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What We Could Not Do for Her

After S aged out, I wrote a post with the quote: “Sometimes I wonder, why fight when the world does not want to fight with you. Why believe we can change things, when the people that have the power to – they do not care.” (Marc Ching). If we don’t care enough to hit one button to share an child’s info, and a short while later find out they lost their chance to a family, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We failed S. So why do we fight? We fight because there is always another child. There is always a chance that today, a child will find a family. Today, I am sharing a child in a similar situation to S. Let us do for him, what we could not do for her.

Look at that smile! T has Down Syndrome and some other special needs. He also AGES OUT in less than a month! Please share this post today, so we can find his family in time! No child should have to face a future without a family or the dismal existence in a mental institution. H(ere’s a little bit about T.
“T is a calm and positive child. He communicates through sounds and gestures T has a favorite place in each classroom. In the classroom. He likes to look at books, but has a short attention span. T likes to listen to children’s music and reacts to different volumes and rhythms.” Head on over to the Waiting Child Advocacy page on our website to read more and see other pictures and video.

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