding in the local prison. That prison had 27 men/boys in a cell where it can hold 10. His crime…being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He needs a good lawyer for his hearing in early February.
These are just the needs from the past 3 days and just a small fraction of what I hold in my heart and prayers everyday.
Funds are needed for continued ministry in Russia, Indonesia, South Asia and Romania.
Included in the photos are our 3 new rescues…so meet Apple and Samuel and Oswald. 6 of our pups leave for their new lives in the UK and more lives will be changed by the compassion and love given to the voiceless.
I will end this long post (many who gave up half way through will not get the blessing of this rescue story) with the most amazing rescue story especially in a country where very few value the lives of the least and lowest. Our dear director happened to have to go to Bucharest to purchase a new test that each puppy must have before entry into the UK. She had to go immediately because the puppies were set to leave in days and this test just became needed and without it they would miss the Happy Bus” …potentially their only chance at a new life. While on the dark streets she sent me a photo of an old pup in need. I began to pray. She next sends a photo after having been able to rescue this old girl. This girl we named Ella Mae and she was so relieved to get in the car and leave the streets. Fast forward to the next day…our director hears through her contacts that a family in Bucharest lost their old girl. Guess who had their missing baby!! We did! The next photos I received were Ella Mae being reunited with her family. Maybe this happens often here in the US but not in Romania! What a miracle to be in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME to reunite the old soul with her grieving family.
God is moving and working.
Please consider helping Ting Ministries
We need your support- even if it is your spare change. It all adds up and every donation is tax deductible! You can tell us where you would like to send your gift. We also have child sponsor opportunities in multiple countries. Your gift will go where you request. Thank you from my heart and the Ting Ministries Family.
Proverbs 31:8-9
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
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Merry Christmas from the Philippines!

Merry Christmas from the Ting Ministries Teams in the Philippines
Some photos of The Tin Tin Care Feeding Program in multiple regions of the Philippines.
Please join us in feeding the orphan, poor, vulnerable, neglected, children of lepers,, street and rebel children. You can still help with a Year-end-gift.
Our Pastor is still stranded in a different region because of the Super Typhoon and our vehicle needing repair.
He said to me, “Amen. Now I know why we are stranded in this place. I just talked to one pastor here. And he shared to me about the poor kids in this place. He wants to start the feeding program next year. Hope we can start supporting them next year.”
With your help…we can!

To Give a Gift:
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you
Proverbs 31: 8-9
Stay tuned for more photos from Pakistan!
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UPDATE: Disaster Relief and the “Tin Tin Care Feeding Program”

Urgent need in the PHILIPPINES
Despite the Typhoon hitting and temporarily disabling 2 of our teams in the Philippines we were still able to evacuate some children to an evacuation center and our team leader kept them safe.
Team number 2 was able to finally reach their destination to provide a feeding program and a Christmas program to many hungry and hurting children. Please help us continue these feeding programs to many areas in the Southern Philippines weekly.
Our eventual goal is be be nationwide with “The Tin Tin Care Feeding Program.”
Another team had extensive damage to our 1 vehicle and it had to be eventually towed and now repaired. The repair cost is $650.
Ting Ministries Philippines and the Tin Tin Feeding program prayerfully ask for your support and to consider a Year-end-gift.
Give Online or By Check
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Proverbs 31:8-9
James 1:27
Thank you! God bless you and Merry Christmas