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Completed: Marawi Children’s Relief: Emergency Update (Part 2)

UPDATE 7/26/17: Our goal for the Children’s Relief is FULLY FUNDED! Thanks to everyone who gave, prayed, and shared. Stay tuned for more updates as Pastor Mark continues working in Marawi. 

To see the first update and pictures from Marawi please go to this post. 

A collection of updates from Pastor Mark on the ground in Marawi. 

Pastor Mark: “This is one of the kids and his name is Andrew* (not real name). He told me that he was brainwashed to join the ISIS. He wants to go with me to Zamboanga… oh… I really wanted to cry!”
Oh, how our hearts ache for Andrew. Please keep him in your prayers! Just imagine how many countless children there are in similar situations. 

The children asked Pastor Mark if they could have a party. Not part of the original plan, the team put together an instant party for these children who have been uprooted, traumatized, and on high-alert since the ISIS attack. Here you can see what Pastor Mark is seeing: children finally being children again in Marawi.
The children Pastor Mark is helping Marawi fled their homes. Right now, they are living in tents and many of them did not even have a pair of underwear. Can you imagine? They were so happy to just receive one new pair of underwear. 

580 dollars is needed to reach our goal – so every child can be helped by the relief program and recieve food, clothing, toys, etc. If you want to give a gift of love to these children, who have been displaced and/or orphaned by ISIS, you can: 1. Use the PayPal on the side of our website. 2. Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon PA 1702. Thank you dear friends! You are making a world of difference for these children.

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