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Two Siblings Who Will Melt Your Heart

These two siblings will melt you heart–videos available! G is an active child with good friendships! . in school, he is good at analyzing, summarizing and determining cause-effect relationships. His only special need is a minor speech impairment. He needs help from adults to deal with certain situations. He likes fast, competitive games and tries hard to win. Isn’t that a charming smile?
His older sister V is well-respected and accepted among those she knows. She has no known special needs. She has beautiful handwriting and in school, she does homework independently. She can talk about her past experiences and also likes fast, dynamic games. She has a close relationship with her brother, protecting him and giving him advice. Her eyes seem so sad – you imagine her eyes lit up with the love a family?

Imagine what joy these two children could add to a family! There are more pictures, videos, and information available on our Waiting Child Advocacy page. Please contact us for the password.

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