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The Story that Began in 1974

Ting Ministries Russia❤
This is just the most amazing story and it all began in 1974! That’s right…1974!
You can hear some of the story from Sasha on the recent Joni and Friends podcasts.
Part One HERE
Part Two HERE
To date…September 20, 2022
Lera is preparing her students for a dance competition in Ulyanovsk, Russia.
Donations needed to keep these students dancing!
What a great way to share love and care about others through the gift of dance.
Any dance studios here in the USA interested helping students in Russia just send a DM.
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Adoption, Orphan Care, Russia, Sasha's Story

Sasha’s Joni & Friends Interview: Adoption, Abortion and Disability

Hello friends of Ting Ministries! I was blessed to share my story as an abortion survivor and Russian adoptee with Joni and Friends! While some may have seen the interview on social media, I wanted to share it here as well for others who may be interested. I pray it blesses families touched in any way by adoption, abortion, orphan care, caregiving or grief. You can listen at the link provided and browse our website to learn more about my story and Ting Ministries’ work with families around the world.

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Lera’s Dance at Castle Garibaldi

Lera’s dance goes to….a real-life castle?!
That’s right! Lera dances in front of Castle Garibaldi – Замок Гарибалди. Her story was also recently featured on the Instagram page of a Russian Autism Awareness foundation. They highlighted her beautiful spirit of compassion as she serves children and teaches dance to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in such a class. We love you Lera! You are beautiful and talented – keep shining your light for Jesus!
To support Lera’s Dance so students can continue lessons for the upcoming school year:
3. Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
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Come Dance with Us!

Come dance with us! Lera’s Dance is impacting young lives in Russia. Ting Ministries celebrates and ministers to these beautiful children and their families through the gift of dance.
Help Ting Ministries continue ministry in Russia through the language of dance.
We love the way God uses different gifts and talents to spread His love and the Gospel!
See the latest Dance party where Parents and families were invited to attend.
New Donation Method:
Send Checks to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon, PA 17042
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Lera’s Dance is Changing Lives in Russia

A little love from Russia today…
Lera’s Dance is making an impact on the lives of children in Russia.
My heart longs to travel back to Russia to spend time with our family in Russia. God made miracles happen all those years ago and answered so many desperate and tear filled prayers.
We are praying for some miracles for another tiny blonde haired girl in Russia. Please join us in prayer. God knows the details.
Can you help us celebrate Avi’s birthday and another little girls special day. She asked for a bike and a scooter and we plan to be sure she has those dreams answered.
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Thank you.
God bless
Proverbs 31:8-9