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Never Been to School & an Update on Sara

Exciting update –❤❤❤❤
Praise God for the gift for Sara! THANK YOU!!!
$800 given to date for this freedom fund need!
●Only $500 needed as of today to free this family from lifelong slavery on a brick kiln! Be a miracle for this family and precious young Sara.
Any amount will help
Every gift tax-deductible

They need your help!
Ting Ministries Pakistan
Their family has been freed from slave labor on a brick kiln! Praise God for this huge step and life change but now the family needs support for the first few months to help them establish a life outside of Slavery.
These children have never been to school. This is statistically one of the best ways to break the cycle.of slave and poverty- education.
Help Ting Ministries meet this need and also supply rent and groceries!
$200 can make all the difference in these young lives being kept safe and cared for for 2 months.
Please prayerfully consider helping.
Sara is also still waiting for freedom! See post done previously! 👇
Ways to give to Ting Ministries and each gift for any country need is tax-deductible
Or by check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you!

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