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ICII Sponsor Update as of June 6th

Update July, 2017

All the children have sponsors! Thank you to those who have prayed, shared, and donated!

Update as of June 6, 2017

We heard that the son has a full 60 dollar sponsor! Praise the Lord! So, only 2 partial sponsors for the daughters are needed. One needs a 30 dollar sponsor and the other needs a 45 dollar sponsor. Please keep sharing the need!

Hello friends of Ting Ministries! A few days ago, we shared the story of three precious children in Pakistan who have an immediate need for sponsors. Read their heartbreaking story here

As of today, there are two children with sponsors and one child with no sponsors. One of the daughters needs another 30 dollar sponsor and the other daughter needs a 45 dollar sponsor. The son does not have any sponsors yet. 

Please consider what you can do to help these children. (See the original post for links to sponsor information or a place to make a one-time donation).
These innocent children have undergone tremendous suffering in their short lives. You could help change a child’s life! Please feel free to contact us for more info at: We are personal friends of ICII and are so happy to partner with them in their work!

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