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The Power of One

Originally Published on November 5, 2023
The power of one life – that one life is that of Jesus Christ. He has the power to save. Romans 10:9-10
Today 5 years ago was the worst day and the best day of my life. Today is the day that my princess Avigayil Christina ( better known as Tin Tin in the Philippines and now all around the world in the places where Ting Ministries has teams on the ground sharing the Gospel and being a voice for the Voiceless )
Today is the day our Lord took her home with Him. Today 5 years ago is the day her body became whole as she took the hand of the Savior Jesus and went home with Him. One day when He returns or calls me home I will spend eternity with her and my Savior – so that is how it is the worst day and the best day of my life.
I remember the moment like it was yesterday- for anyone in the midst of grief it is unending. For me …time has not healed as the cliché phrase states. But for me and us at Ting Ministries the days are bearable and even can be joyful only because of Jesus Christ and that of serving Him.
The twinkle in the eyes of a little girl Today because she was able to buy a sandwich to feed her hungry stomach because of the kindness of a stranger …the joy of seeing children in Pakistan have a bed frame to sleep on or food to feed the starving baby….the joy of a family freed from slavery and beginning a new life…the joy of watching slave laborers use their skills to build the walls of the church in Pakistan…the joy of seeing homemade boats built and dedicated to the Lord and named after our princess…the joy of having a feeding program feed thousands of children or schools open in her name and honor…the joy of lives coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and knowing that an entire ministry began because of the life of ONE TINY BROKEN ORPHAN HALF A WORLD AWAY WHO BECAME A PRINCESS AND LOVED AND ADOPTED BECAUSE OF THE POWER AND LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST! WOW!
TODAY SHE HAS HER 5TH HEAVENLY HOMECOMING…I can’t see what I type because the tears flow from missing her here so much. To me she was perfect..her tiny perfect hands…her perfect nose and perfect laugh…her perfect dark curls and perfect beautiful feet. She is now perfect with our Lord but she was perfect here on earth to me even though she had a broken body by our world’s standard – but then maybe our world is upside down and she was given to the world to have the world see things through her perspective.
The day I picked her up for the first time in a metal crib in an orphanage in the Philippines I was asked why I wanted her so desperately when I could adopt another child not so broken. At the time I had no idea the Lord would use her to birth a ministry but what I did know is that the Lord called us to adopt HER!
SO today and the whole month of November we at Ting Ministries have the Avi Campaign running in honor of our Princess.
$5,000 on the 5th ( and throughout the month) for her 5th heavenly homecoming
These funds will be used for all things Tin Tin in each country where Ting Ministries has teams feeding children and sharing the Gospel!
Help me celebrate my girl.
Help other children and families in her honor.
It’s a tribute to one..that one is Jesus Christ and He has been using the power of 1 tiny little dark haired girl to change lives for eternity !
Thanks for loving her and crying and rejoicing with me as we see one life at a time changed by His power.
JAMES 1:27
Please select personal/friends and family
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
God bless you
Thank you Lord for giving us Avi – our Tin Tin House
Ting Ministries

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