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Adoption – Urgent Rescue from ISIS

Pastor John recently visited an area of the Philippines where 83% of the children are living in poverty and are malnourished. Despite their circumstances, the children desire to go to school with others. Ting Ministries is thankful that the school fees for our current children has been provided for! However, the need is growing as our Ting Ministries team goes and visits more needy children. Please consider becoming a sponsor.

Sponsors will do more then help children go to school. With more support, Pastor John can take in more children. He has been asked by leaders to bring more children into his home – before ISIS brainwashes them! The need is real and urgent for these innocent lives. Please consider how you can change their lives for the better. 

Full Sponsorship: 30 dollars/month includes monthly school fees and other basic necessities for the children.

Partial Sponsorship: 15 or 10 dollars/month.

One-Year: 72 dollars pays for a whole year of school for one of Pastor John’s (Not including other basic needs)    

Ministry among tribal kids

Pastor John with street children who want to go to school


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