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Won’t Someone Let Him In?

“The earth makes room for every flower, that reaches for the sun; “We’re glad you’ve come” is whispered on the breeze. But when I enter the spring of my dreams just like a wildflower that burst on the scene, will I find my place with a gentle wind? Tell me, will they let me in?” “Let Me In,” Rigoletto
Look at this beautiful little boy! T is from an Eastern European country and his name means “flower.” He is diagnosed with brain damage, epilepsy, and spastic quadriplegia (Cerebral Palsy). He reminds me so much of my sister Avi, who also has spastic quadriplegia and whose bright eyes and giggle bring us joy every day. Please don’t let medical terms scare you off from helping us find T his family. Imagine how this flower will blossom and grow with love! Won’t someone let him in?
For more information about T, please visit the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Please contact us for the password).

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