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Update (Need Met!) 350 Dollars for a Funeral: A Need from Our Partners at Bible Orphan Ministry

Update: June 1, 2017
Thank you to those who gave for Andriy’s funeral costs. We received word this morning that BOM has enough to pay for all the needs related to his funeral. Please pray for Andriy’s brother Misha during this time.Thank you.


Can you help Ting Ministries and Bible Orphan Ministry raise 350 dollars for a funeral? Misha is a Christian, and his brother Andriy, just passed away from tuberculosis, (We are unsure if Andriy accepted Christ before he died). Both brothers are orphans–Andriy doesn’t even have shoes or clothes to be buried in. This is such a small amount– please consider what you can do for Misha in his grief. Imagine how this would strengthen his faith. From our partners at BOM:

“Dear friends, we are so grateful that so many of you have been praying for the young guy Andriy sick withTB. [His brother Misha] called the ambulance 4 times to take Andriy to hospital. All refused. Finally next day poor guy was transferred to hospital. Doctors did all medical tests and X-ray. But today in the morning Andriy has gone… We are going to help Misha with funeral but it cost money. It is need to buy many stuff, coffin, rent a vehicle to transfer his body and many more. Andriy was so poor that even does not have shoes to bury him… Even clothes and shoes need to buy. The funeral will happen tomorrow or the next day.”

If you want to donate to Andriy’s funeral costs, please go to Bible Orphan Ministry’s Donation page.
Or, go to the PayPal button at the side of this page. (You do not need a PayPal account to donate through this button).
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Big, Big Announcement…from Bible Orphan Ministry

Ting Ministries is pleased to announce we have officially partnered with Bible Orphan Ministry! Please read the post below, from our friends at Bible Orphan Ministry about this new partnership. We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for our organizations.

Guest Post:

Well. It is officially! Bible Orphan Ministry have started to partnering with a wonderful American charity, Ting Ministries! Yay! Awesome blessing!!!

We have PayPal and funds can be sent via check too! On DONATE page you can find more info.
All donations tax deductible and 100% goes to BOM! Isn`t it amazing???
We are super excited!!!! God is soooo good all the time!!!

I’ll start from the beginning. A few weeks ago, we were informed that we can no longer use PayPal. Oh no!!! Again??? As you know exactly one year ago, we had this problem. But thank God everything was decided by God’s grace! We are so grateful to the person, who helped BOM with this issue. Our gratitude never will be enough!!!

So, when we were informed this news. I was ok. But the next day, the fear came into my heart. Oh, this sinful and weak flesh… Hundreds of questions were spinning in my head. What to do? Where to find the way? What, if this will not work out for us and many more. I felt so helpless. But I kept repeating in my heart, I should trust my God, it means He is preparing something special… I always remembered one of my favorite Bible verse (Romans 8:28)“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  I should trust, even it is difficult, even if there is no hope and no way out, I should trust my Saviour. Even it is not easy But I should. The next day, the perfect peace of God and calm filled my heart. I am so thankful Him! I “knew” that our Heavenly Father has prepared something special. But what??? I did not know what to do, where to write… There were some thoughts, but I felt that this is not what God wants for us… 

Thus we have for you a great announcement! 🙂 We are so very excited that it seems that my heart will jump out of my chest and I want jump with joy!It happened so fast that I can not believe it! My fear about some of the issues have been completely in vain! That’s what I was afraid or worried, God showed me mercy and grace. Through small details I see the hand and will of God in this matter! This has just blown my mind how God works!!! We are thrilled and so excited to work with our new partners and friends, Ting Ministris!

Dear friends, if you have any difficulties with the health, at work, housing, family, friends, neighbors, children, anywhere. Just trust Him! All work together for good!!! Our Heavenly Father is good and loving! He’s an amazing alive God!!! We are so blessed and  humble to serve Him!!! Just tears. Tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks from the goodness and mercy of the Lord Jesus. My love to all ♥♥♥
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Seed and "Friend in Dnepropetrovsk…" One Year Later

Earlier this afternoon, I saw that a year ago today, I shared a photo of our Seed in Ukraine right after she was rescued. Seed was hit by a train and got her paw stuck in the tracks, so it needed to be amputated. 

It is hard to believe she was ever that small! Now, one year later, she is a big, affectionate pup who loves her family! 

What a difference…from the cold streets of Ukraine to a warm livingroom in the United States. Please visit “Friend” – helping stray animals in Dnepropetrovsk to learn more about animal rescue in Ukraine and email them at: to learn more. You may also like to visit “Friend in Dnepropetrovsk’s” website here. Our friend Marina who is part of “Friend in Dnepropetrovsk” helped us get Seed home and is passionate about animal rescue and finding desparately needed families for strays. What a difference one year can make in the lives of orphans, children and animals alike! Happy New Year from Ting Ministries!

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Angela Needs a Family!

Angela needs a miracle! She ages out in Feburary 2017, just two months from now. Many of you followed Annie’s story of finding her family right before she aged out… Now, I ask you, please help us find Angela a family! She was moved from a war region in Ukraine to another area. When a family saw her in 2012, she was not walking, but she might walk a litte now. She is mentally delayed and has some possible vision issues, but she has a gentle, sweet spirit. Angela deserves a family! Please go to this post to learn a bit more about her and please SHARE her story! She needs a family. We can’t save every child, but we can make a difference for one life at a time.