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Shoes Through the Jungle

Ting Ministries Begins Work in Bangladesh!
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We are so pleased to announce that Ting Ministries has begun to reach orphans, tribal groups, and villagers in remote Bangladesh. We have gotten to know Pastor Sanga who is working with fellow pastors to reach the unreached people of Bangladesh. Strict laws in a predominantly Muslim country mean that we are unable to publicly share much information out of concern for the safety of Pastor Sanga and his friends. 

Our first project in-country was to raise funds for shoes for children in two remote villages. Pastors had to traverse through the jungle and cross rivers to reach the villages.

Climbing steep hills with a pack of shoes. 

Heavy rains during the trek mean added danger.

Our partners had to swim across rivers to get to the villages.

Pastor Sanga shares: We really praise God what you have done in our ministry. We distributed for two village and for 50 children. We thank you so much for your great love and prayers. PRAISE THE LORD!” The children and their guardians were all so happy to receive new shoes after not having any.

The tribal village children holding up their new shoes!

Trying on the new shoes..

All the children were so happy to get their new shoes!

We are rejoicing with our new partners in the new open door that the Lord has planted ministry in. If you are interested in helping, a full sponsorship for a child is 30 dollars a month and for a pastor it is 200 dollars a month. A motorbike is also greatly needed to make travelling to villages faster and easier. Please keep Pastor Sanga and his friends in your prayers as they share Christ’s love to the people of Bangladesh. 

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