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Pakistan Update: Aid for Brick Kiln Laborers and Expanding Ministry

Your gracious prayers and support are so very needed!
Photo 1: It has been rainy in the area in which we work. This means the families living as Brick Kiln Slave Laborers don’t work. When they don’t work they don’t have daily money to purchase food to eat that night. Here Ting Ministries gave 10 bags of flour to 10 very poor families on 1 kiln.
Photo 2: Five children on the one kiln on which we work begging to be allowed to live and study at our Tin Tin home.
Photo 3: TM Pakistan is reaching out to you to help pay the debt of this family to free them from life on the Brick Kiln. The parents beg us to take the children to live at our Tin Tin house so they can receive proper food, clothing and an education.
Photo 4: This family also needs our help to be freed. Their debt is $1,800. No amount donated is to small or too large. Every penny is tax deductible. This family also wants to move their children off the Kiln into our Tin Tin house.
We need more space in our Tin Tin Home and have begun to prepare the floor above our existing home to accommodate all these new children. We currently have 22 children and will easily double this number. Moving to the floor above our current home will double our monthly operating costs of $1,600 to pay all the bills and care for all the children including their education and physical needs.
Please prayerfully consider partnering with us monthly to meet this important need.
Our future plans are to purchase a large home to accommodate 50 to 100 children and hold our church services and activities as well as a small TM office in the same home. Our goal for this is $10,000. Join us in prayer for our Lord to supply this home in HIS timing.
Thank you for your time
Your prayers
Your support and your gifts.
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon PA 17042
Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

December Dance Lessons in Russia: Help Us Raise $100

Would anybody like to sponsor Lera’s December dance classes for just $100 total? While dance classes here in the US can cost upwards of $40 per student for 1 lesson, Lera’s dance classes for a GROUP of students costs only $100 for the WHOLE MONTH! Lera does not have many employment opportunities, so she worked hard to get her dance instructor certification to teach lessons! By helping pay her salary, we are promoting family strengthening; building her confidence and work experience; serving the vulnerable with educational opportunities; and most importantly, when lessons continue – everyone has FUN!
Would you help us bless Lera with her salary for December – just $100? If 20 people gave 5 dollars, we would reach our goal tonight!

You may give: Online at

or via check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Thank you for helping Ting Ministries continue to serve and bless others through meeting their practical and spiritual needs, through Jesus Christ.
Pictured: Lera, smiling, with two of her dance students! Look at all the snow already in Russia!