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Ellianna Invites You…Pork BBQ Today!



Hi everyone,
Come out today and see me…support my sisters coming home from China! If you were not planning to come …come anyways…if it rains and your plans change come get some awesome Pork BBQ and hear Pastor Asif speak about orphans in Pakistan. Come purcahse a birdhouse I painted or eat some colored cupcakes I made. Hear about my ministry TING MINISTRIES. IT IS NAMED FOR ME…ELLIANNA YA-TING. HEAR about the work in many countries for orphans…I was once an orphan waiting for my mom and dad to come get me. Come help my mom and dad go get Hope and Britt!

Thanks and you will have fun and I will even blow up some balloons for you!! Come on…you know you want to come!
Fairland Brethren in Christ in Cleona near Giant food store. Today from 1-4 everything is by donation and you can have take out and no tickets needed.
Listen with your heart!
See you soon! Ellianna Yating

If you can’t come after all my convincing you can still help Hope and Britt
Or Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

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Surgery for Sahil – Thank You for Helping Us Reach Our Goal!

Update: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Surgery for Sahil is PAID IN FULL!
Thank you so much to all who partnered with us to provide the urgent medical care Sahil needs! We are so excited to tell our partner and Sahil’s family the news.

Praise the Lord!

Update: Monday, May 21, 2018

Folks, we are SO close to raising the necessary funds for Sahil’s surgery! With only 200 USD needed, can you help meet this need TODAY?

Sahil is the son of a Pakistani pastor. His family has been praying for 9 years for the means to get him the surgery he needs to walk. Doctors say his condition is correctable, but 200, much less 800, seems an impossible sum. Every time our contact visits Sahil’s family, the little boy asks if he will be able to get his surgery! Sahil’s family has demonstrated their faith for nine years. Now, let us be the answer to all those prayers. Can you even begin to imagine the rejoicing of the family at the news that their prayers have been answered?

Read the details at the bottom of this post to learn how you can help make this life-changing surgery a reality for Sahil!

Thank you everyone! ~Ting Ministries Staff

Surgery for Sahil! 100 dollars raised so far!
Dear friends, those of you who read our latest email update saw the story of Sahil, the son of a Pakistani pastor. He has terribly clubbed and twisted feet and has needed a surgery for nine years. Doctors say they can correct his condition.


We ONLY NEED 700 more dollars to completely pay for the surgery! Will you consider giving to this life changing operation today? Sahil’s family have been praying for years to be able to give him the medical care he deserves. Let’s not let such a small amount stand in the way of them seeing their prayers answered!

If you would like to help Sahil:
1. Please use our papal at: OR
2. Mail a check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Please note: Sahil’s surgery

Thank you dear TM friends! Let’s help surprise his family with JOY!

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ICII Sponsor Update as of June 6th

Update July, 2017

All the children have sponsors! Thank you to those who have prayed, shared, and donated!

Update as of June 6, 2017

We heard that the son has a full 60 dollar sponsor! Praise the Lord! So, only 2 partial sponsors for the daughters are needed. One needs a 30 dollar sponsor and the other needs a 45 dollar sponsor. Please keep sharing the need!

Hello friends of Ting Ministries! A few days ago, we shared the story of three precious children in Pakistan who have an immediate need for sponsors. Read their heartbreaking story here

As of today, there are two children with sponsors and one child with no sponsors. One of the daughters needs another 30 dollar sponsor and the other daughter needs a 45 dollar sponsor. The son does not have any sponsors yet. 

Please consider what you can do to help these children. (See the original post for links to sponsor information or a place to make a one-time donation).
These innocent children have undergone tremendous suffering in their short lives. You could help change a child’s life! Please feel free to contact us for more info at: We are personal friends of ICII and are so happy to partner with them in their work!
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Completed: Please Read this Story – Immediate Need for Sponsors

Dear Friends of Ting Ministries​, we have an immediate need to share with you from our friends at ICII. Please take time to read this story. Are you looking for a way to get involved with orphan care, but unsure of how you can help? Please keep reading — there are three precious children in urgent need of sponsors! If you would like to help these children in need, please contact us at or ICII for more information (contact info at the bottom).

Greetings, in the name of Jesus!
Each of Independent Church in India’s (ICII’s) four children’s homes were founded for the purpose of providing a light of hope for children who are scared and alone in the dark landscape of their poverty-stricken and cruelty-filled world, where there is no one else to help them. We want to be able offer them compassion and relieve their suffering. Yet all too often, yet more young faces full of hopeless desperation come forward to us out of these shadows, and we have to turn to others to join with us in reaching out to them.
We have just such a sad story to share with you today, about three totally innocent children in Pakistan who have become orphans. Even though their story is tragic, it is not hopeless – God can bring hope in their lives through you. Please read on, and pray about how the Lord can use you to give a new life to these dear children.
Rafiq and his wife had three small children: a son, Shamil, and two daughters, Angelina Rose and Arqa. The family was living in suffocating poverty. Rafiq worked hard at a brick company, where he made low wages as most Christians do in Pakistan. But through all their struggles Rafiq was faithful to Jesus, and whenever he had a chance he would share the Gospel at his workplace. Rafiq would do evangelism when he could. One day Rafiq was arrested for sharing about Christ and he had to appear before the judge. If Rafiq would have denied the resurrected Christ that day, the judged might have released him. Instead, because he would not deny Christ, Rafiq was sentenced to life in prison with no hope of parole.
Rafiq was thrown into a crowded prison cell along with thirty or forty other convicts. The prison was smelly, filthy and putrid; there wasn’t even a toilet in their cell. The only food they were given was very unsanitary rice and dhal (beans), full of worms and bugs. Whenever a person got sick in the cell, there was no medical treatment. As a Christian, Rafiq was a prime target for bullying and abuse by other prisoners.
After spending more than two years in that hideous place, and due to all of the nightmarish things that have happened to him in jail, Rafiq has become mentally disturbed. The last time his children went to see him, he was weeping, incoherent, and he no longer could even recognize his own children.
On top of all this, their mother was unable to provide for her three children, so she left them with a family member and vanished, never to return. The children were passed along to four different families, none of whom wanted them or could bear the burden of providing for them. At such young ages, their lives had become unbearable. Often the children were forced into labor. Rather than receiving any love, they were treated as slaves.
One of Independent Church in India’s Pakistani pastors named Mehbob was preaching the Gospel in the area where the children were living, and he discovered them in this terrible condition. The family they were staying with told Pastor Mehbob they didn’t want the children and would no longer be responsible for them. Frustrated that the three kids had been left to them, the family was considering turning them over to a private orphanage nearby. It is well-known in the area that girls in that orphanage are often used for prostitution and boys crippled so they can beg for money, just as in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.
Shamil is seven years old, Angelina Rose is six, and Arqa is four. Pastor Mehbob currently has only one sponsorship for $30 per month, which barely provides for himself alone. Still, he was filled with compassion for these three children and has taken them for now into his own home to rescue them from having to go to that orphanage. But he can’t afford to provide for them properly. ICII wants to help these children find safe and loving homes where they will be well cared for. We are looking for those who would like to personally sponsor these children. It takes only about $60 per month to help a child. You can fully sponsor a needy child for $60, or $30 for a partial sponsorship.
All throughout India and Pakistan, there are tragic stories of young children who vanish into the night, never to return again. Terrible things are done to kids like these every day, by those who practice evil so horrible it is unspeakable. We can not turn our backs on these precious children who are in desperate need of our help. This is your chance to help us rescue three innocent young lives who have suffered greatly, all for Christ’s sake.
To give through Paypal toward helping these children, please use this link:
You can sponsor these children, and other kids who urgently need
support, at our child sponsorship page:
100 percent of gifts given for this project will be used towards these three children’s most urgent needs. Any gifts we receive for this project over the amount that is needed will go toward meeting the needs of orphans in Pakistan.
Please visit our website at:
If you would be able to send a gift by mail, please make your check or
money order payable to “Independent Church In India” or “ICII”, mark it
“Orphans in Pakistan”, and send it to the address below:
Independent Church in India
PO Box 238
Fredericksburg, PA 17026
Thanks so much, and have a blessed day!
Reaching the Unreached in India, Pakistan, and Africa,
Lowell and Kathy Smith
Independent Church in India
(717) 865-7885 (717) 865-7885