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Team Ting’s Make-a-Wish Trip (June 2017)

Avi was blessed with a Make-a-Wish trip to Ocean City, NJ along with her family and a couple close friends. Though she has scoliosis and spastic quadriplegia, Avi loves to smell the salty ocean air and let her curls blow in the breeze. The days were full of laughter, fun, and sand! It was Hannah “Annie’s” first time at the beach and her first time on amusement park rides – it turns out, she is quite adventurous! Thank you, Make-a-Wish!

See the joy on their faces and imagine – each of these precious children once had no hope, no reason to smile. They were neglected and abused and had no one to call family. Their disabilities brought even more of a stigma upon them. Now, because they were adopted, they are able to enjoy all the things other children can.

While we rejoice in the redemption of adoption for our girls already home, there are two in China still waiting. Hope and Brittan are still waiting for their mom and dad, for beach trips with laughter, for sisters and friends who will love them, take them on fun trips, and paint their nails. So today, I ask you, as their sister, please don’t forget about Hope and Brittan. Please help their wish come true here. 

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