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Safiya Plans to be a Doctor: Can You Help Make it Possible?

Pictured: Safiya’s family 
Dear Friends – We have an update on our TM Pakistani family! We heard from our partners that Safiya, the oldest daughter of the TM family waiting for a sponsor, wants to go to university to become a doctor!  This is not a light decision on her part or on ours; she has shown the determination to stay with the program and succeed.Before her father’s death, Safiya was a top student in her school, receiving all A’s in her classes. After our partners’ first visit where she told us she wanted to go to university, she went to different schools and gathered information about possible programs. 
To study to be a doctor, Safiya will need to complete a four-year course. The cost is $1,700/year or a total of ONLY $6,800 to pay her university studies entirely!
Friends, can we come together to support Safiya? Here in the States, $1,700 only pays for a meal plan, much less an entire tuition! Let us be the answers to her prayers for the chance to continue her education!
If the Lord is leading you to help Safiya you may: 
1) Send a check to Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
Please specify: Safiya university

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