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Precious Sisters: Philippines and Pakistan

Today we need to raise $1,450.00
For the precious sisters in these photos below!
Can you please help us with any amount?! Maybe your morning coffee money or your pocket change!
C IN THE 🇵🇭 Philippines is the director of our Tin Tin Children’s ministry ( also the daughter of our Ting Pastor and Director and the one in the photos praying over our Avi/Tin Tin prior to our adoption of her in 2011- she is like my niece and I have known her since she was a young girl back in 2009) and she is very sick inthe hospital but due to the way treatment and hospitalization is handled – they will not continue treatment until we pay the treatment she received the past 3 days. So there she will lay until the bill of $950 is paid without any medical care!
2 girls in Pakistan need support to move them into safety and provide for their care! $200/ girl
1 girl needs immediate medical care in Pakistan- she is a relative of a family who was recently freed from slavery. She herself has not yet been freed but we can provide her with the medical care she needs $100
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Any amount will help for these needs, and other ongoing needs in the areas of family strengthening, medical care and Tin Tin House care.
Every gift is tax-deductible
Thank you
Ting Ministries
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