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Do You Have Change?

Do you have spare change..
Pocket change…
Change on top of your dresser or in your car, pocket, back pack, junk drawer…
That you don’t know what to do with it?
We collect change for Ting Ministries
We call it Tins for Tin Tin! Tin Tin is the Filipino nickname for our princess Avigayil Christina “Tin Tin “. This campaign began in 2009 while she was still an orphan in a very southern Filipino orphanage. We restarted this campaign about 2 years ago in honor of our princess!
Please consider helping the Ting Team’s around the world with your pocket change. This is an easy way to help be a Voice for the Voiceless!
If you are local to us please just drop off your change at 29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa or Freedom In Christ Fellowship Lebanon PA
On these days and at these particular times…
Sunday between 9am-12pm, Wednesday 6:30-8pm
If you aren’t local please consider using your change to bless those in need by taking it to a local bank and then sending those funds through a check, PayPal or Venmo to Ting Ministries.
Thank you for considering helping the Ting Teams with your spare change.
God bless you.

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