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A Special Plea Tonight: S is Aging Out!

Hi everyone, this is Sasha. Some of you may know my heart for the teenage, “aging out” children of Eastern Europe. As a orphan with special needs in Russia, I was placed in a mental institution. To say the least, my future was bleak. Today, as a junior honors student at Bucknell University I am proof of how a family can transform the life of an orphan. I have a special plea for you tonight. S is aging out and is in urgent need of a family! She is from an Eastern European country. S is described as “merry and radiant.” She is a girly-girl who loves to do her nails, and wear bows and tiaras in her hair. She is listed as having moderate mental delay, hydrocephalus and Spina bifida, but she can get around independently in her wheelchair. S is quite social, a leader among her peers, and loves going to school (for special-needs children). Imagine how a family could change S’s life! Today, I advocate for orphans because I was once one myself. I have seen how my sister Annie, who was rescued hours before she would have aged out, has thrived and grown in just one year. From the four walls of an orphanage to an American high school student who plays guitar, she now has a world of opportunities in front of her. Please, won’t someone do the same for S? Please share and pray for S– she has very little time before it is too late. To learn more about S, please go to the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Contact Ting Ministries for the password.

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