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Updates: Medical Needs and More in Pakistan

Ting Team needs some repairs to our auto rickshaw- $150
A door is needed – $100
Educational needs – $35
Freedom Fund urgent needs $800

Urgent medical needs in Pakistan
Help the orphan, the widow and those trapped in poverty
-A young girl who is an orphan has not been able to have medical care until just this week when the Ting Ministries Pakistani Pastor/Director learned of her plight.
-ANOTHER VERY SAD situation which should move any heart is a Christian husband and father of 4 young children is begging for help to feed his family. He was in a accident and paralyzed from the waist down. He urgently needs medical care for proper medical treatment – he needs help. His family needs help.
-A young girl living in a very poor village in a tiny 1 room dirt floor home that has plastic sheets as the walls needs medical treatment for cancer.
And More…
Can you pray?
Can you share?
Can you help?
Ting Ministries is available for Speaking Engagements to share to your church, business and small group. There are so many stories of praise and also of need.
Be a Voice for the Voiceless
James 1:27

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