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UPDATE: Tin Tin’s Birthday Project: February 2022

This update originally appeared on Facebook on 2/15/22
Avi “Tin Tin’s” Birthday Projects in 6 countries
Her birth date
February 27th
Some projects happening now. View the photos to see how some of your gifts and donations are being used around the world.
We really need your help.
Please if you can not help financially please at least hit the share button. You don’t know who might see the post that might have a heart and a burden for orphans and needy children in
South Asia
Every penny given is sent to the country and project you choose. Every Donation is tax deductible and it costs you nothing to hit the share button.
Please be an encouragement to me (Stephanie) by at least reading about my Avi and her birthday and the projects around the world to honor her life and be a Voice for the Voiceless. Hit the share button because someone might care about hurt and abused animals…someone might care about those living in slave labor in Pakistan…someone might care about the street feedings of 100s of children in the Philippines or the orphans in Indonesia receiving Backpacks, food and the Gospel. Someone might care about the Gospel being carried over the mountains in South Asia or by boat to remote regions in the Philippines.
Help celebrate Avigail’s life with us at Ting Ministries.
God bless you. Hug your loved ones tightly and be ready to share why you love Jesus if someone asks about the God you serve.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

This update originally appeared on Facebook on 2/12/22
Hey friends,
Ting Ministries needs your help. Avi’s birthday is February 27th and we have planned special birthday projects to celebrate her life. She is with Jesus for 3 years and 14 weeks tomorrow.
Each country has a special project planned that will bless many children and families in each country but we need your help.
We sent out 100 letters and countless personal messages and posted on Facebook and Instagram and to date for her birthday we have received $20.00.
That’s right….
I have poured out my heart in expressing the needs around the world and have planned projects that are really needed in each country and have received no response.
TING Ministries is a non- profit 501c3 working in 6 countries to be a Voice for the voiceless. Yes I know we always are posting about fundraising needs but that is what non profits do…that and fundraisers like yard sales and candy sales and t-shirt sales…you name it we have probably tried it.
This month is hard personally. It should have been her birthday I was celebrating and new photos of her I would be taking. Instead I am planning projects around the world to bless other children in her honor and sharing old photos of her. So rather than feeling sorry for myself and my own grief I want to be a Voice for those who have no voice but it seems as though my Voice is also Voiceless.
I am not going to say more and leave it at that.
Can you help make these projects happen for Avi’s birthday?
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Micah 6:8
Proverbs 31:8-9

Avigayil – Avi-Tin Tin
Special Birthday Project
It’s another year gone by- another year of missing her and grieving her – her sweet spirit- her infectious giggle- her beautiful face- her dark curly hair and her button nose. On February 27th Avi “Tin Tin” turns 14 (her birthday in heaven) -there is not a moment of my day that I do not long to “breathe her in.”
Not a moment that I don’t long to hold her in my arms. I ache for the day we once again hold hands and share each moment together
because of her life there is Ting Ministries. She was /is the catalyst for my passion to be a Voice for the Voiceless. So until that day when I am reunited with my girl I will ” Go Where He Sends Me”.
You know the very familiar verse – “…Here I am send me.”? Isaiah 6:8
Send me Lord – send me to each country where Ting Ministries works.
YOU can send me and then I will send the money raised for me to travel onto our directors (pastors) in that country to use for Ting Ministries very special Tin Tin Birthday project in that country.
I call it a REVERSE MISSIONS TRIP. Sometimes we “need to go” and sometimes the impact can be greater if we stay and send the funds on ahead. Thus allowing others to be the hands and feet of Jesus. My heart is filled with an unexplainable joy by seeing the lives of others impacted for Christ.
My GOAL is to raise the amount needed to cover the cost of a missions trip to each of the 6 countries. So $3,000 for each trip – and the money will BE SENT to each respective country to be used for Tin Tin’s Special Birthday Projects. The money sent can be used in a much greater way than for me to be there physically.
TING MINISTRIES- We – Us can be a greater Voice for more voiceless by sending the money on ahead.
So help me – us – celebrate one of the most precious gifts ever given to this earth and me – Avigayil “Tin Tin’s” Birthday.
Allow her life and Voice to be a Voice for countless others.
Send us to:
South Asia
And we will send the funds on to impact the lives of many who otherwise would remain Voiceless.
Thank you from all of us at Ting Ministries.
God Bless You and For His Glory and Kingdom
Find us on Instagram and on Facebook 
Donate by check to:
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Or online at our website or
Help us make Avigayil “Tin Tin’s” Birthday
A day to change lives for Jesus around the world.
• Special note anyone who received this letter by mail there was a typo mistake and Avigayil is 14 not 15.
• A very special thank you from me – Stephanie

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