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Urgent Need for Philippines: School Fees and Continued Marawi Relief

You may remember us sharing a need a couple months ago about school fees for Ting Ministries’ children in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the need has not been met yet – and the children have started school already! They will not be able to stay in school if Pastor Mark cannot pay their fees. It is only 6 dollars a month for elementary school and 12 dollars for higher level education! Please consider if you can help these children, both former and current street kids, go to school – they are counting on you!
Also, Pastor Mark is heading back to Marawi to another evacuation center! In order to continue helping the displaced families and children, he needs our help to purchase supplies like clothing, food, and toys. 100% of Ting Ministries work depends on the faithfulness and generosity of our supporters! Even 5 dollars makes a difference! Please share and get the word out! Thank you!
The total cost for both these needs is: 2,250 dollars.
To learn about becoming a school sponsor for a child in the Philippines visit our Become a Sponsor Page here.
To make a donation to the school children or ongoing Marawi relief, please go to: and specify what you would like your gift to go towards.
Filipino street child

Pastor Mark’s boys. Former Muslim street kids, they are now part of our TM family

These boys begging for food asked Pastor Mark to help them go to school
Orphan Care, Philippines, street children, tribal children, urgent

Completed: Marawi Children’s Relief: Emergency Update: Please Share!

UPDATE 7/26/17: Our goal for the Children’s Relief is FULLY FUNDED! Thanks to everyone who gave, prayed, and shared. Stay tuned for more updates as Pastor Mark continues working in Marawi.

Below are just some of the pictures sent by Pastor Mark who wrote: “We are having a children’s party for the traumatized children. This is not actually part of our agenda but when we talk to the children… they asked us if we can have a children’s party for them so we prepared an instant children’s party for them…”

Dear friends, very late last night we had an emergency need from Pastor Mark. He and the team were going down for children and youth relief in Marawi and were shocked to learn their preparations for 300 children were nowhere close to the 700 that awaited them. While they have started the relief already, they need 580 dollars to ensure all the children can recieve a meal, enew unnderwear, clothing, toys etc. Thank you to our one donor so far! There are some particularly wrenching stories Pastor Mark sent us, which will share throughout the day, as putting them all together would not do them justice.

Please look through the pictures and if you want to give a gift of love to these children, who have been displaced and/or orphaned by ISIS, you can: 1. Use the PayPal button on the side of our website. 2. Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon PA 1702. Thank you dear friends! You are making a world of difference for these children.

Unpacking and distributing toys

A family that was displaced from their home by ISIS

The meals for children

Pastor Mark’s team talking to, playing with, and comforting children

The instant children’s party

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Pastor Mark’s Family was Robbed! Can You Help?

Dear Friends – Yesterday, Pastor Mark’s family was robbed! Three laptops and a dvd player were stolen from the church. These laptops have ministry and other important information on them. Without these things, Pastor Mark cannot run ministry! 

To replace the stolen items, it will cost about 1,500 dollars. Can you help cover this need? Pastor Mark and his family would feel so blessed to know people care so deeply about his ministry they want to help! Please pray for their continued protection.

Below is a picture we got  today of the street boys Pastor Mark and his wife took in. Ting Ministries is helping them go to school! These kids are former Muslims who lived on the streets. Now they are going to school, learning job skills, and want to help in the ministry when they get older like Pastor Mark.

To give towards the cost of replacing the stolen items:

You can use the PayPal button on the side of the website or write a check to Ting Ministries at 904 State Drive, Lebanon PA 17042.

To give towards the boys’ school fees:

If you would like to be a monthly sponsor: Email with your name and mailing address. We will send a sponsorship form for you with a picture and information on the child you would like to help! These sponsorships are 30 dollars and include: monthly school fees and other basic necessities. At 12 dollars a month, only 72 dollars pays for a whole year of school! Please consider what you can give to help!

If you would like to give a one-time donation: Please use the PayPal button at the side of our website. Or, make a check out to Ting Ministries and send it to 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. Please specify for Philippines Sponsorship. Thank you

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Happy Independence Day: Need for School Fees and Marawi Relief Program (a Philippines Ministry Update)

As we celebrate our freedom and independence on this July 4th, the people of Marawi, Philippines are still struggling under the recent ISIS attack at the beginning of the summer. We have an update from Pastor Mark to share with you. He has been in Marawi for 2 weeks now, establishing a relief program, helping street children, trying to relocate lost family members, and ministering to soldiers. Some of the people he has met with have accepted Christ! Here is what he has to say:

The children Ting Ministries plans to help send to school 
(not including the children already going to school in Zamboanga). 

“There are thousands of displaced children who didn’t have much food a month now. Hundreds of children are displaced from their families and we are going to look for then tomorrow. Marawi is a mountainous area and so big… Please pray for our ministry. These are the pictures of the children under education support in Zamboanga. THIS IS ALL BY FAITH Sister. Some of the Zamboanga churches think that I am crazy of coming to Marawi…faith is indeed a crazy thing to others! HALLELUJAH!”
The van that Ting Ministries’ helped provide a couple months ago is very
beneficial! Pastor Mark and others drove it down to Marawi. 
Pastor Mark (left, taking photo) with other Filipino ministry partners
in front of the van.

Wounded soldiers in Marawi. There was an ambush yesterday afternoon,
 and some of them were injured. They were ministered to yesterday and
 some of them accepted Christ!
We need your help to send the rest of these street children to school in Zamboanga and anything above the cost of this, Pastor Mark will be able to use for Marawi relief. Please keep the people of Marawi, the street children, and our ministry partners in your prayers! Later today, we will share a particularly tragic, yet joyous story from Marawi with you.

The relief program underway, providing food
 and necessities to the people of Marawi.
If you would like to give towards the joint project of school fees/Marawi relief, there are several ways to help: The blue Donate button at the top of the Facebook page will take you to our website, where you can donate through PayPal. Or send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. (For both options, please designate for Marawi Relief). Thank you dear friends, followers, and brothers and sisters in Christ.
May we never take for-granted the freedom and protection we celebrate on July 4th. Happy Independence Day USA!
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The Van and Prayer Requests

We received pictures of the van from Pastor Mark today! Thanks to all who donated and have been praying for our dear friends. Pastor Mark is so thankful and has shared a few prayer requests:
“I already received the money and now the team is using it to help the victims of ISIS in Marawi. Pray for my trip to Indonesia tonight for a church planting meeting. Pray for provisions and protections too.”