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Surprise Children in South Asia with a Badminton Set! Only $250!

Dear friends – these are the children at our ministry’s children’s home in South Asia* (country undisclosed for protection of ministry partners.) In the picture below, they are eating lunch together! We would like to surprise the children with a badminton set!
Sponsors often ask us “Can I send my sponsor child a gift?” While mailing things overseas presents many difficulties and we do not want to single children out or provoke jealousy or sadness among children who have sponsors and those currently waiting for sponsors, this is a perfect opportunity to show these precious children you are thinking of them! Our ministry partners have told us how much the children play outside and would love to play badminton – so, please consider helping us purchase a badminton set for them to play together!
These children have little to call their own, even sleeping on dirt floors with blankets provided by Ting Ministries and thankful for soap at Christmastime. They will be so thankful for this gift! To them, a badminton set is an amazing gift!
Please donate through:
2. By Check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Thank you so much! Even if you are unable to give, please SHARE! How excited the children will be with their surprise!
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Our ministry partner from the Philippines is home from the hospital, having received her medical treatment! This was all made possible by YOU our generous supporters! All it takes a little to make a HUGE difference! Thank you so much – from our Team Ting family here and in the Philippines
Pictured: Ministry partners baptizing new believers in Jesus Christ! Our dear friend who received treatment is pictured far right, hands raised.

**2nd Update** We need just $379 yet! Thank you to those who have given – what a blessing to us and our Filipino family! Please continue to share!

*Update* $500 raised! Can we reach out goal of $1000 today?! Thank you to all who have given and shared! Please share this update!

The wife of our dear brother in Christ from the Philippines is very sick – potentially a matter of life or death! Her husband, our dear pastor in the Philippines, says: “Her lungs is affected and needs to be induced but it quite expensive. That’s why she is just taking an antibiotic but [healing] takes longer. Remdisivir shots here will cost about $479. Per vial. She needs at least 2 vials for treatment. We are praying…”
Please, friends of Ting Ministries, can you help raise $1,000 for this life-saving treatment?! These dear friends of ours knew our daughter Avi while in the Philippines and it is through them Ting Ministries has grown and changed countless lives, including numerous street children who call our friends “Mom” and “Dad.” Ministry would not be possible without them.
Here in the United States, we may complain about our healthcare, but we have access to such treatments in emergencies. In these situations, doctors in the United States would treat you immediately to save your life…but in the Philippines, you need to pay completely before receiving treatment! Our hearts are breaking with our Filipino family in Christ and we are asking the Lord for healing and financial provision for the treatment which can bring about the healing.
If you could give, even 5 dollars, please don’t wait! You can send a gift:
1. Online: (instant!)
2. By check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Even if you are not able to give – please SHARE this post to spread the word and lift prayers for our family in the Philippines! With all our love and gratitude, Ting Ministries ❤
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Happy Bus Report: 9 Dogs Find Forever Homes!

In Romania, our animal rescue partners recently sent 9 dogs on “the happy bus” to forever homes in the UK! The same day, we rescued 2 mama dogs with puppies who are looking for their forever homes! International adoption of rescue dogs to the United States is possible – ask us how!

Angelina (puppy, held in child’s arms) was rescued in December and is pictured here with her new family!
Caroline was left in a bag and her 10 puppies in a box. One puppy was already dead upon discovery and rescue. Her milk had dried up from starvation. Caroline is now producing milk for her pups.
Ting was recently saved with her 5 puppies. She was so starved she was ill and required emergency veterinary care.
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Helping Widows in Indonesia: A Call for Sponsors!

For the past year, Ting Ministries has been serving Christian widows in the predominately Muslim country of Indonesia through the Carpenter family’s former Compassion International child. A strong Christian, our former Compassion child has, of her own initiative, developed a plan of service for these widows. She writes:

Mujiati is a woman who lives alone without having a family. Sometimes we go to her house to check her condition. She has a history of strokes that makes it difficult to speak and move. According to Mujiati, since the covid-19 pandemic she no longer receives help from the church that used to routinely provide assistance to poor widows. So she struggles to get out in order to buy what is necessary for her daily needs, since her physical condition has made it impossible to find a job.”

We would like to support Mujiati and other widows with at least $400 per month. If we could have 4 people commit to $100/month it would change Mujiati’s life! To sponsor Mujiati or give a one-time gift:

1. Donate online at:

2. Send a Check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042 

If you would like to commit to sponsoring Mujiati monthly (with a partial sponsorship: $100 or full sponsorship $400): 

1. Write to us on Facebook, or email us at

2. Send your first monthly financial gift for Mujiati through one of the methods listed above

3. We will send you a welcome letter and picture of Mujiati! 

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500 Per Month: Freshwater Update

In the Philippines, we rejoice with a group of young adults who committed their lives to Jesus Christ! Please pray for these new believers, that they would have a hunger for God’s Word and be Lights for Jesus Christ in this Muslim-predominate region. We also distributed rice and food packs to families affected by pandemic lockdowns in the country. Please pray that the Gospel would satisfy the spiritual hunger of the people as well!

Ongoing Need: In last month’s newsletter, we wrote about a fresh water project in the Philippines. Due to the urgent necessity for the families and children in this community, a loan was taken to install the freshwater wells. The loan totals $12,000. If we could set aside $500 per month for this project, that would be ideal to allow adequate repayment and enable the financial need of other ministry to continue at the same time. If you would like to give towards the cost of The Freshwater Project, you can donate by: 

  1. Donate online:
  2. Send a check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Thank you for partnering with us to serve families in-need!