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TM Bulgaria: Pleven Update – Several Aunties Funded!

An update from our TM Bulgaria team. Read our first update about TM in Pleven here.

Ting Ministries is excited to share with you that our Auntie program is underway! Our TM missionary is heading to Pleven next week to get our nanny program started. Our first goal for our program is to fund 17 aunties for two months. The total cost for all the aunties is 2,500 USD. This will also cover travelling costs and TM supplies.

The great news? So far, our supporters have raised 1,000 dollars! We only need 1,500 dollars to meet this need. 

If you would like to sponsor an Auntie for an orphan in Pleven, please contact us at: tingministries@comcast.net. We will send you a sponsorship form and information.

Full Sponsorship: 70 dollars/month provides the salary and other costs for an Auntie.
Partial Sponsorship: 40 or 30 dollars/month.
One-Year: 840 dollars provides an Auntie for a whole year

Please go to our Become a Sponsor page to learn more about our vision for the aunties. You can also check out other opportunities to get involved and help: orphans, pastor families, evangelists, street children and our auntie programs in other countries!

The Carpenters’ daughter Lina. Before: She came home from Pleven at 5 and a half years old weighing only 12 pounds. After: Home 5 years, she is almost walking by herself!

Bulgaria, Children's Home, Lina's Story, Orphan Care, special needs

This is Why…

Ting Ministries Bulgaria – This is why Pleven is our current focus! I was there! I saw! My heart broke!
Angelina was adopted in June of 2012 weighing 12 pounds at nearly 6 years old. No words needed to describe the after photo – but this is after years of hard work and lots.of love and nutrition and medical care.
And this has not been the worst I have seen nor adopted! This is why we adopt. This is why we live orphan care everyday.
This is why Pleven! Our own Ting Ministries daughter is a Pleven girl. I said I would go back and we are! We don’t make the difference – God.does! He is the one leading and guiding. 
                                                                                                 -Stephanie for Ting Ministries and our family
Adoption, Bulgaria, Children's Home, International Adoption, Lina's Story, Orphan Care, special needs

TM Bulgaria: Announcing Pleven!

Ting Ministries is excited to announce we are expanding our work in Bulgaria to the Pleven orphanage. As some of you may know, the Carpenter’s daughter Angelina came home from Pleven at 5 and a half. She weighed only 12 pounds. 

Today, she is almost walking! Gone is the little girl who never smiled – she is full of joy, fun, and laughter.

 Ting Ministries works in Bulgaria in several ways already (See Where We Work). Today, we are pleased to begin work in Pleven by the continued funding of the Lelya “Auntie” program. Currently, there are about 80 children in Pleven and 15 aunties who come to the orphanage for 4 hours a day. (Disclaimer: TM Bulgaria is not a continuation of, nor affiliated with The Pleven Project. We are an independent organization with our own team).

How it Works:

The aunties each look after one or two children and play with them, talk with them, and provide much needed stimulation often missing from orphanage care (due to lack of time and workers). The difference between the children with aunties and those without is clear. Even just a few hours with an auntie has shown great benefits: the children are more on-target socially and mentally, and the better care results in better overall physical development. The hope is the care of the aunties prepares children’s development to thrive in the care of an adoptive family. 

The Plan:

TM is establishing Christian contacts in Pleven. As with all our other country programs, these contacts are an essential part of the TM family. They are on-the-ground, seeing the differences and carrying out the programs. They are like-minded in their values and Christian beliefs, dedicated to helping the orphan and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

In the future, TM Bulgaria plans: 1) For every child to have an auntie. 2) To extend work in other regions and orphanages of Bulgaria in the future. 

How You Can Help!

You can help the Auntie Program right now. 1,000 dollars is needed for the Auntie program to be funded for the month of August! This is the salary, shared between all the aunties.

To help fund the auntie program for the month of August: 1) Use the PayPal on our website. 2) Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. Please specify for Bulgarian Auntie program

If you would like to become a monthly sponsor, contact us and we will send you a sign-up form with information. The cost to sponsor one auntie is 40 dollars per month.

Thank you friends and supporters! May God bless you for being a Voice for the Voiceless.
Proverbs 31: 8-9

Adoption, Bulgaria, International Adoption, Lina's Story, Orphan Care, special needs

What the World Doesn’t Understand – Angelina is Walking

When Angelina came home five years ago, we weren’t sure she would ever walk. Look at her today! She is walking on her own! Lina is one of the many orphans who deserve to be in a family. Caring for the orphan means sacrifice. You may pour yourself out, but the joy an orphan brings to your life will change and bless you immeasurably.

Before: Lina in Bulgaria at 5 years old
After: Lina home 5 years

Though this is opposite from what the word tells us. But 1 Corinthians 2:14 says: “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.” While the world may not understand why one would sacrifice their lives for a special-needs orphan, who may never “achieve” anything…as Christians, this is the heart of the Gospel. Christ died for us, while we were yet sinners. (Romans 5:8).

What role does God want you to play in the life of the orphan? If we search His word, He will reveal Himself. His heart for the orphan is written throughout Scripture.
Adoption, Bulgaria, Lina's Story, special needs

Angelina’s Story

Some of you may know Angelina’s story. She was adopted in 2012 at 5 and a half years old from Pleven, Bulgaria. 

Lina in Bulgaria

She weighed 12 pounds and couldn’t hold up her head. Now, over four years later, she is full of life and loves to play! This Christmas, she stood next to her sister Rachele for photos! 

Lina Christmas 2016

What a difference a family can make in the life of a child. Please contact us at tingministries@comcast.net or find Ting Ministries on Facebook if you would like to help make a difference for orphans around the world! 

Be a Voice for the Voiceless: Proverbs 31:8-9