Russia, Sasha's Story

Happy Birthday, Lera!

Happy 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 Birthday
Join us at Ting Ministries in celebrating our dear Lera! It’s her birthday this week and the 4 year anniversary of meeting Sasha’s birthmother and sister! I still am in awe of how the Lord answered my 21 years of praying and how he knit us together as family forever.
When we adopted Sasha in 1998 I began praying for that day of meeting and for the precious young birthmother of our daughter. We never knew the full story until that amazing miraculous day in September of 2019. Many years and many adoptions later God has brought this full circle.
Ting Ministries is ministering in Russia because of God moving mountains and answering prayers. What a joy everyday to be in fellowship together with not only my dear sister and “daughter” Lera but to be able to be blessing other children, women and families that need the love of Jesus and encouragement and help.
To everyone who prays, share and helps Ting Ministries- thank you and join us in making this a great birthday week for our dearest Lera!
Happy Birthday to you Lera! We love you!

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