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Won’t Someone Let Him In?

“The earth makes room for every flower, that reaches for the sun; “We’re glad you’ve come” is whispered on the breeze. But when I enter the spring of my dreams just like a wildflower that burst on the scene, will I find my place with a gentle wind? Tell me, will they let me in?” “Let Me In,” Rigoletto
Look at this beautiful little boy! T is from an Eastern European country and his name means “flower.” He is diagnosed with brain damage, epilepsy, and spastic quadriplegia (Cerebral Palsy). He reminds me so much of my sister Avi, who also has spastic quadriplegia and whose bright eyes and giggle bring us joy every day. Please don’t let medical terms scare you off from helping us find T his family. Imagine how this flower will blossom and grow with love! Won’t someone let him in?
For more information about T, please visit the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Please contact us for the password).
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They Turned Around and Crucified: Sad News about V

For those who may not have heard, Ting Ministries has sad news. Little V, who we advocated for and who had found a family, passed away before she could come home. We wanted to wait for official confirmation to share this news.V urgently needed a liver transplant.
Little V died waiting for her family to come.
Children die waiting for families every day. They age out. What happened to V is terribly sad – even more so because it should have never happened in the first place. If a family had come forward for her sooner, it is likely she would have survived. When Christ told us to “Go, and care for the orphans and widows in their distress,” he did not say “Go and care… AFTER you get everything under control. After you have enough money. After you have enough people supporting you.” How many people supported Jesus when he was doing ministry? Didn’t the very people who supported him turn around and crucify him? Our Lord did not call us to live comfortable lives.
Today, in honor of V, please look at these children from Eastern Europe that we added to our Waiting Child List. To learn more about a child, go to the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Contact us for the password).

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What We Could Not Do for Her

After S aged out, I wrote a post with the quote: “Sometimes I wonder, why fight when the world does not want to fight with you. Why believe we can change things, when the people that have the power to – they do not care.” (Marc Ching). If we don’t care enough to hit one button to share an child’s info, and a short while later find out they lost their chance to a family, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We failed S. So why do we fight? We fight because there is always another child. There is always a chance that today, a child will find a family. Today, I am sharing a child in a similar situation to S. Let us do for him, what we could not do for her.

Look at that smile! T has Down Syndrome and some other special needs. He also AGES OUT in less than a month! Please share this post today, so we can find his family in time! No child should have to face a future without a family or the dismal existence in a mental institution. H(ere’s a little bit about T.
“T is a calm and positive child. He communicates through sounds and gestures T has a favorite place in each classroom. In the classroom. He likes to look at books, but has a short attention span. T likes to listen to children’s music and reacts to different volumes and rhythms.” Head on over to the Waiting Child Advocacy page on our website to read more and see other pictures and video.
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Here is a Fact. Children Are Dying.

Here is a fact. Children are dying. Today, “merry and radiant” S,” with her beautiful smile, aged out and will be transferred to an adult mental institution for the rest of her life.
An adult mental institution. S will never have a sister to paint her nails, never know the joy of getting on the bus to go to school, never have a family to laugh with. Instead, because of her disability, she is now condemned to an institution. Autobiographies of adopted children and documentaries tell us what goes on in these places – inhabitants are drugged daily, locked in rooms, some are left naked – and more horrendous things. Can you imagine how terrifying it will be for S, who is capable of understanding?

Thinking of S, I am reminded of the words of Marc Ching, who works with rescued dogs. This is not the first time his words about abandoned animals have been fitting for orphans. He said: “Sometimes I wonder, why fight when the world does not want to fight with you. Why believe we can change things, when the people that have the power to – they do not care.”
Do we really care? Or are we too busy to even share a post so more people can see a child’s story? I pray we are careful we do not become accustomed to convincing ourselves “Someone else will do something.” Why do we fight? Because it is a command to go. James 1:27.
Yes, God is the ultimate Defender of the Orphans – but He calls us, His people to be His hands and feet on this earth. We have the resources to save children like S – but only if we want to. If the over 1,000 people who saw her post had given only 40 dollars…her adoption would have been completely paid. On days like today, it won’t matter how many likes, comments or shares a post got.
Only a family would’ve changed S’s life.
Christ adopted us – and the price of the adoption was His life. We are called to lay down our lives (John 15:13). This means truly giving something up. The next time we see an aging out child, what will we be willing to do about it?
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Look at this Sweetie – A Father for Father’s Day

Look at handsome S – Oh my goodness, this boy sounds like such a sweetie! Is he your son?! 
Here’s a bit about him: S is a quiet and helpful child! He likes to play with legos and play for a long time. He likes to play alone, likes to draw. He has a corrected cleft palate, a speech impediment, some different facial features and mental delay. However, he is a smart and helpful boy. S can categorize things, determine size, knows his seasons and days of the week and is knowledgeable about plants and animals. He sounds like a wonderful son just waiting for the love of a family!
To learn more about S and other waiting children, please go to the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Contact us for the password). If interested, please contact us at: tingministries@comcast.net.