Update: GOAL REACHED! A $1,800 Beard? Brian’s Ministry Plan for “No Shave November!”

Update 11/29/23

A message from Pastor Brian – A PINK BEARD? The roof funds have been raise for the Ting Church in Pakistan! Bring back “Ten For Tin Tin” for Christmas! Help us raise $10,000 for Christmas Projects in each country where we serve. It’s gonna be a Tin Tin Kind of Christmas! And the Tin Tin Ornaments! Be sure to watch and look at the videos and photos from the first through to the last!

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Update 11/22/2023

Little Miss Meimei has a message and is perplexed…
This is our Ting Ministries Church…
She says “Help my daddy and my Uncle Elisha to finish the roof before tomorrow! It’s still $900 away from having enough.”
Pastor Brian of Ting Ministries and little miss meimei
“Please consider giving this Thanksgiving to the Raise the Roof fund. In the beginning of November I began #noshavenovember to raise a beard to raise awareness and funds to complete the building of the Ting Ministries Church in Pakistan! “
A total of $1,800 was needed to complete the building of a church in Pakistan. This building will be the hub of activities for Ting Ministries and all of the outreaches happening in many locations in Pakistan. It is located in easy walking distance from the Tin Tin House #1.
The church was built by those attending the church as well as laborers from the Brick kilns who attend the church and with mostly bricks from the original building (repurposed) which collapsed in the heavy rains this summer.
$1,400 is still needed for the roof. This will not only purchase the materials but also be sufficient for us to raise the roof and get the building completed.
Help Ting Ministries Pakistan to complete this need by Thanksgiving !
Thank you!
James 1:27 is being lived out daily by Ting Ministries
Ting Ministries 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

A Beard and a Church Roof…

If you have been following Ting Ministries, you know that we have been rebuilding our partner church in Pakistan for several months. The only part left is to build the roof!

Thinking about this need, Brian and Sasha, our co-director and administrative assitant,  came up with this idea yesterday! It started as a joke, because they both know how much Stephanie does not like Brian growing a beard!

The Goal

So, Brian is growing a beard during “No Shave November” to raise money for the church roof! He says when the funds are raised for the roof he will shave! For the record, Stephanie is not amused – she said she won’t kiss him till it’s shaved!

So it’s 100 people donating $18.00 Or 18 people donating $100 etc.  So, Brian agreed for us to tak a photo of his beard each week in November until the $1800 is raised!

Bonus: Let’s Dye it Pink!

And there’s more! If we exceed our $1,800 goal, Brian agreed that he will dye his beard pink! Help us make it happen!


Ways to Give: 

Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042


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