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Update on Sunday School Teacher Tia: Corrective Surgery Needed Urgently!

Update: July 31
Please pray for Tia who was taken to the hospital with difficulty breathing!
Her surgery costs $800 and will bring tremendous relief and save her eyesight!

A Ting Ministries Sunday School leader named Tia needs our help. She leads children on a brick kiln in lessons on the Bible.
Do you realize how incredible this is – Bible studies for children who are slave laborers on a Brick Kiln! We praise the Lord for her courage and her love for children.
A few years ago she was in an accident and had trauma to her head and facial areas. She had some medical care but it wasn’t done properly. She is very poor and therefore her care was very poor. She is beginning to lose her eye sight from the pressure in her skull and eye/nose area of her face. Corrective surgery is immediately needed to save her eye sight. $800 is needed for her surgery.
She came to Pastor Elisha who leads Ting Ministries and all the Tin Tin House Ministries in Pakistan asking for help to save her eye sight. She also has tremendous pain from this pressure.
Can you pray
Can you share
Can you help?
Ways to give to Tia….
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