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Tin Tin’s Garden

In honor of my Tin Tin and the namesake of all the Tin Tin Houses and programs in multiple countries ❤️
Here is the roof of the third floor of the one Tin Tin House in the middle of a large city in Pakistan. The children have no place to play outside that it’s safe. We want to use all the space the Lord has blessed us with to the best of our ability.
So here is the roof and on this roof we can make a garden for the children to get some sunshine and air! We would like to put some grass ( fake grass) and plants and some swings and make it a fun and safe space for the children in Tin Tin’s Garden!
Can you help?
Our estimate is $700 to Renovate this space in honor of our Beautiful princess Tin Tin!
The ache in the pit of my stomach and in my heart never eases from the missing of her everyday. Her precious smile and giggle reverberate in my mind everyday since the day she physically left me! I have a hope and joy of seeing her one day soon as we wait for our Lord’s soon return but until that day…the joy and laughter I see and hear in other precious lives who were once forgotten and unseen like she had been until the Lord gave her to me fills our hearts with a joy indescribable!
So it is in her honor we set out to make this space a place of joy and laughter!
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you! ❤️
For Tin Tin and all the Tin Tin children Ting Ministries

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