Pakistan, Philippines, Ukraine

Pakistan, Philippines and Ukraine: Update from Februrary 17, 2023

Originally published on Ting Ministries Facebook on February 17, 2023
Combining countries for the sake of time – for those reading and for me as I try to keep urgent needs out there. The needs come so quickly that only a small portion of what happens ever makes it to a post!


Some teenage girls recently rescued need funds to keep them safe and also for food and clothes. Once rescued from captors there is much aftercare to ensure their safety and future. $500
Many medical needs in Pakistan
– $50 for the son of W who accepted Jesus and faces persecution from his family and those that know he has converted.
– $500 for R who has severe stomach issues and requires surgery. Her mother contacted us today in tears. They not only have no food – they also have no money for medicine much less a surgery.
– Sara’s father had a serious accident and leg injury- $150 for his medical needs
– A washroom and water pump for families living off the kiln and in a neighborhood with other Christian families $500
My heart breaks as it is soon our Tin Tin’s Birthday and no funds have come in at all to celebrate her life. I know she was not important to most who read these posts but she was everything to me. The grief from losing a child is nearly unbearable – without Christ I have no idea how one actually survives. She is the reason Ministries began. She is the catalyst for the Tin Tin Homes and the Tin Tin Feeding Programs and the Tin Tin Sunday school and more!


I would at least like to be able to bless her home country and the kids in her birthplace for her BIRTHDAY!
ONLY $300 TO THROW A PARTY in her honor and memory.
Help Ting Ministries to bless other children in the Philippines 🇵🇭 for Tin Tin’s 16th birthday! This would be a great blessing to me!
Only $300 needed according to the Ting Ministries Pastor on the ground and heading up all the ministries happening there.
And one final need on this post…


A young girl who is alone with her dog in Ukraine needs some food and rent! If anyone wants a way to bless someone in Ukraine needing support here is your way.
And there is so much more just today but for now…
Thanks for reading and sharing and praying!
God bless you
Ways to give👇
On the homepage of the website
Or by check ✔️
Ting Ministries
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Thank you
Proverbs 31:8′-9

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