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Simple Joys

Thank you for giving!
This little boy and another little girl needed a tricycle to have some mobility.
Today the little boy received his tricycle and if you look very closely you can see his big smile. The little girl will be given her tricycle this weekend!
You can also see a photo of the Gospel being shared at a prayer time thanking God for this blessing. The region this is happening in is not friendly to the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your prayers and support are fulfilling the Great Commission!
Mark 16:15
There is joy in the simple that most take for granted – the blessing of being able to move about! Thank you and Praise The Lord!
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Emergency Medical Care & Food Packs for Pakistani Families

Emergency medical funds needed
Emergency food pack funds needed
Many medical needs happened over the weekend in Pakistan!
One little girl was burned badly like our Starfish was burned months ago. She needs urgent medical care.
Little “R” has serious medical issues and she needs urgent care and came from the Brick Kiln to the city for help but the family has NO MONEY. Ting Ministries needs your help.
The little boy has a serious head wound and needs hospital care.
Orphans needing to come into the Tin Tin House to be fed and cared for but funds are needed to provide for their care.
Tribal children are being ministered to and food packs are urgently needed. Funds are needed to make up these food packs to hand out to children – Philippines 🇵🇭
Ting Ministries
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Every penny matters
Every life matters
Orphan Care, Pakistan

Pakistan: School and Elder Care


School books for orphans, poor and needy – 3 schools and 3 locations! The Tin Tin House is expanding to provide more educational opportunities.
Educators or anyone wanting to bless children- here is a unique opportunity to be a blessing to children in Pakistan wanting to learn. Looking to raise $500 to meet the needs of 100s of children!
•Orphans and widows in need!
$400 would help Ting Ministries to provide basic food packs for the widows and elders shown in an earlier post and the many orphans Ting Ministries supports.
Every penny matters – we collect change for Tins for Tin Tin
Every dollar counts
If you read these posts and think I can’t give $500 I completely get that! Can you give $10.00?
It’s all about the math. If 50 friends give $10.00 there is the $500!
Thank you for caring, sharing, praying and supporting these precious widows, orphans, poor and needy!
Ting Ministries
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• note regarding the needed tricycles posted previously- photos coming soon
• note regarding Philippines: Some exciting and powerful work of the Lord has been happening in some dangerous regions and your prayers and support are desperately needed. One young man broke down crying because he barely has food or medicines for his children, but he refuses to renounce his faith in Jesus (which would lift his persecution and ease his living situation temporarily) We can come alongside this brother and others to meet their needs for food!

Help “M” Achieve Mobility

Update: Praise God for the need for M being met!!

Can anyone help this precious child achieve mobility? He needs help. Ting Ministries needs $200 to purchase him (and another little girl who is also in need) a tricycle type of equipment for his freedom of movement. His legs were disabled by polio and he can not walk.
This little boy we are calling “M” is the relative of “Sunshine” who previously was helped with medical needs.
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Thank you for helping the “least of these”.
Your gifts to Ting Ministries are transforming lives.
Ting Ministries asks for you to prayerfully consider a gift this month to help share the Gospel in remote areas, with the poor and orphaned, slave laborer and street children!
Consider a gift of eternal significance!
Every gift is tax deductible
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Medical Care for Child in Pakistan & Fires in the Philippines

This little boy in Pakistan needs your help! He needs medical care. We need some help.
Any amount will help!
There was a fire yesterday in the Southern Philippines and over 300 families were displaced and many sleeping on the streets. 17 of the families are those who are known by our teams and Pastor and help is needed to supply food and water and emergency shelter!
Ting Ministries
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Thank you
If you can’t help please share and please pray for Ting Ministries- for opportunities to share ministry- for lives to be changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for funds to meet the daily needs of many for food, basics, medical care, education and housing!